Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering

Chapter 2349

Chapter 2349 Amazing

She did not know how the other classes found out about the competition between Duo Xin and Ye Tian.

It was time for the class meeting and the teacher was not around. Many male students slipped out and squeezed to the door and window of the classroom.

There was already space for the two of them to dance in the classroom.

Taking the chance when everyone was moving their seats, she squatted under the stage to put on makeup and then put her long hair over her shoulders.

She had taken off her school jacket and was wearing a white shirt and short skirt.

After putting on makeup and letting her hair down, she was quite beautiful and attractive.

On the other hand, Ye Tian slowly went to her seat and took a sip of water from the water bottle. She even peeled a chocolate and threw it into her mouth.

Ye Tian did not take off her uniform jacket. Nanli was an elite school and the uniform jacket was a suit. Now that the weather was getting colder, Ye Tian was wearing a thin sweater inside.

Compared to Duo Xiu’s emphasis on appearance, Ye Tian could be said to be quite Buddha-like.

“Tiantian, why don’t you take off your jacket and sweater too? Is it inconvenient to dance in so many clothes?” An Rui asked worriedly.

There was still the sweetness of chocolate in Ye Tian’s mouth. She was in a good mood when she ate sweets and a smile appeared on her lips, her dimples sinking. “It’s okay. Everyone is watching the dance, not the clothes.”

An Rui looked at Ye Tian’s calm expression and felt worried for her.

At this moment, not only were their classmates gathered outside, but there were also many students from the neighboring class.

If Ye Tian lost terribly, she would definitely become a joke.

After the monitor announced the start of the dance, Duo Xin and Ye Tian stood at an empty spot.

Glancing at Ye Tian, she lifted her chin slightly. “Are you ready?”

Ye Tian responded carelessly.

The class monitor played the theme song.

As soon as the theme song started, Ye Tian, who had been indifferent just now, immediately got into the mood and danced with Duoduo.

Ye Tian’s eyes curved slightly and there was a smile on her face. She did not care about the performance of the flower beside her and focused on doing her own actions.

The two of them had never done it, but their actions were rather orderly.

Many people started to cheer in and out of the classroom.

Ye Tian’s condition was completely different from when she was studying. When she danced, there seemed to be a light in her eyes and her expression management seemed to have undergone professional training. She had an expression that matched whatever action she did. From time to time, her tanghulu horse fur would shake and she looked rather youthful and sweet.

One of the actions was to blow kisses and wink at the audience. When she did it, it was like a Cupid’s arrow hitting the heart.

“F*ck.” Gu Yang, who was sitting lazily in the last row, cursed softly.

Shen Mingxiu did not hear what Gu Yang said. He poked Gu Yang with his elbow as he watched the two of them dance. “Your deskmate is good. Look at her dancing and singing. Why is her smile so sweet?”

“Wink is so beautiful. How did she manage to keep a sweet smile on her face without closing her other eye? Why can’t I do it?” Shen Mingxiu imitated one of Ye Tian’s eyes, wink.

“Your deskmate can participate in a girl group and definitely debut at the center!”

Looking at Shen Mingxiu, who was nagging like a retard, Gu Yang kicked him.

Shen Mingxiu looked at Gu Yang, who had been using violence against him recently, and muttered unhappily, “Brother Yang, I didn’t bully your deskmate. Can’t we discuss it?” Gu Yang raised her exquisite chin and pointed at the door and the group of boys lying by the window. “Get those fools away.” Shen Mingxiu picked up the basketball and threw it at the boy who was almost squeezed into their classroom.

“You don’t have girls in your class? Why are you drooling here? Scram!” After being blasted by Shen Mingxiu, Qi Yuan and Li Lei, the boy from the other class could not stay here anymore and ran away. Shen Mingxiu closed the front and back doors.

The three minute theme song was finished.

During the dance just now, Ye Tian kept singing and drinking at the same time. Duo Ai only danced, but after dancing, her breathing was not as stable as Ye Tian’s.

It was much harder to sing and dance together than just dancing.

After all, she had danced since primary school and was familiar with the theme song. She was not bad at dancing.

She thought she was perfect, but when she saw Ye Tian from the corner of her eye, she found that Ye Tian danced better than her.

Ye Tian’s expression management, dance rhythm, body control, and rhythm were all accurate and clean.

She could not find any flaws.

Fortunately, there was still an impromptu dance performance. She wanted to crush Ye Tian in an impromptu dance.

In order to increase the difficulty, she asked the class monitor to play a dance song for them and they jumped out separately.

First, she jumped.

The monitor was playing a modern dance.

She started to dance to the music very quickly.

She did many difficult actions and there were waves of applause.

Shen Mingxiu said, “F*ck, Duo’er is not bad. Her waist is so low that she can jump and spin easily!”

Qi Yuan said, “This is a real test of your skills.”

Li Lei said, “Brother Yang’s deskmate is probably dead.”

After the dance, many male classmates shouted and many girls screamed.

Everyone thought that Duo Ai was going to win over Ye Tian.

Although Ye Tian’s theme song was much better, her improvisation was too strong.

When it was Ye Tian’s turn, the class monitor chose a classical piece, “Remembering Flowers.”

Ye Tian walked in front of An Rui and said softly, “Lend me your fan.”

An Rui hurriedly took out her fan.

Ye Tian took her fan and covered her face before the music started.

Although she was wearing a school skirt, the moment she stood still, she suddenly gave people the feeling that she was a young lady from ancient times.

Unlike the sweetness of dancing the theme song earlier, her expression became gentle and elegant, a faint smile on her lips. As the music started to play, she slowly moved her body, her steps graceful and elegant. Her actions were soft and slow, her toes tapping lightly and the fingers holding the fan were fair and beautiful.

After a few moves, she threw the fan high up and spun two rounds. She lifted her toes slightly and the handle of the fan landed steadily on it. Then, she lifted the fan high again and reached out to catch it. Her face was slowly hidden in the fan, revealing only a pair of misty eyes. Her feet moved slightly and her body was as light as a willow. Her dance was light like a butterfly dancing in a lotus pond. Under the music, she exuded an antique charm.

The students were mesmerized and could not control themselves.

Her actions were not difficult, but when she danced, everyone felt that she was a rich young lady from ancient times. Her every action and smile had a classic and noble beauty.

She was definitely a soul dancer. Not only was she stunning, but she was also unforgettable.

This was the highest realm of dancing. Even if she had studied for so many years and won countless awards, she still could not reach this realm.

She looked at Ye Tian in disbelief. Like the other students, she could not regain her senses for a long time after Ye Tian finished dancing.

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