Archean Eon Art

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Visiting Jadesun Palace Lord

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Eastcalm Prefecture, inside the only private room on the third floor of a restaurant.

Yun Fu’an leisurely drank as he listened to the tunes.

By the side, a cyan-clothed woman was gently playing the zither while singing. Yun Fu’an swayed his head to the tune, fully immersed in the music.

The song came to an end.

“Xiangyin, your rendition of this song is becoming more outstanding. My heart almost melted from your singing,” Yun Fu’an smiled.

“Brother Yun, you flatter me. I’m still far from that. I still need to learn from Teacher,” said the cyan-clothed woman.

“It’s different. Your teacher’s skills are brilliant, but she’s old. How can her voice be comparable to yours? Singing still depends on talent. Your voice is superb. Whatever you sing is nice,” Yun Fu’an praised.

“Then allow me to sing another song for you, Brother Yun.” The blue-dressed woman covered her mouth and giggled before she began plucking the zither strings.

She had to keep Yun Fu’an happy.

The patriarch of the Yun family had a total of five sons and one daughter. Among them were the three eldest brothers who had gone through all sorts of hardships during their childhood, experiencing calamities with their father. They were all experts at the Seamless realm now. Two of them had figured out “Force” and were extremely skilled. They were known as the “Three Heroes of the Yun Family.” On the other hand, the three youngest children hadn’t suffered much hardship.

1For example, Yun Fu’an’s father had already become a Godfiend when Yun Fu’an was young. This allowed him to lead a carefree life. At the time, the Yun family patriarch had just broken through and was still focused on cultivation; he had no time to discipline his children. Thus, his three youngest children were somewhat useless.

Yun Fu’an was a little special. As the youngest son, he had grown up with a group of scions, so he was quite the sly one.

He was good at reading someone’s body language; he was skilled at trampling and praising different kinds of people. He was also well-versed in many dirty tricks. The Three Heroes of the Yun Family liked this younger brother of theirs quite a bit due to his astuteness. They allowed their younger brother to handle many things without any worries, and he also completed the tasks beautifully.

Thus, Yun Fu’an wielded a lot of power and authority. He was responsible for many matters in the family clan.

A single word from him could cause a famous character to disappear from the world. Likewise, he could turn a particular lady into a star.

“Mm…” Yun Fu’an listened to the tune and softly hummed to it.

Suddenly, a commotion broke out in the restaurant. The loud noise made Yun Fu’an frown slightly.

The private room was soundproof, and there was only one room on the top floor of the three-storied building. It was very quiet, but the noise was quite loud.

“What’s going on?” Yun Fu’an frowned, and said, “Ah Fu, go down and see what’s going on?”

“Yes, Master.” The servant outside immediately went down.

The servant soon returned and immediately said, “Master, something serious has happened.”

Yun Fu’an stretched out his hand, and the cyan-clothed woman immediately stopped playing the zither. Once there was serious business, there was no way she could affect this man. She knew her limits.

“Come in and tell me,” Yun Fu’an instructed.

The servant pushed the door open and said in a low voice, “It isn’t only this restaurant; the entire Eastcalm Prefecture is abuzz. It’s all because of Young Master Meng Chuan.”

“What’s up with him?” Yun Fu’an frowned, a trace of disdain appearing on the corner of his lips. He didn’t think much of the Meng family anymore. His Yun family was on the rise, while the Meng family was on the decline.

“Meng Chuan showcased the Falling Leaf Saber secret technique—Third Autumn Leaf— at the Mirror Lake Dao Academy. He’s even defeated the original Eldest Senior Brother—Wu Qi—who was in the perfected Mortal Shedding realm. He’s become the Eldest Senior Brother of his Dao Academy.” The servant said, “He defeated somebody at the perfected Mortal Shedding realm by using the secret technique, despite only being at the Marrow Cleansing realm… He figured out the saber secret technique, Master—”

Yun Fu’an—whose face had completely darkened—shouted, “Get out!”

The servant didn’t dare make a sound; he obediently left and closed the door behind him.

Yun Fu’an brooded in silence before standing up and walking to the window. When he opened the window, the sound of the streets outside grew louder.

Keywords like “Meng Chuan” and “secret technique” could still be heard.

This matter had become the talk of the town in all of Eastcalm Prefecture.

This kid made a breakthrough? Yun Fu’an’s face was gloomy. Humph. So what if he figured out the secret technique? He’s still far from becoming a Godfiend.


He slammed the windows shut.

The other three Godfiend family clans in the Eastcalm Prefecture found it interesting as well! This was because not long ago, the Yun family had just terminated the engagement between the two families. That engagement happened to be between Yun Qingping and Meng Chuan!

If the Yun family knew Meng Chuan would grasp the secret technique at fifteen years of age, their decision would have been different.

However, how miniscule was the possibility of a peerless genius being born?

The Yun family didn’t dare delay matters!

Under normal circumstances, the engagement would be acted upon once one was 18 because they would have to serve the military at 20. Therefore, the Yun family didn’t wish to delay the matter. Annulling the engagement early was for the best.

He has only grasped the secret technique. He’s still far from becoming a Godfiend. The Yun family could only console themselves.

At the Mirror Lake Meng Manor.

“Ah Chuan, tell me the truth. Had you already broken through when you made the bet with me?” Liu Qiyue stared at Meng Chuan.

“You’re smart.” Meng Chuan smiled and nodded. “However, I had just broken through back then.”

“Y-you…” Liu Qiyue was at a loss for words.

“I already told you that I would get the spot, but you refused to believe me and insisted on betting with me. Who is to be blamed?” Meng Chuan laughed. “What? Are you going back on your word?”

Liu Qiyue raised her head high. “I, Liu Qiyue, never go back on my word!”

“I’m impressed. I admire you, Sister Qiyue,” he immediately complimented her. “Then I’ll be waiting for a consecutive month’s worth of dinner made by my dearest Sister Qiyue.”

“Just treat it as a gift for figuring out the secret technique.” Liu Qiyue was a little indignant. “I didn’t expect you to be so cunning.”

“Chuan’er.” A voice came from afar.

“Father is calling for me. I’ll be off first.” Meng Chuan immediately ran off.

Liu Qiyue scoffed. “Big liar, what a good liar. However, you are quite impressive. You actually managed to achieve Unity with your saber art.”

On the training grounds.

“Dad.” Meng Chuan stood in front of his father.

“I’m very happy you achieved a breakthrough in your saber art.” Meng Dajiang looked at his son and said, “But don’t let it get to your head. There are still the three thresholds: ‘Force,’ ‘Core Condensation,’ and ‘Life-and-Death’ awaiting you. Every step you take will be extremely difficult. There are very few people who can help you. It will all mostly depend on yourself.”

“I understand.”

“You’ve been cultivating diligently since you were young, so I won’t say anything else. Cultivate hard and become a Godfiend!” Meng Dajiang said encouragingly.

“Yes.” Meng Chuan nodded.

“It’s been a while since we sparred. Come, let’s spar,” said Meng Dajiang with a laugh.

“Come on!” Meng Chuan was filled with fighting spirit.

But, his father was a Seamless expert who had figured out Saber Force. He was considered one of the strongest in Eastcalm Prefecture beneath the Godfiend realm; he could devastate his son however he wished.

In the evening.

Meng Chuan was painting a long piece of scroll art in the study room. He was only partially done since he started yesterday after figuring out the Third Autumn Leaf.

There were scenes of him training hard, a scene of him defeating Wu Qi in the Dao Academy arena, and scenes of his father and Elders congratulating him when he exited the Dao Academy. It included his father ruffling his hair with a flabbergasted Liu Qiyue drawn to the side.

He smiled as he drew. He was completely immersed in his thoughts, and the feelings within him integrated into the tip of his brush.

The more intense the feelings infused into the painting, the more infatuated he became.

Sometime later.

After he finished painting, Meng Chuan glanced out and saw that it was getting dark outside. He wrote the three words “Third Autumn Leaf,” to the left of the painting.

This painting was called Third Autumn Leaf. Meng Chuan felt extremely serene when looking at the painting.

In the bustling Eastcalm Prefecture.

A white-robed youth led an old servant through the streets.

“Eastcalm Prefecture is quite lively,” said the white-robed youth expressionlessly.

“This is a city with a population of over a million. It would naturally be lively.” The old servant smiled. “Young Master, are we going to stay in Eastcalm Prefecture for the next few years? How about we go to the State Capital?”

“This is my mother’s hometown. I’ll be staying here,” the white-robed youth said coldly.

The old servant was helpless.

Nobody could control the young master with his temper.

Suddenly, they heard people discussing on the streets. “Young Master Meng Chuan is impressive to have figured out the secret technique. He’s only fifteen this year, right?”

“Yes, he’s fifteen. In my opinion, Young Master Meng Chuan will probably become a Godfiend in the future.”

Hearing the discussions, the old servant chuckled softly as well. “I didn’t expect that there would be such a genius in Eastcalm Prefecture. He happens to be the same age as you.”

Meng Chuan… murmured the white-robed youth inwardly.

“Young Master, let’s go this way. The Jadesun Palace is up ahead,” said the old servant. “We have to pay a visit to Jadesun Palace Lord first.”

“Okay.” The white-robed youth nodded.

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