Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering

Chapter 11 - Have to Take a Strand of Hair to Test DNA

Chapter 11: Have to Take a Strand of Hair to Test DNA

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Nan Zhi could not be completely certain that the man just now was the one that she had slept with four years ago.

She had only given him a cursory glance before she had left the room, after all. Besides, it had been a few years. Even if her memory was good, it had been enough time to blur the specifics from that one bizarre encounter.

If she could meet him again, she would first get a strand of his hair and use it for a DNA test with Xiaojie’s hair.

Nan Zhi had moved a few steps forward with the umbrella above her, when another thought flew into her mind and she noticed that something did not seem right.

The gaze that the man had on her when he threw the ring in to her bag…

Nan Zhi looked down in trepidation.

Her ears burned with embarrassment when she realized that two buttons on her white shirt had unknowingly opened, revealing the racy edge of her black lace bra. She could also vaguely see more than an outline of her ample chest, her creamy skin was exposed to the world for show.

She buttoned up the buttons hurriedly. How long had it been like that? Looking in the direction the car had disappeared to, she bit on her red lips and ran her hand through her hair.

She hummed once, her elegant brows arched in consternation. If anything, she should be the one that had been taken advantage of, she had allowed him to see her breasts for nothing!

By the time Nan Zhi reached the broadcasting station, the heavy rain and persisting traffic has made her more than a little late. She had tried to reach the company as quickly as possible, but to no avail.

Nan Yao walked out from the main hall with an aura of confidence, clad in a pair of strappy heels. Her long hair flounced down her back in elegant waves. There were a few females walking by her side, who had attended the interview as well. They were all congratulating Nan Yao, who had been accepted on the spot.

Nan Yao was wearing an elegant dress. She was dressed exquisitely from head to toe, not a hair out of place. It was clear she was and no longer the ugly duckling she had been when she was initially brought to the Nan family by Ding Shuman.

Nan Yao froze for a few seconds when she saw the dishevelled state Nan Zhi was in, before her lips hooked up derisively in scorn.

Nan Yao had her diamond studded sunglasses perched on her head, and walked past Nan Zhi with her head up high.

Nan Zhi was a few steps ahead when Nan Yao’s soft and coy voice simpered from behind her. “Shaoxiu Ge, you’re back from your business trip! I’ve missed you so much!”

Nan Zhi froze.

She kept her back straight and headed towards the elevator without looking back.

Bo Shaoxiu hugged the petite woman who had thrown herself into his embrace. Just as he was placing a chaste kiss on her forehead, he saw a slim and shapely figure from the corner of his eye.

His dark brown orbs paused on the pair of long and slender legs, taking its time to travel up her womanly body to appreciate the beauty.

She was wearing a black skirt that moulded attractively around her shapely behind. Her beautiful legs were long and slender and reached to the high heavens. Her figure was more than exceptional, it would be hard to walk past her without being drawn in. Taking in her fair skin, its milky white complexion was creamy and soft, so fair it almost blinded him. He wanted to run to her and hold that face in his hands, holding down her beautiful legs and ravaging her till she begged for more.

Only one person owned such a ravishing pair of legs in his memory.

Nan Zhi.

Was she back?

The blood in Bo Shaoxiu’s body started to rise within him unconsciously as he strengthened the grip he had on Nan Yao’s waist. He adjusted his collar which had suddenly become too hot, too constrictive.

Nan Yao looked up from his chest. The long forgotten jealousy and anger in her heart started to swell within her again at the sight of Bo Shaoxiu’s heated gaze in the direction where Nan Zhi had disappeared.

He was still thinking of Nan Zhi, even after they had gotten engaged and announced it to the world.

She clutched onto his chest, fingers clenching tightly. That b*tch was seducing her fiancé the moment she returned!

Nan Zhi was stopped by the receptionist at the front desk when she reached the interview room. “The first stage of interview is already over. Please go back!”

As a broadcasting station’s newscaster, being on time was the most basic requirement. If an interviewee was unable to achieve this condition, then they would be rejected during the first stage of interview. There was no room for any negotiation.

Nan Zhi did not try to go in forcefully, nor did she make any excuses for herself. She was in the wrong for being late. Five interviewers walked out one by one from the interview room after she had waited for about ten minutes.

Using the chance when the receptionist was not paying attention, Nan Zhi hurried over and bowed deeply to show her sincerity, “I’m very sorry for being late, interviewers. I hope that you can give me another chance.”

The interviewers looked at each other. One of the experienced newscasters at the front of the group furrowed his eyebrows, replying coldly, “The first stage of interviews is already over.”

The receptionist realized what was going on and stood immediately to pull Nan Zhi away. She was cursing at the shameless woman in her heart, when a dignified female voice sounded across the corridor, interrupting them all. “Wait a moment.”

When Nan Zhi had bowed with her head down, the people present could not see her appearance clearly. That was why the first thing one would notice was her voice.

Her voice was pretty and pleasant to the ears, her words gentle and tactful. It had a soothing quality with an inexplicable appeal that attracted them like bees drawn to a field of vibrant flowers. From her short apology, one could tell she was different from any others.

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