Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering

Chapter 2350

Chapter 2350 Little Fairy

After the song, the classroom was silent for a moment.

It was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

Ye Tian took the fan away from her face, regained her sweet smile and bowed.

Someone started to clap and then the applause seemed to stop.

It was very enthusiastic.

Gu Yang stood up from the chair and walked toward the classroom door.

Shen Mingxiu and the rest only reacted after he walked out.

“Where is Brother Yang going? He hasn’t voted yet? I thought his deskmate couldn’t compare to him, but now it seems like he’s crushing her!”

Qi Yuan said, “If she danced in an ancient dress, how beautiful would she be?”

Li Lei said, “I’m going to start liking Brother Yang’s deskmate.”

Shen Mingxiu said, “There’s something wrong with Brother Yang. I’ll go out and take a look. You must vote for Brother Yang’s deskmate later.”

Shen Mingxiu chased after her but could not find her. In the end, he found Gu Yang in the male washroom.

After Gu Yang washed her face, she shook the water droplets off her hands.

Shen Mingxiu noticed a trace of blood in the pool and asked, “Brother Yang, what’s wrong? Are you injured?”

Gu Yang wiped her face and walked out of the washroom. “Are you going to play billiards?”

“Go!” Shen Mingxiu sent a message to Qi Yuan and Li Lei, asking them to vote and come out quickly.

After playing billiards, they ate together. Shen Mingxiu seemed to have thought of something and asked Qi Yuan and Li Lei, “Who will be the leader?”

Li Lei said, “Of course it’s our Brother Yang’s deskmate. I’m going to call her Little Fairy in the future.”

Qi Yuan said, “I’m still reminiscing about the classical dance she did. I usually see her studying, eating, or reading comic books. I didn’t expect her dance to be so good.”

“I think she’s the prettiest girl in our class.” Qi Yuan looked at Gu Yang, who was leaning against the chair lazily and smoking. “Brother Yang, what do you think?”

Gu Yang flicked the cigarette ash. “All of you are bored talking about girls every day.”

Shen Mingxiu said, “Brother Yang, you don’t know what’s good for you. There are a lot of beautiful girls chasing after you every day. The few of us are miserable. We can only pick up those that you don’t like.”

Gu Yang stubbed out her cigarette and stood up from the chair, swinging her school jacket over her thin shoulders. “Let’s go back.”

“No activity tonight?” Shen Mingxiu was dumbfounded. For people like him who did not like to study, the beautiful night life had just begun!

Gu Yang ignored Shen Mingxiu and left after paying the bill.

Shen Mingxiu touched his head and said to Qi Yuan and Li Lei, who were behind him, in confusion, “Why did he go back so early? Isn’t the house deserted?”

Qi Yuan said, “Brother Yang doesn’t seem to be in the right state today.”

“Let’s not guess Brother Yang’s thoughts. We won’t be able to guess anyway.” Shen Mingxiu put his arm around Qi Yuan and Li Lei’s shoulders. “Let’s go dance.”

That night.

Gu Yang had a dream repeatedly. From time to time, a pair of watery eyes that were covered by a fan appeared in her dream.

When he woke up in the morning, he felt something strange.

He looked down and cursed.


For the next few days, Ye Tian did not see her deskmate coming to class.

Shen Mingxiu and the rest also came occasionally.

The teachers were used to it and no one cared about these bad students.

Ye Tian did not care. Without the deskmate who troubled her from time to time, she felt much more peaceful.

Soon, it was the night before the sports meet.

Ye Tian was the leader of the class and she did not need to wear the school uniform that day.

Zhou Ying, the form teacher, called Ye Tian to the side. “Wear a nice dress. Remember to put on light makeup and do your hair.”

That morning, An Rui woke Ye Tian up.

Ye Tian rubbed her eyes, looking sleepy.

An Rui really admired Ye Tian. The leaders of each class wanted to be the most eye-catching scene in the sports meet, but their leader was not up yet.

“Tiantian, I heard that the leaders of the neighboring classes went out to put on makeup.”

Ye Tian yawned and said with sleepy eyes, “I’ll do it myself later. It’ll be quick.”

As the little princess of the royal family, she would be invited to various fashion events every year and would also attend banquets. Seeing that she had put on makeup so many times, Ye Tian naturally knew how to do it too.

“Where are the dresses? I have a few dresses in my wardrobe. Do you want to take a look?”

On Fridays, students could wear their own clothes, but An Rui had not seen Ye Tian wearing her own clothes. She usually wore her school uniform in school. “No need, I have it.”

Ye Tian took out a dress from the cabinet. “Wait for me.”

An Rui waited in the dormitory for about half an hour before Ye Tian came out.

Ye Tian was wearing a white high-end dress with a thin veil. The light V-neck exposed her collarbones slightly and the light texture made her look slender and graceful. She had let down her waist-length hair. She had a natural curl at the end of her hair and a crystal hair band on her head. She had light makeup on her face, pink lipstick on her lips, and her skin was fair and glowing. Wearing this thin chiffon dress, she looked like a fairy from the heavens.

“Tiantian, you’re too good-looking.”

Seeing An Rui’s mouth open, Ye Tian walked over and held her arm. “It’s not that exaggerated. Let’s go and have breakfast.”

An Rui only regained her senses after Ye Tian pulled her out of the dormitory.

Walking out of the female dormitory, countless people turned back to look at Ye Tian. Ye Tian looked extremely calm, as if the envious and amazed gazes of others could not compare to the breakfast in the canteen.

After breakfast, the classes started to gather.

Ye Tian took the class pass from Zhou Ying and returned to the team.

The boys and girls who were talking all fell silent when Ye Tian came over.

Today was the sports day and Zhou Ying had requested for all her classmates to be present. Gu Yang, Shen Mingxiu, and the rest had all come.

They were standing behind the boys and playing around. When Ye Tian came over, Shen Mingxiu raised his chin when he saw her. “Look, Brother Yang’s deskmate is here.”

“F*ck, she’s really beautiful today. I’m definitely a fairy.”

Gu Yang looked up lazily at Ye Tian, who was at the front. Her back was facing the team and she could only see her slender back. Her waist-length hair was slightly curled and her white dress was flowing and refreshing. Her exposed arms and legs were slender and fair. With her waist retracted, she looked small. “F*ck.”

“Brother Yang, what are you scolding me for?”

Gu Yang looked up slightly, her slender fingers pinching her nose. “It’s very ugly. Don’t mention it again.”

Shen Mingxiu and the rest were speechless.

Mu Sisi was almost late. She had run all the way and when she passed by Gu Yang, she heard Shen Mingxiu and Gu Yang’s conversation. She stood in front of Duoduo and said to her, “Hey, Gu Yang just said that Ye Tian is ugly. There’s no doubt that he hates Ye Tian. He didn’t vote when you and Ye Tian chose the leader last time.”

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