Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering

Chapter 12 - Her Beauty was Unique

Chapter 12: Her Beauty was Unique

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Han Mo, who was the Chief Editorial Officer, and also the woman who had said to wait, stepped forward in a decision manner. She looked at the bowed Nan Zhi, “Look up.”

Nan Zhi straightened her body gracefully.

Although her clothes had become dampened from the heavy rain, it did not affect her beautiful appearance and her aura was as radiant as ever. Their eyes widened in amazement.

Her lips were ruby red, teeth a pearly white and her eyes were clear and full of vitality. She was a born beauty.

The most important thing was that she was not shy and had the confidence to seize any opportunity, as one could tell from her request for them to give her a second chance. She was a mix of both innocent and charming and had a pleasant aura in the eyes of everyone.

Even though there were already several beautiful anchorwoman in the broadcasting company, and there were also many young and pretty females that came for the interview today, it was rare to see Nan Zhi’s type of beauty. It was unique, she had a captivating character and had an ability to draw the audience in.

Nan Zhi’s beauty was rare and non-invasive.

Several of the male interviewers had their eyes fixed on her, their gaze focused and very different to their initial response when she had interrupted them.

Han Mo coughed lightly. After a short discussion with a few of the interviewers, they decided to give Nan Zhi a chance to attend the interview. They would give her a trial and see how she fared.

Han Mo passed Nan Zhi a set of lines for the Mid-Autumn Fireworks and Evening Party and told her to memorize the content within ten minutes.

Although they had given her ten minutes, it was actually a difficult task to memorize the set of lines for an evening party, which was considerably longer than the standard requirement.

As Nan Zhi was memorizing the lines, a male interviewer asked Han Mo quietly, “Since you gave the previous interviewees half an hour and a simpler set of lines to prepare, would it be too much to do this to her?”

“A person who is late needs to be more than outstanding in order to grasp the opportunity.” Han Mo answered with a serious expression. She had high expectations and had not gotten to her position in compromising her ideals.

“I probably wouldn’t be able to memorize any if I was given only ten minutes to do so. This young lady is quite pretty and has a nice voice too.” The male interviewer sighed regretfully, “It’s a pity that she probably won’t be able to pass the first stage of the interview.”

Another experienced anchorwoman, Shu Meng, interrupted the conversion. She scrutinized Nan Zhi, who was standing quietly at the corner looking over the lines, her lips curled into a sneer. Women could be competitive creatures and could never help but compare themselves to others, becoming jealous and unhappy if another woman was too pretty. “You men are all so superficial. What our broadcasting company needs is a anchorwoman who is both talented and pretty, not just a pretty face who is only pleasant to look at but cannot do anything.”

The male interviewer laughed at her passively aggressive words, “And how would anchorwoman Shu know that the young lady is only pleasant to look at, but cannot do anything?”

Before the conversation could escalate further, a sweet and clear voice chimes out from the corner, “I’m ready, interviewers.”

Shu Meng snorted coldly in her heart, crossing her arms and rolling her eyes when she saw that it had not even been ten minutes since they had passed her the set lines. She would see how Nan Zhi embarrassed herself since she was so eager to show off.

Nan Zhi stood steadily in front of the interviewers. Her posture was poised and elegant while her smile was genuine and natural, making people feel comfortable around her. “The meaning behind the New Year is all about the refreshing arrival of the warmth of Spring. During Mid Autumn, flowers bloom, the fire tree is set alight with silver lights, and the shadow of the bright moon appears…”

Her tone was mellow and moving. Her enunciation was clear, while her tone and speed varied according to the content. The pace she set was comfortable, yet full of vitality and one would feel like they could listen to her voice for all of eternity and never tire of it.

The most important thing was that she had actually memorized every line.

Han Mo suppressed the excitement growing within her as the words continued to flow from Nan Zhi’s pretty lips. She exchanged glances with a few of the other interviewers, before she turned back to Nan Zhi, “Remember to be on time for the next stage a week later.”

“Thank you, judges.” Nan Zhi bowed in appreciation again.

After Nan Zhi had left, Han Mo exclaimed, biting down excitement and glad her voice had come out steady and even, “This girl has a bit of the aura that our broadcasting company’s senior, Xia Yi, has. Did you notice how naturally she delivered those lines, not to mention her poise and grace? It’s not an easy feat given her young age.”

One had to know that Han Mo was a well-known devil in the broadcasting company. She did not praise easily, but now, she was actually heaping on compliments towards an unknown young woman with no connections. It was a rare occurrence.

Shu Meng seethed. She had yet to receive any praise from Han Mo, even though she had worked in the broadcasting company for already three years. She snorted in contempt, but kept her face impassive to maintain some degree of professionalism. “She might have just been lucky. Han Jie*, you should only come to a conclusion after seeing her performance during the next stage!”

Back in the hospital .

“Yay! I knew that Pretty Zhizhi would definitely pass the interview with success.” Xiaojie flung his arms around Nan Zhi’s pretty neck and gave her a big hug. As he pecked her cheek, his face all smiles, “This is my motivation of love for you!”

Nan Zhi took Xiaojie into her embrace as she let out a gentle smile, reserved only for Xiaojie. “Mummy has only passed the first stage of interview. I still have to wait for a week for the retest.”

“Brother Jie’s woman will definitely be invincible no matter what!”


Translator note:

*Han is Han Mo’s surname while Jie is sister or a term to address older ladies. Thus Han Jie is a respectful term to address Han Mo, given that Shu Meng is younger than her.

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