Archean Eon Art

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Demon-Slaying Meet

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3rd March.

Two large carriages stopped outside the Jadesun Palace’s entrance. The dean of Mirror Lake Dao Academy—Ge Yun—disembarked from the first carriage while six people alighted from the carriage behind. They were none other than the six Mirror Lake Dao Academy’s disciples that included Meng Chuan, Wu Qi, and Wan Mang. The spacious carriage gave plenty of space to the six without making it appear cramped.

“Jadesun Palace.” The six of them raised their heads and stared at the palace.

Jadesun Palace was considered sacred ground in Eastcalm Prefecture. Jadesun Palace Lord was also the most powerful existence in the Eastcalm Prefecture.

The legendary Archean Mountain built a Jadesun Palace in every city within the Great Zhou Dynasty. It also sent a disciple to preside over each Jadesun Palace. Jadesun Palace Lord was the most powerful force when it came to protecting a prefecture! In the past century or so, the most powerful Godfiend in Eastcalm Prefecture—the Zhang family’s patriarch—had also been recruited into Archean Mountain. Now, he too was stationed somewhere else.

“Follow me in.” Ge Yu led the way and his six disciples entered the Jadesun Palace.

At that moment, several luxurious carriages arrived behind them and people alighted from the carriage.

Meng Chuan and company looked back.

“Oh?” Meng Chuan saw Yun Qingping and Yun Fu’an. Yun Fu’an had even brought his wife along.

“The Jadesun Palace’s Demon-Slaying Meet is a rare event for Eastcalm Prefecture. The Imperial Court and the five major Godfiend families will send people here too,” said Ge Yu casually. “However, each family clan is limited to ten people at most.”

It’s Meng Chuan. Yun Qingping, together with her clansmen, saw Meng Chuan as well. At that moment, she felt rather conflicted.

After all, she had previously been informed that he was the man to marry her—that she was to spend the rest of her life with him when she became of age!

Although the engagement had been successfully annulled, her impression of him was different from others. Besides, the engagement had just been called off right before Meng Chuan suddenly made a name of himself by figuring out the secret technique. He was now an illustrious genius in the entire Eastcalm Prefecture. Even her clansmen and friends had plenty to say about this matter. It caused her to feel unsettled.

However, Yun Qingping knew very well that she didn’t regret it. No matter how powerful Meng Chuan was, he was not what she wanted!

3“All of you are to watch carefully,” said the rather stocky Yun family clan leader—Yun Fucheng. He looked at the six young juniors and said, “When you turn twenty and serve in the military, you will be battling the demons in life-and-death battles. You now have the chance to personally witness the demons’ ferocity. If anyone closes their eyes from fright, you will be punished with isolation for ten days!”

“Yes, Dad (Uncle),” Yun Qingping, and the other five youths replied obediently.

Yun Fucheng—the eldest son of the Yun family’s patriarch—was the most outstanding among the Three Heroes.

He had contributed greatly during his military service at Qinyang Pass. He not only figured out Force, but he had also succeeded in condensing his core. However, he had damaged his foundation after casting a forbidden spell for too long during an intense battle with demons. This wiped out his chances of becoming a Godfiend.

“Brother, let’s hurry in. Let’s not block the entrance to the palace.” Yun Fu’an immediately laughed. He always wore a smiling face in front of his eldest brother. Even if he was scolded by his eldest brother, he would obediently endure it! He had no choice. The military at Qinyang Pass and the Imperial Court held his brother—Yun Fucheng—in high esteem.

Yun Fucheng nodded. “Alright, let’s go in.”

The two brothers led their wives and their six juniors into Jadesun Palace.

In an empty square in Jadesun Palace, there was a large arena. There were many chairs placed around the arena.

Seats were designated for the eight major Dao Academies, five large family clans, Imperial Court, and Jadesun Palace.

Meng Chuan naturally sat where Mirror Lake Dao Academy’s seats were located.

Chuan’er. The clan leader—Meng Yanping—and Meng Dajiang had brought eight juniors from the Meng family over to broaden their horizons. Meng Dajiang even winked at Meng Chuan.

“This dad of mine,” Meng Chuan muttered.

The various large family clans brought plenty of juniors. Meng Chuan soon discovered that the five large family clans typically had two or three high-ranking members leading a group of juniors. It was to allow the juniors to broaden their horizons. Only the Yun family is different. Yun Fucheng and Yun Fu’an both brought their wives. Ah, that’s right… There are only six juniors between the ages of six to twenty in the Yun family.

The Yun family had too few members.

The Yun family’s patriarch was the first generation. The second generation consisted of five sons and a daughter. The third generation was Yun Qingping’s generation…

There were only a few dozen people in the Yun family.

When they participated in the Cloud Yang Palace’s Demon-Slaying Meet, all juniors of suitable age would be brought here. They could even bring their wives over.

As for the juniors from the other four large families, they had intense internal competitions just to spectate the battle.

“Jadesun Palace Lord is here.”

Everybody present stood up in unison. Even the magistrate that came from the Imperial Court stood up and took the initiative to welcome him.

Jadesun Palace Lord? Meng Chuan looked from afar.

He was a tall, muscular young man. His entire body seemed to be carved out of jade. He seemed to be the most dazzling existence in the world as he walked forward. His eyes glistened. Whoever he looked at would irresistibly bow their heads—not daring to meet his eyes. This was the most powerful figure in Eastcalm Prefecture—its guardian.

He was also a Godfiend that came from Archean Mountain!

Jadesun Palace Lord walked to the seat of honor and sat down. Although he was seated, people could sense an invisible aura envelop the area. Even the uninhibited and unrestrained dean—Ge Yu—carefully obeyed the rules in front of Jadesun Palace Lord.

Oh? Only then did Meng Chuan and company notice that behind Jadesun Palace Lord stood a thin, frail-looking teenager and a white-robed youth.

That skinny, frail-looking teenager is Mei Yuanzhi. Who is the white-robed youth? Meng Chuan was somewhat puzzled.

“Senior Brother Meng, do you know who that white-robed youth is?” Wan Mang asked softly.

“No.” Meng Chuan shook his head.

“It’s one thing for Mei Yuanzhi to stand behind Jadesun Palace Lord, but who is that white-robed youth?” Soft murmurs were occurring in other places as well. Everyone had noticed the white-robed youth.

At that moment, the prefectural magistrate took a few steps forward and surveyed his surroundings. In a clear voice, he said, “Everyone, the Jadesun Palace’s Demon-Slaying Meet is held once every three years. It’s an event decided by Archean Mountain. It is meant to train the youths from various prefectures and allow young heroes to have a chance to fight demons before entering the battlefield. They can truly experience the strength of the demons. This way, they will have a higher chance of survival once they enter the battlefield. Everyone, you have to understand the good intentions of Archean Mountain.”

“Listen carefully to the rules of this Demon-Slaying Meet,” the magistrate said in a loud, clear voice. “If you realize that you can’t withstand the demons when engaging them in a life-and-death battle, all you need to do is jump off the arena to live. You don’t have to worry about any accidents, because with the Palace Lord around, nothing will happen.”

As he spoke, the magistrate smiled at Jadesun Palace Lord.

“Outsiders are not allowed to interfere with anything that happens in the arena. There should be no complaints or resentment even if they die in battle. These are the rules of the Demon-Slaying Meet. Nobody is allowed to violate them,” the magistrate said coldly. “I’ll tell you this first. There have been people who died in the arena. Some have been crippled as well. If you are afraid, you can give up this opportunity.”

No one would give up.

The battlefield would be much more dangerous than this while serving in the military. If they gave up the chance now, they would be looked down upon by the entire Eastcalm Prefecture.

“Alright, then let’s begin the Demon-Slaying Meet.” After saying this, the magistrate returned to his seat.

A jail wagon slowly drove over.

An upright, fat pig demon was locked inside the jail wagon. It was about twelve feet tall and was covered in black fur. Its eyes were filled with hatred as it stared at the people sitting outside the cage.

“Be good,” said a one-armed man who pulled the jail wagon.

Upon hearing the man’s voice, the pig demon trembled—a hint of fear in its eyes.

“As long as you secure victory in the arena, you will be able to eat your fill. As long as you can kill a human youth, you will enjoy ten days of good food and wine,” the one-armed man said. “But you are not allowed to leave the arena. If you dare to leave the arena, you will be sliced to death!”

“I know.” The pig demon’s voice was low as it spoke human words.

The jail wagon arrived beside the arena.

The cage’s door was opened.

“Go up,” the one-armed man said coldly.

With a single step, the pig demon leaped onto the arena. Its wrists were shackled by heavy chains—the chains struck the arena’s ground when the pig demon landed.

Meng Chuan could vaguely sense the tremendous power within the pig demon when he stared at it. The black pig hair was tough, no weaker than heavy armor. The pig demon was currently staring at its surroundings with killing intent. To it, every human around it was an archenemy! The madness in its eyes, the intense hatred, and killing intent caused the hearts of some human youths to tremble. The youngest eight-year-old child from the Yun family was so frightened that the color in his face drained as he tightly hugged his mother.

“You’re not allowed to hug your mother.” Yun Fu’an berated his son before coldly glaring at his wife. “An excessively doting mother will only spoil a child!”

5At this moment, an official from the Imperial Court flipped through the name list and said loudly, “The disciples at the Marrow Cleansing stage shall head into the arena first. The first one is Zhang Rushang from the Blazing Sun Academy.”

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