Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master

Chapter 26 - Helpless

Chapter 26: Helpless

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“You sure?” Old Merlin placed a foot on the step. Cromwell lay not far from where he stood, but Old Merlin did not even look at him. He pointed his green staff at Gerian, the huge magical crystal that was embedded at the tip of the staff emitting a misty green flame.

The violent magic wave seemed to bring along a gust of strong wind outside the Emerald Tower. Dust and scraps of paper on the ground were picked up and swirled like little dancers in the sky.

A compelling aura was felt from Old Merlin. It was different from the confrontation with Lin Li earlier on; this time, the aura was even more violent and powerful.

Only then did Lin Li know how lucky he was as he felt the power contained in the aura. If Old Merlin had not suppressed him with his mental strength and attacked directly instead, Lin Li would probably have ended up lying flat on the steps long before Gerian came to his rescue.

It was totally two different worlds for a level-eight mage and a level-fifteen archmage.

Old Merlin was wrong for choosing a field Lin Li was best at. That was an abnormal mental strength that even a legendary mage would be jealous of.

But even in this field, Old Merlin, with his understanding of the rules, had won without a doubt.

Lin Li stood watching Old Merlin from afar. He could only see one word from him: difference.

As Old Merlin walked up the steps, Gerian tightened his grip on the staff.

A powerful aura—as powerful as that of Old Merlin—radiated from Gerian.

His body, originally overstuffed, was as imposing as a mountain in that instant.

It would only take a moment for two of the most powerful mages in Jarrosus to collide with a dazzling spark.

“You had long wanted to teach me a lesson after putting up with me for so many years, right?” Gerian’s manner was as calm as before even in the midst of immense pressure.

“Cut the crap, Gerian!”

Old Merlin’s expression was firm, but in his heart, he let out a sigh.

If Cromwell hadn’t failed him, he wouldn’t have challenged Gerian, who was an archmage just like him, with no assurance of winning.

Those 30 bottles of Arcane Magic Potion were important, but what Old Merlin was more interested in was the Guild of Magic that had its own pharmacist. After all, a starving camel was still bigger than a horse. The Guild of Magic, which had been down and out for decades, could still stand against the Merlin Family in Jarrosus City. How would it look if they were to have a pharmacist of their own?

For an archmage like Old Merlin, he had sent Cromwell to convey their good intentions, and had even presented four level-fourteen spells that had been in their family hoard.

Apart from the 30 bottles of Arcane Magic Potion, what he had wanted to do more was to repair the relationship with the Guild of Magic.

How could Old Merlin not see with that wisdom of his that the Guild of Magic with its own pharmacist would eventually unify the whole Jarrosus City? Of the many forces in Jarrosus City, the Guild of Magic would definitely be dominating all in the future.

Since the rise of the Guild of Magic was something that couldn’t be stopped, Old Merlin thought it wise to extend a friendly hand to them before it happened.

Besides, Old Merlin had been doing it well for the past 20 years. He had not had any conflict with the Guild of Magic, and had even materialized some business dealings with them. Old Merlin believed that as long as he was sincere, Gerian, judging by his character, would have made the same wise choice as he did.

Therefore, he had sent Cromwell with four level-fourteen spells.

But this rascal had ruined everything.

Just two days ago, he had even sworn to him that the young mage named Felic was merely at a level five or six, and had just joined the Guild of Magic for no more than ten days.

At the thought of this, Old Merlin was so angry he felt his lungs were about to explode.

Just look at how he had performed, unleashing a level-two Waterfall Strike in an instant. How was that the strength of a level five or six mage? This was probably the general standard of most Magic Shooters…

And look at Kevin’s expression standing before him. He was Gerian’s nephew, and undoubtedly the second-in-command in the Guild of Magic. Yet he had to do things as he pleased, how could he be an insignificant character?

But it was too late for anything. In fact, even Old Merlin had not imagined this young mage Felic would be so ruthless. There were no greetings or negotiation, only a direct Waterfall Strike with the lift of his hand.

The Waterfall Strike had shattered not just the pride Cromwell had held for over 20 years, it had also shattered the plans that Old Merlin had before.

The instant Cromwell was swept out of the Emerald Tower, Old Merlin knew everything was over. The Merlin Family had lost all in the competition for the Arcane Magic Potion, and it had also completely blocked the path to restoring its friendship with the Guild of Magic.

No one would choose an ally who harbored resentment—even if it was only the ally’s son who harbored the said resentment.

… Unless Old Merlin was willing to disown Cromwell and choose another successor.

But everyone knew it was impossible. Old Merlin had only one son, and Cromwell was his only choice.

Old Merlin had only one choice at the moment—to defeat Gerian!

Gerian and he had always been two of the most powerful mages in Jarrosus City. It was only by defeating him that he could establish himself as the number one mage in Jarrosus, and allow the Merlin Family to tide through the future crises peacefully.

Before the absolute power of the number one mage, the mage families that had been waiting for their chance would most likely remain well-behaved for a period of time.

At the same time, Gerian’s defeat would also silence the Guild of Magic for a long while. They would have to gather their strength again and wait for the next opportunity to rise.

The time might not be long, but it would be sufficient for the Merlin Family in their preparations…

For Old Merlin, this would be the best outcome for this whole event.

But, if possible, he wished he would not have to go that far.

After becoming an archmage, there were many things that often did not have to be seen with the eyes. Just by feeling, Old Merlin was sure that Gerian’s power would not be any weaker than his own. The winner of the battle between the archmages would probably have to be decided by luck.

Old Merlin would never do anything uncertain in his life. He had never given everything to luck, like what he was doing now.

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