Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering

Chapter 22 - He Ordered Her

Chapter 22: He Ordered Her

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This young master must be extremely rich!

The clothes were all new arrivals of the major brands in the market, some were limited editions and could not be bought that easily. To think that he had a whole wardrobe full of this type of clothing.

Nan Zhi thought to herself, did he have a lot of women in his life?

She randomly selected a set of clothes from the closet and the price was well over the six figure mark. Setting it back down, she turned to the man, “Butler Yi, I’m fine with wearing my own clothes…”

When Yi Fan saw how there was not much greed and admiration in Nan Zhi’s eyes after seeing the clothing, he was somewhat surprised. It was uncommon for young and pretty girls to be uninterested in these luxury goods.

“Miss, you cannot go against Young Master’s orders.”

Nan Zhi held back the anger that was suppressed in her chest, gritted her teeth and nodded. “Okay, I’ll listen to your young master.”

She would play his game and see what he was going to do to her.

Nan Zhi picked out a dark green one-piece dress. After her bath, Yi Fan, who was waiting outside the door, took her to the entrance of a room with a super luxurious door, located on the second level.

Butler Yi knocked on the door three times, then pushed the door open, beckoning Nan Zhi to go in.

The master bedroom’s style was rather cold, with a scheme of black, gray and white as the main colors that accented the room. Except for a few Chinese court paintings on the wall that she did not quite understand, the other decorations were those that were so expensive that it easily revealed the affluence of the owner.

Even the richest person in Ning City would need to look up to him!

Who on earth is he?

She had only been abroad for four years, had the circle of rich people in Ning City changed that much?

Perhaps hearing the movement, the tall man standing in front of the French windows with a 180 degrees view, turned around.

He was still wearing that white casual wear, with the bright red stain on his right thigh especially glaring.

Nan Zhi did not understand why he did not change his pants after coming back.

The man looked at her with his dark and cold eyes. There was no expression on his handsome face, as if it was a piercing cold blizzard from hell.

He stared at Nan Zhi for a few seconds. Suddenly his slender legs strode forward with a powerful deliberation towards her.

The cold air emanating from him made Nan Zhi take a few steps back in trepidation. In spite of herself, she shivered and held onto herself, as though hoping it would help defend against him.

Seeing her movement, the man suddenly stretched out his hand. Nan Zhi had no chance to dodge and was grabbed at the waist.

A pull and another twist and suddenly, she was in his arms right by his chest.

Her soft chest was forced to press against his toned torso. Her hands hung rigidly close to her side and she kept telling herself not to be rash and do anything. She did not want a repeat of the event in the clubhouse. Or else the one who ultimately suffered would be her.

The man bowed his head, his fierce lips were a thin line that inched closer and closer to her ear. She felt his warm breath steal in, his voice low and husky. “Take it off for me.”

Nan Zhi’s long eyelashes fluttered.

Take off what?

“Quick.” The low voice was becoming more impatient.

Nan Zhi cursed inwardly. Raising her head, she looked up at his dark eyes. “What do you want me to take off?”

Mu Sihan looked down at Nan Zhi, wanting to see if she really didn’t understand or was playing dumb. When he met with her clear eyes, he could see they were somewhat bewildered. He frowned slightly, “Pants.”

Nan Zhi’s beautiful eyes widened with clarity and shock, as though he had said something beyond comprehension.

She was having her period, did he really want to…

Could he do perverted things just because he had money?

“Don’t you find it disgusting?” Nan Zhi’s rare good temper was going to be worn away by this young master sooner rather than later. She took a deep breath, her gentle mask slowly cracking away into coldness and said with in a painfully steady manner, enunciating every word, “Young Master Mu, I’m having my menstrual period now which is what every woman will experience every month.”

The man stared at her strained face and replied coldly as though he hadn’t heard her, “Take it off.”

His overbearing tone did not allow her to disobey.

Nan Zhi’s delicate eyebrows wrinkled in an instant.

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