Another World Peace Creator Magician

Chapter 11 This Will Turn Into a Long Winter

"I think this will do"

Erwin takes a sip of the soup he made, he uses water magic to extinguish the fire and wash the ladle and prepare the table for the three of them.

Erwin saw Alto and Ilya were chatting in the storefront, he's walking to the doorway and about to call them.

"Big si.."

"Gaisras family sure are rude, aren't they? I will do my best to help you kids, you can rely on me, your parents helped me a lot back then"

"Ahh... don't worry about it uncle, we received a lot of your kindness already, we can't accept such kindness all the time"

It seems that the two of them were talking about something interesting, Erwin walks closer to the doorway and trying to listen to what they're all about.

[ Senses sharpening ]

Erwin uses magic to sharpen his hearing, he's been learning it after he saw the book about non-elemental magic, he's so interested at it and learns it all one by one and senses strengthening is one of the non-elemental magic he was able to use.

Erwin leans back to the wall and listens to the conversation.

"I heard that there will be a lot of magical beast coming out in the wild this year, that's what I heard from the adventurer guild, I remember the previous Gaisras family head uses this as their opportunity to train their knights and protect the villages in the same time, but he's already gone and I heard that their first son is the family head now"

Alto pulls out a small pocketbook from his jacket pocket, it seems that he gathered information from other countries as well, he uses it for trading business, but it seems that he also gathered some other information, not only business-related note, uncle Alto is trying to find something from the note, he's flipping through pages until he found what he wanted.

"I heard that this Lux guy has a bad attitude though I'm not sure what kind of person he is"

Alto put back the notebook and stretch his hand trying to lean back a bit and relax, after hearing that, Ilya doesn't look happy, she's looking down, perhaps thinking about a lot of things on her head and sometimes her sigh has a deep sad meaning.

"I don't know if this year Gaisras family will send their aid or not to protect this area since they're really just bunch of arrogant people"

Alto took a deep sigh and stand up and about to go to the kitchen.

Erwin quickly cancels his magic and steps back from the doorway a bit and pretending as nothing happened and calls both Alto and Ilya that the food is ready.

"Oh boy, what are you doing here"

Alto notices Erwin standing near the doorway wiping his hand, he then looks at uncle Alto and says that the food was ready and he just about to call both uncle Alto and Ilya.

"Oi Ilya, Erwin said that the food is ready, what are you guys making though"

Alto walks towards the table and sees a bowl of soup and rice, he's curious and asks Erwin what food he made.

"Eat it while it's still warm, honestly you can eat it without rice, but I just feel like eating it with rice, Big sis to have a seat"

Ilya's standing in the doorway looking at the table and Erwin, she takes a seat in front of uncle Alto and stares at the food for a moment.

"Have a taste"

Erwin sits next to Alto, he sits in the higher chair since he's still small.

"Honestly Erwin, what is this? It smells delicious, but it's not the common type of soup I'd find every day"

Alto still seems curious because what he sees in the soup is like Erwin just mixed everything he saw in but it smells nice and makes him want to eat it.

"Well I'm just putting everything I can put in there, I hope it tastes good though"

Erwin just laughs without feeling guilty about it and take a sip of the soup, Alto just looks at Ilya and both of them smile looking at Erwin's behavior and take a taste of the food too.

"What is this? fried fish meatball?"

Alto pulls out a meatball from his soup and takes a bite at it.

"Woah it is"

Alto's eyes sparkling because he's amazed that someone put fried fish meat in the soup and taste good, he takes another bite of it and some potato from the soup.

Erwin seems to be proud of himself that he's able to pull out a good food while he's cooking by himself, and so, the three of them enjoy their meal peacefully.

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