Another World Peace Creator Magician

Chapter 12 He's Only My Little Brother

"I'll stay over the inn tonight, thanks for the food Erwin"

Alto put on his jacket, the air sure is cold outside because it's almost winter.

"Thanks for the groceries uncle, I can't thank you enough for it honestly"

Ilya bow to uncle Alto to show her gratitude, Alto helped them a lot, not only groceries but he always brought ingredients for them to make the bread the sell at the shop and he gave the kids a cheap price too.

Uncle Alto opens the door and the bell's ringing, a cold breeze enter the room and the chilly feel touch their skins, Erwin can really feel the cold and run towards the fireplace to warm up, Ilya tries to cover her hands and rub her hand to wash away the cold.

"Warm yourself up kids, it's surely really cold, then I'll take my leave"

Alto quickly closes the store door so the cold air won't get inside the store.

Ilya went to her drawer in her room and pull out a blanket, she approaches Erwin who just sitting in front of the fireplace and cover them both with the blanket.

"Come on Erwin, let's just sit on the chair"

Ilya moves a chair to get near to the fireplace and sit there, she gives Erwin sign for him to sit on her lap, the blanket is big enough for Ilya and Erwin to cover them both while sitting together in front of the fireplace.

Ilya decided to tell Erwin a before-bed story because the time is already late at night, she tells Erwin various stories until he loses consciousness and fell asleep.

"I guess I'll sleep with him tonight"

Ilya just giggling and her face got a bit red when she put down Erwin on her bed, Ilya stares at her little brother, his cute little round face and his silver hair and his expression when he's asleep is so cute, it makes Ilya really wants to cuddle with him but she endures her urge to do it, Erwin was asleep already and she doesn't want to wake him up.

Ilya went to the kitchen and drink a glass of water to refresh her minds, she recalls back some old memories when she's alone.

- I will protect Erwin, I promise, mom

Ilya put back the glass in its place and went to her room and sleep next to Erwin, Ilya just stares at Erwin's face before she sleeps and gives him a goodnight kiss on his forehead, whenever she did it Erwin somehow become cuter and he smiled a bit.

"Big sis, it's morning"

Erwin tries to shake Ilya's body to wake her up, Erwin woke up pretty early today, he went to cook breakfast for them and warm up near the fireplace a bit, he's trying to help his big sister doing the house job.

Erwin climbed onto the bed and tries to pinch Ilya's cheeks because she keeps writhing every time Erwin shakes her body.

"Ilya-nee, get up..."

Erwin pinched Ilya's cheeks harder to make her open her eyes and get off the bed.

"Uhh... It's hurt, Erwin"

Ilya touches her cheeks and rubs it after Erwin pinched it, her bed hair sure is messy, but the soft hair of her is still beautiful.

[ Cuu.. ]

Erwin leaves the room with a big smile on his face, he went to the kitchen to eat breakfast.

- What was that

Ilya touch her forehead, a sensation after got kissed on her forehead by her little brother really makes her feel embarrassed a bit, her cheeks become a bit red and she just sighs deeply and smiles.

"What a womanizer my little brother is"

Ilya gets off the bed to fix her bed hair, and after that, she went to the kitchen to have breakfast with Erwin.

"Big sis, I'm gonna practice a bit near the forest today, I want to search for some vegetables too"

The breakfast today is a fried fish and a tofu soup.

Ilya is concerned about her brother's safety if he goes to the forest, because of what Alto said yesterday that magical beast will come out from the forest and maybe some of them will attack the villages.

"Don't worry Ilya big sis, I'm strong you know"

Erwin seems to be proud of himself and puffs out his chest and laughs after that.

"All right then, just don't do anything reckless, promise me you will only pick up some vegetables from the forest, nothing more than that"

Ilya doesn't want to mention anything about the magical beast, she doesn't want to worried her little brother.


Erwin and Ilya continue to eat their breakfast, their body and soul feel warm because of the warmth of the soup and the fireplace.

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