Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering

Chapter 13 - Unbelievably Sexy

Chapter 13: Unbelievably Sexy

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Ever since Nan Zhi had given birth to Xiaojie, the arrogance and willfulness she once had, was gone and she became a lot more quiet and pensive. In the place of her previous conceit was the protectiveness and gentleness or a young woman who would do anything for her son. However, this gentleness only came out when she was with Xiaojie.

She was more cold to others, most of the time. Together with a face like hers, it was an attractive mix that was both charming and innocent. The temperament she had combined to give off a type of deadly attraction where people could not stay away.

That was why Nan Zhi had attracted the attention of several rich men the moment she entered an exclusive high-end clubhouse that night. Xia Yanran had dragged her into there to socialise as it had become popular in the past month.

Nan Zhi had rejected every single man that had come over to ask for her contact.

“Zhizhi, the man that just asked you for your contact was pretty handsome. Are you really not going to find a father for my godson?” Xia Yanran teased as she held onto Nan Zhi’s arm, leading them towards the private room that she had booked.

Nan Zhi shook her head. “No, I haven’t thought about it.” She no longer had any trust in men after her parents’ divorce and her ex-fiancé cheating on her. She was not prepared to even think about any possibility of a loyal and honest relationship.

Not to mention, that incident that had happened that led to her to become pregnant with Xiaojie…

“Zhizhi, are you okay? Your face is a little pale.”

Nan Zhi’s head started to hurt at the reminder of her unhappy experiences in the past and she felt a sudden wave of melancholy hit her. She quickly recollected herself before giving Yanran a small smile, “I need to go to the washroom. You go ahead to the private room to tell Yubing. I’ll head over when I’m done.”

Nan Zhi did not have many friends. Apart from Yanran, there was also Qin Yubing who was in the entertainment industry.

Qin Yubing’s mother used to be a domestic helper at Nan Zhi’s maternal grandfather’s house. The two of them had grown up together and they were as close as other biological sisters were.

Nan Zhi entered the washroom, her mind racing with unwanted thoughts.

She did not enter a washroom stall, leaning against the wall at the side instead and taking out a box of female cigarettes from her purse.

Her cigarette addiction was not strong. She would only smoke when she was in a bad mood and would never allow a reliance to form.

Taking out a cigarette, she propped it between her delicate lips while pulling out a lighter to take a drag. She exhaled the smoke with her eyes squinted. Staring at the thin smoke that was slowly curling upwards and dissolving, she fell into a trance.

Since Nan Yao knew that she was back, that meant Nan Weiye should know too, but she hadn’t received any phone calls.

He was so at ease even though he had taken everything that belonged to her mother and her.


Two tall silhouettes came out from the male washroom.

One of them was wearing a pair of tailored white pants. He was tall, his facial features well-defined and handsome. He was so good looking he could make people stop breathing from staring at him for too long. With a hand casually hooked in the pocket of his pants and his scarlet thin lips slightly pursed, he was so sexy that his looks could kill.

The man beside him teased him casually, slapping him on the shoulder, “Fourth Brother, when do you plan to finally stop being a monk? Isn’t your grandmother rushing you to get married off? Are you really getting paired to that Qin Sichu? That woman is the self-proclaimed number one beauty of Ning City.”

He was also good looking but in a devilish sort of way, unlike the first man, who exuded an aura that was both cold and standoffish. His voice was stern, yet magnetic when he finally responded to his companions tirade. “Shut up.”

“… Oh, check out that beauty over there.”

At Lan Yanzhi’s words, Mu Sihan glanced at the woman at the side who was smoking while leaning against the wall.

His black orbs narrowed as his brows knitted into a frown.

It was the woman in the morning who did not wear her shirt properly and showed him her breasts.

She had changed into a red dress with a tight waistline, accentuating her womanly curves. Her light brown hair cascaded down her back in loose waves, some strands settled haphazardly on her shoulders in a natural fashion. There was a semblance of loneliness in the lazy way she was exhaled the smoke, her slender fingers casually bringing the cigarette to her red lips. With her head slightly up, they could see that her features were flawless, though her eyes were dazed and unfocused, giving her an otherworldly allure.

It was a complete contrast to the sweet, youthful and charming woman she had been in the morning.

Mu Sihan squinted, scrutinizing the woman until a tinge of disdain appeared on his handsome face. He retracted his dismissive gaze and turned to leave. Every action of his was full of arrogance and bore a wildness that contrasted with his cold demeanour.

It was rare for Lan Yanzhi to see a woman who could look beautiful whilst smoking. He wanted to admire the view for a while longer, though he quickly followed after Mu Sihan when he saw him leaving. “Wait for me, Fourth Brother…”

Regaining her senses from the messy thoughts plaguing her mind, Nan Zhi’s lashes swept up as she blinked owlishly, her pretty eyes glancing over to see two tall silhouettes disappearing around the corner.

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