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Chapter 463 - He Can Never Wake up

Chapter 463 He Can Never Wake upChen Chen jumped behind the stone statue, finding that its head was empty and there was a raised round part inside.

She reached out and pressed it, but nothing happened. After twisting it clockwise, she suddenly heard a clicking sound, and a passage appeared right in front of the statue.

“Sure enough…” Chen Chen jumped down, took out a bag of white powder from the backpack and sprinkled it on herself. Next, she took out a gun that she had stolen out of nowhere. When she was ready, she slowly walked down the passage against the wall.

A dirty light bulb hung from the top of the stone wall. The passageway was not long, and she could see a wooden door at the end.

Chen Chen carefully pushed open the door. Through the slightly opened door, she found that the stone wall inside was polished to be smooth, and someone even had papered it. To ensure safety, she threw in a stone. After it rolled over, nothing happened.

“Chen Chen, come on! You can do it.” She took a breath and walked in quickly.

After walking a dozen meters without seeing anyone, Chen Chen began to wonder if it was the wrong place. In front of her, there was a metal door. She had thought that it was locked, but it was opened the moment she touched it.

Then came the man’s laughter, as well as the fitful voice of a woman.

She squatted down and looked into the room. Two foreign men were pressing themselves on a woman. That woman’s mouth was covered, and her body was covered with scars. Crying had exhausted her.

“Come on, Daddy Kutcher will be unhappy if he knows we brought a woman in.” A man put on his pants and urged the other man. Suddenly, the woman opened her eyes widely and reached out toward Chen Chen.

The man who had stood up looked back abruptly. “Who?”

Chen Chen ran away immediately. The other man also hurried to put on his pants and chased after his companion. As soon as Chen Chen saw that they took out the gun, she turned and ran back. When the two men saw her running back to themselves, they were stunned and forgot to fire the gun.

Chen Chen took out a gun from her belt, aimed the gun at the two men and pulled the trigger.

“No!” It was not a bullet but some powders that came out of the gun.

The two men moaned mournfully, covering their faces. Many pieces of their facial skin, like the wall skin, fell off one by one. With the broken faces, they soon fell to the ground and kept motionless. Chen Chen ignored them and turned to left.

The woman in the room stumbled out, screaming and passing out when she saw the broken and decayed bodies on the ground.

Through the long corridor, Chen Chen walked to the last door.

Again, the door was unlocked. She gently pushed the door open and went in. Instantly she opened her eyes widely.

In a glass house, Jiang Rui was shackled on the bed, with tubes and needles attached to his head. His features were distorted, with his body twitching.

“Brother Xiao Rui…” Holding back her tears, Chen Chen crossed the room, and several men in white coats were busy in front of a row of instruments.

An old man pointed at Jiang Rui and asked, “Fail again? He has been unconsciousness. Why can’t you still catch his brain waves?”

“His will is too strong, and he has been resisting,” said a man with glasses. “In my opinion, we should dissect his body and take his brain out for research.”

The old man said with regret, “It’s a pity. I had planned to hypnotize him!”

“It’s said that his daughter is stronger, isn’t it?” The man with glasses suggested. “Let’s wait a while. When we are safe enough, we can catch his daughter for research. A child should be able to be controlled easier.”

“That’s the only way. Prepare yourself to dissect him.” The old man was about to leave when some white powders flew directly to his face.

Chen Chen said fiercely, “Go to hell, bastard!”

The man with glasses panicked and wanted to take the old man away. However, he felt that his hand was on fire before he could move. And at the same time, the old man next to him uttered a heartrending cry.

“Are… Are you the girl from the Wan family?” Kutcher endured the pain. He just covered his face with his sleeves. He didn’t know what the powder was, and there was a sharp pain in the part which contacted the powder on his forehead.

“D*mn it. It’s the corrosive powder.” The man with glasses helplessly watched pieces of flesh fall off the back of his hand. “What a f*cking vicious woman!”

Chen Chen raised the gun. “Far less vicious than you. Let him go.”

Kutcher winked at the man with glasses, and the latter moved quietly to Chen Chen. “Calm down. Being in such a situation, he will become an idiot as soon as we touch him.”

“I say, Let him go!” Chen Chen fired the gun again, and the man with glasses gave a cry and stepped back quickly.

Kutcher took the opportunity to press the alarm on the wall, and soon Chen Chen heard footsteps outside. A dozen foreigners rushed in and pointed their guns at her.

“Catch her alive!” Shouted Kutcher. As long as Chen Chen was caught, he would be able to put pressure on the Wan family and also capture Jiang Rui’s daughter…

Chen Chen clenched her teeth. “You hurt Brother Xiao Rui, and even want to catch Tuan Zi. You deserve to die”

After that, she took out a bag of red powders from the backpack, directly tore it up and flung the powders into the sky.

All of a sudden, everyone was covered with red powders. Except for Chen Chen, everyone screamed. They watched their skin bubble up like boiling water, and then the bubbles exploded one by one.

Many pieces of flesh flew everywhere, while blood splashed on walls and glass. One of Kutcher’s eyes had fallen out of his face. He reached out his rotten hands to catch Chen Chen, but gave a sharp cry immediately when he touched the red powders on her body.

In less than ten minutes, the whole room seemed to be run over by machines. Layers of minced meat were soaked in blood. Chen Chen shivered all over and kicked the eyeballs off her instep, moving step by step into the glass house.

After entering the house, she took off the outwear while shivering all over, and took out a bottle of liquid medicine to clean her hands. Only after that, she flung herself upon Jiang Rui, but she didn’t know which tube she should pull out first.

When she was about to cry with anxiety, another people suddenly broke in again.

“Mrs. Jiang!” Bear shouted.

Chen Chen burst into tears. “Come on. Save him.”

Xiao Si rushed over to operate the instrument, and Bear came over to help her up. Everyone looked around the room in horror.

The scene in the room was beyond their expectations. They did not expect Chen Chen to make such toxic powders.

“Mrs. Jiang, are you okay?” Bear found that Chen Chen had been shivering.

Chen Chen shook her head casually while keeping her eyes on Jiang Rui. After seeing that Xiao Si pulled out all the tubes, she was relieved and then suddenly collapsed.

“Liuliu! Liuliu!”

“Mom, come on. Wake up!”

“Chen Chen, how dare you go alone to save Jiang Rui.”

Chen Chen heard the voices of many persons she knew or did not know. She wanted to reply to them, but she couldn’t open her mouth at all. Later, it was suddenly quiet in the room, so she fell asleep again.

When she finally opened her eyes, she saw Chen Huan staring at her.

“Liuliu?” Chen Huan wasn’t sure if she really woke up, so she called Chen Chen tentatively.

Chen Chen opened her mouth and made a faint sound. “Mom…”

“She’s awake! She’s awake!” Chen Huan shouted excitedly, and a group of people rushed in.

Boss Wan and Wan Qingsi led the way. Seeing his daughter come to sense, Boss Wan finally felt relaxed. “What a fool!”

“Don’t talk so loud. She just woke up.” Chen Huan glanced at her husband. “Talk to her only after she eats something.”

Xin Qing hurried to walk in along with Ying Qingcang, holding a thermal bottle in her hand. “Oh my God, she finally woke up!”

When Chen Chen drank up a bowl of chicken soup and ate some wontons Xin Qing herself had cooked, she started to recover her strength.

“I slept for three days?” She looked at Wan Qingsi in disbelief. “No wonder I’m so hungry.”

Chen Huan saw that she was all right, then poked her forehead and said, “Are you stupid? Who asked you to go alone? That’s not what you should do, OK?”

“Mom…” Chen Chen covered her head. “I’m okay!”

“You almost starved my grandson to death.” Xin Qing held her hand with red eyes. “Silly girl, why were you so bold?”

Boss Wan snorted beside them. Wan Qingsi noticed that his sister wanted to say something else, and said angrily, “Ask what you want.”

“Where, where is Brother Xiao Rui brother?” Chen Chen asked in a low voice. In fact, she was afraid to ask.

If Jiang Rui was okay, he would definitely be her side. Now that he did not appear, it meant…

“He hasn’t woke up yet.” Wan Qingsi said, “His brain was overstimulated. He must rely on himself to wake up.”

Chen Chen asked blankly, “What do you mean?”

“Liuliu!” Xin Qing wiped her tears away. “Xiao Rui…”

Ying Qingcang frowned and held her. “Don’t cry. He is fine.”

“What’s the matter with him?” Chen Chen asked anxiously. “Where is he? I’m going to see him.” After speaking, she was about to get out of the bed.

Chen Huan stopped her. “Slow down. Put on your shoes.”

It turned out that Jiang Rui was in the next ward. When Chen Chen went in, Hua Tuo was feeling Jiang Rui’s pulse. Ah Zi, Bear, Scar and Zhou Yiyun were all in the ward.

“Mrs. Jiang…” Scar looked at her guiltily. “It’s all my fault. If it hadn’t been for me, Boss would have not…”

Chen Chen interrupted him. “Stop. Yiyun has said the same thing to me before. I’ll just ask you a question. If it was me and Brother Xiao Rui who were arrested, would you go to save us?”

“I see.” Scar nodded and said nothing.

Hua Tuo tucked Jiang Rui in and shook his head. “Nothing has changed.”

Chen Chen sat by the bed, holding Jiang Rui’s hand and calling him. “Brother Xiao Rui, I’m awake, but why haven’t you woken up yet? You promised to be back in three days. This time, you can’t say that I’m stupid, because it’s me who got you back! ”

From a medical point of view, Jiang Rui had now lapsed into a form of suspended animation, also called as a vegetative person.

But Chen Huan believed that his brain was different from ordinary people’s, so this form should be used for protecting himself. But at the same time, he also became completely unconscious.

“Talk to him and see if that can wake him up.”

This was the only way at present.

Because staying in hospital was of little use, Chen Chen decided to take Jiang Rui back to the Wan family’s island. Tuan Zi thought that she could also wake up Dad, so she refused to stay in the Wen family for school and followed her parents back to the island.

Time went so fast. More than half a year later, Chen Chen’s belly got bigger and bigger, but Jiang Rui showed no signs of coming to his sense.

“Mom!” Tuan Zi ran in early in the morning. “Grandma asks you to eat breakfast!”

Chen Chen was cleaning Jiang Rui’s face while murmuring, “If you don’t wake up quickly, I’ll ask your son not to recognize you as Dad!”

However, the man still lay on the bed quietly without any reaction.

“Let’s go to eat breakfast!” Chen Chen hid her disappointment in the eyes and slowly took Tuan Zi away.

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