An Exclusive love

Chapter 464 - Wedding

“Chen Chen!” Ah Zi rushed in.

Bear followed Ah Zi in, holding a baby in his arms. “Oh my God. Slow down. You just came out of confinement in childbirth.”

“Didn’t you say you would arrive in a few days?” Chen Chen held her in surprise.

Ah Zi stroked her belly. “Tut-tut, you look nice, but don’t look very well.”

“Let me see!” Chen Chen reached out to Bear.

Bear handed Chen Chen his son. “Is he beautiful?” he asked proudly.

Ah Zi gave him a mean look. “It’s because he looks like me. If he looks like you, he’d be called as Bear Minor.”

“I don’t think that his current name is as good as Bear Minor!” Chen Chen twitched her lips.

When Ah Zi gave birth to her son, she called Chen Chen and told her that her son’s nickname was Nian Gao. Chen Chen could not believe it and asked why, and Ah Zi explained it this way.

“Because of Tuan Zi! Nian Gao sounds like the name of Tuan Zi’s siblings.”

Actually, Chen Chen was really affected by her. Later, she considered calling the baby in her belly Tang Yuan or Bao Zi more than once…

“Has there been anything interesting in the capital recently?” Chen Chen asked, while sitting on the beach and enjoying the sea breeze along with Ah Zi who were holding Nian Gao in her arms.

Ah Zi ate a piece of pineapple and said, “Yes! Bai Weirong finally got the property of the Lu family. She is now the chairman of the Lu’s Enterprises.”

As early as three months ago, Bai Weirong issued a statement that her son was the only heir to the Lu family. Wan Qingsi said that Bai Weirong was not smart enough to come up with the idea, and it was actually planned by Old Master Bai.

“By the way, did you say that Han Xueying was driven crazy by Bai Weirong before?” Chen Chen asked with complicated thoughts in her mind. The woman was actually very poor.

After she gave birth to the baby and woke up, she saw Bai Weirong hold her baby by the bed and arrogantly thank her for giving birth to the son of Lu Tao and Bai Weirong. Han Xueying was not a fool, so she learned the truth.

Unfortunately, even if Han Xueying cried and screamed, no one cared about her. Besides, she was so agitated that she nearly died of postpartum hemorrhage in the hospital bed. Later, no one knew where Bai Weirong took her.

“She was taken away by Long Zhen’ao.” Ah Zi tutted. “Bear had a talk with the Bai family, but Bai Weirong was still unwilling to let her go. She wanted to torture Han to death.”

If Bai Ziqi had not stopped her, she would have sent her to the red-light district.

“Long Zhen’ao assured the Bai family that he would never let Han Xueying return to the capital.”

Chen Chen nodded. “Where did he take Han Xueying?”

“I heard that they went to a small town in Europe.” Ah Zi waved her hand. “It’s not bad. Why do you care about that?” She hesitated and asked, “God of War… is still unresponsive?”

Seeing that the smile on Chen Chen’s face was gone immediately, Ah Zi quickly said, “Well. Pretend that you didn’t hear my question!”

“It’s okay.” Chen Chen sighed. “Anyway, I believe that he will definitely wake up. Tuan Zi also said that no gloomy atmosphere was around Brother Xiao Rui.”

In the past six months, Tuan Zi found that the colors of the atmosphere around Jiang Rui had been changing. At first it was light gray; then it became white; later, it was in light yellow color. Moreover, every time Chen Chen talked to Jiang Rui, the yellow color would become particularly bright.

So Chen Chen firmly believed that Jiang Rui was about to wake up.

Some changes occurred to the situation in the capital. The Lu family was swallowed up by the Bai family, but the Jiang family was in great crisis. The Jiang family announced that Jiang Rui had disappeared during a mission. Now everyone was staring at the Jiang family, waiting for it to be trampled by the Bai family.

It was the spring of next year. In the early morning, the atmosphere in the Wan family was very tense.

“Liuliu, relax. If it hurts a lot, we’ll opt for the caesarean operation.” Chen Huan and Xin Qing stayed with Chen Chen respectively by right and left sides of the bed. Chen Chen started to have pains yesterday morning. It was the very due date today.

The doctor and the midwife were taken onto the island early in the morning. The old generation had planned to opt for the caesarean operation. However, under the influence of Ah Sha, Chen Chen decided to give birth to the child herself.

“The birth canal hasn’t been open yet. It is estimated that it’s going to be open this afternoon.” The doctor had a checkup for her again. “Everything is fine. After a while, eat some high-calorie food to keep up your strength.”

Tuan Zi ran in and said, “Mom, I’ve already told my dad that my younger brother will be born.” She blinked unnaturally, and dared not look at Chen Chen.

“If he doesn’t wake up after I give birth to the baby, I will hide somewhere along with the baby!” Chen Chen pouted. Although she said that in an angry voice, her eyes had begun to turn red.

As the doctor had said, Chen Chen did not show signs of labor until the afternoon. Before her labor, Xin Qing cooked a bowl of chicken soup for her. Although she was too painful to want to eat something, Chen Chen still drank up it to keep up her strength.

At five o’clock, the doctor said that the birth canal was eight fingers wide and she could be ready for the labor.

It hurt a lot the whole day. Like any other kind of pain, such a kind of pain could not be alleviated, so she had to endure it.

She thought that it was the maximum level of pain, but found that compared to the pain in labor, it was so insignificant.

“Ooh ooh… Mom, it hurts so much!” Chen Chen was sweating all over her face and cried with a pale face. “I don’t want to give birth to the baby. I don’t…”

Ah Sha shouted at the door. “Liuliu, come on. Every mother will experience it!”

“Liar…” Chen Chen shouted inside. “Sister Ah Sha, you told me it didn’t hurt.”

Chen Huan wiped her sweat away while asking the doctor, “Or can we opt for the caesarean operation?”

“Then your pain will be not worth!” Ah Zi also shouted outside. “Since I could give birth to my baby myself, you can do it. Come on!”

Bear glared at her. “Sweetheart, you opted for the caesarean operation…”

“Shut up. How can she now have time to consider how I gave birth to our child?” After that, Ah Zi continued to cheer for Chen Chen.

Tuan Zi heard Chen Chen keep crying and then start calling Jiang Rui, stamped her feet and ran to the next room where Jiang Rui stayed in.

“Dad, did you hear Mom?” Tuan Zi held Jiang Rui’s hand. “Mom is giving birth to my younger brother, and she is calling you!”

But Jiang Rui lay in bed without any response, as if he was falling asleep. Tuan Zi also cried, calling her father over and over again.

In the delivery room, crying had exhausted Chen Chen. “I don’t want to give birth to the baby. I don’t…”

“Okay, let’s prepare for the caesarean operation.” Chen Huan told the doctor.

Suddenly, there was a scream outside the door. Chen huan cried with joy when she saw the person coming in.

“Liuliu! Look! Here he comes!”

Chen Chen moved her head, and a pair of big hands reached out. “Liuliu, I’m here!”

“Brother Xiao Rui… Brother Xiao Rui…” Chen Chen tried to open her eyes widely. “Are you awake? Are you really here?”

Jiang Rui kissed her lips and murmured, “It’s me. I’m awake, I’ll be with you!”

“Ooh…” Chen Chen wanted to hug him, but she couldn’t do it in this position. Jiang Rui quickly moved to the other side, grabbed her hand, raised her neck and said in her ear, “Come on. Liuliu, come on!”

Outside the door, Tuan Zi smiled proudly. “Look, how great I am, waking up my father!”

After half an hour, Chen Chen gave birth to a four-kilogram boy.

Everyone took turns to look at the baby, While Jiang Rui returned to the bedroom with Chen Chen in his arms.

“Liuliu…” Jiang Rui carefully lay by her side. “I miss you so much.”

Chen Chen was about to cry, but thinking that Xin Qing told her not to cry in confinement in childbirth, she held back tears.

“Did you hear me talking to you every day?”

“I could hear you.” He even kissed her fingers. “I urged myself to wake up every time I heard you, because I can’t make you so sad.” Jiang Rui sighed. “But I still let you wait so long.”

Chen Chen sniffed and said, “Fortunately, you’re awake now. I had planned to leave you if you had not woken up when your son was born.”

“Oh!” Jiang Rui held her in his arms. “Good girl, let’s sleep.”

Closing her eyes, Chen Chen asked, “Will you always be with me?”

“Yes, I’ll never leave you…”

National Day was the busiest festival in the capital before winter, and also witnessed the last wave of marriage that year.

The most expensive hotel had been all reserved earlier this year. On the wedding day, a lot of people wearing military uniforms went in and out of the hotel. At the entrances and exits, every guest must be checked like going through the X-ray scanning.

There was a guard every three steps, so that even an ant could not sneak in.

People from the Wan family rarely appeared at the same time, and some high-level officials were talking with them. Jiang Min and Jiang Qianren stood next to the groom, who was standing in the middle of guests and holding the bride. They did not need to welcome guests, and no one was honorable enough to have to be welcomed by the couple in person.

“Well, it looks grander than our wedding.” Ah Zi poked Bear.

Bear hurriedly said, “Sweetheart, if you are dissatisfied with ours, we can hold a wedding again!”

Bah! Ah Zi gave him a mean look. Forget it! No way! Marriage was hard work and it was exhausting.

“So luckily, we got married when we traveled abroad,” said Zhou Yiyun next to them. “Scar is still unhappy, and he has been calling for learning from Chen Chen and holding a wedding.”

Scar held her hand. “I’m afraid that you feel wronged.”

“You clearly know I don’t!” Zhou Yiyun poked him, and happily leaned on Scar’s arms.

Only the one in marriage could feel if there were real love and happiness in marriage.

There was no old-fashioned ceremony, and the banquet started after all the guests arrived.

“Are you tired?” Jiang Rui helped Chen Chen sit down. “You woke up so early for makeup. After a while, go back to bed as soon as possible.”

Chen Chen looked at him with a sweet smile, which melted down Jiang Rui’s heart.

“No. Our moms look so energetic even if they have been holding Bao Zi in the arms!” Chen Chen looked at the Wan family not far away, and Chen Huan was showing off the chubby kid in her arms to others.

Tuan Zi ran over with Hei Zi, followed by Wen Zeyu.

“Mom, are you going to go on a honeymoon?”

Wen Zeyu nervously stared at Chen Chen and Jiang Rui.

Jiang Rui glanced at him and said to Tuan Zi, “You can go along if you want.”

“Tuan Zi, the honeymoon is only for couples. You have to wait, and when we grow up, we can also go on a honeymoon together!” Wen Zeyu held her nervously. “After their leaving, you can live in my house!”

Chen Chen smiled and looked at the two kids. “Well, OK!”

Tuan Zi curled her lips and was pulled away by Wen Zeyu, while Hei Zi kept stepping on Wen Zeyu’s heels.

“Hehehehe!” Chen Chen burst into laughter and leaned against Jiang Rui. The latter was afraid that she would fall down, and held her into her arms.

Chen Chen stared at him alertly. “What do you want to do?”

“No.” Jiang Rui contained her ear in his mouth. “It turns out that Liuliu greatly hopes to be alone with me. Don’t worry. I will satisfy and please you at night!”

Chen Chen blushed and whipped him with the bridal veil. “Don’t talk nonsense. I… I won’t go on the honeymoon.”

“For our happy life, I’ve undergone the ligation operation. Are you going to ruthlessly leave me unsatisfied?”

Jiang Rui did not want Chen Chen to experience the pain of childbirth again, and he was also afraid that contraception would be harmful to her body, so he offered to undergo the ligation operation.

Chen Chen was grateful for everything the man had done for her, holding him and looking up at him.

“kiss me!”


Their happy lives would always be sealed with a kiss forever…

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