Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering

Chapter 21 - Help Her Find Some Clothes, Wash Her and Send Her to My Room

Chapter 21: Help Her Find Some Clothes, Wash Her and Send Her to My Room

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After she got into the car, Nan Zhi realized it was not the car from this morning.

This car belonged to the extended wheelbase model, there was a lot of space and all kinds of equipment. There was an air of aristocracy, she had not ridden in such a luxurious car even when she was the arrogant daughter doted on by Nan Weiye.

The people in the car felt nothing when the car was driving on the road. It was as smooth as sitting on a comfortable bed in a bedroom.

The lighting in the car was dim. Nan Zhi sat close to the window and from the corner of her eye, looked at the expressionless man sitting in the middle. Her eyes ran down the sharp contours of his face, which looked as though it had been carved with extreme care by a master artisan. There was only one word for it, perfect.

But there really wasn’t much to compliment on regarding his foul temper.

Just when Nan Zhi wanted to ask him where he was taking her, he gave her a sideward glance.

His deep and dark eyes were daunting and the sudden eye contact made her feel slightly embarrassed.

Nan Zhi found she could not maintain eye contact with his dark, oppressive eyes. She broke the silence in the car. “Where are you taking me?”

“Your home?” A flash of panic ran across Nan Zhi’s clear eyes. “I’m not feeling that well and I’m not the kind of woman you think I am.”

Mu Sihan raised his eyebrows slightly and said lazily, “What kind of woman?”

“Hostess 1 .”

“You’re not a hostess?”

Nan Zhi nodded. “I’m not.”

“You’re a transgender?”

Nan Zhi choked, in her heart she cursed.

You’re the transgender, your whole family are transgenders!

She turned her head back to the window, not wanting to talk to him.

The next second, there was a pain in her wrist and she was pulled to the man’s side by his strong and big hands. Perhaps he was disgusted with her having her period, so he didn’t pull her onto his lap.

Before Nan Zhi could say anything, a black ribbon was placed over her face.

“You’re not worthy to know the route to my house.”

While the man was blindfolding her, his cool fingertips brushed over her face. It was like a snake’s tongue sweeping over her delicate skin, making her shiver.

Nan Zhi was afraid but reason told her that it wasn’t wise to play hardball with this man. This man was dangerous. First she had to figure out exactly what he wanted before making any plans!

The car stopped after awhile. Nan Zhi was dragged out unceremoniously by the man.

After getting out of the car, she found herself pulled forward by the man. After a few minutes, it finally stopped.

The man loosened the grip on her wrist and said in a cold voice, “Find some clothes for her, wash her and send her to my room.”

After Mu Sihan went upstairs, somebody removed the blindfold on Nan Zhi.

Opening her eyes, Nan Zhi saw a gentleman in his forties.

The man nodded to Nan Zhi. “My name is Yi Fan, Young Master’s butler. Miss, this way please.”

Unlike his master’s arrogance, Butler Yi’s attitude was gentle and modest, and he seemed easier to get along with.

“Butler Yi, do you know what your young master wants to do, asking me to take a bath and change my clothes?”

She was not feeling well, surely he was not that perverted right?

“We cannot guess what is on Young Master’s mind, but his temper is not very good, so please do forgive him, Miss.”

Yi Fan brought Nan Zhi to a bedroom. There was a wardrobe in the room, and once he pulled open the doors, Nan Zhi was hit with a wide array of colours. All kinds of branded women clothes in different styles and accessories filled the wardrobe.

Nan Zhi blinked, for a moment she thought she entered a dreamy room fit for a princess.

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