Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering

Chapter 2351

Chapter 2351: Famous Person

During the entrance ceremony, Class One caused a commotion.

Especially the leader, Ye Tian. Many boys were secretly asking about her.

Knowing that she did not have a boyfriend, those who liked her type started to get restless.

After the opening ceremony, the various competitions began.

Ye Tian only had a running event an hour later. She went to the dormitory to change and sat on the steps to write drafts for her classmates who were participating in the project.

A figure walked over and sat beside her.

“Little Princess, you were in the limelight this morning. Several boys in our class are asking for your contact!”

Ye Tian glanced at Lin Qian. “You’re not allowed to give it to me.”

“Of course I won’t. If I give it to your second brother, won’t he find trouble with me?” Seeming to have thought of something, Lin Qian complained unhappily, “The boys in our class are too weak. F*ck, do you know how many events I participated in alone?”

Ye Tian asked, “How much?”

“100, 800, 3000!” Lin Qian was furious. “Are you treating me like a horse? Are you trying to kill

Ye Tian was speechless.

“Little Princess, do you think I’m so pitiful?” Lin Qian’s eyes lit up when he saw Ye Tian writing a draft. “If you write a draft for me, I’ll definitely be full of energy and come in first.”

“No.” Ye Tian rejected without thinking.

“Why not?” Lin Qian had a sad expression. “We grew up together after all and have been friends for many years. Are we going to fail just like that?”

Ye Tian laughed at Lin Qian’s teasing. “If you get first place, what about our class manager?” “Well, then I’ll get first place at 3000 meters. The other projects will give way to your class.”

Ye Tian said, “The boy from our class is Gu Yang.”

Lin Qian rolled his eyes. “F*ck, why is it him? Didn’t I hear that he never participates in sports events?”

Not far away.

Gu Yang, Shen Mingxiu and the rest stood and spoke. Shen Mingxiu winked at Gu Yang, gesturing for her to look at Ye Tian and Lin Qian.

“Is that Lin Qian your deskmate? Aren’t they sitting too close to each other?” When Ye Tian was the leader and let their class appear, they had received a lot of cheers and Shen Mingxiu felt proud.

How could the darling of her class hope to be stolen by a boy from another class?

Gu Yang had her hands in her pockets, still looking lazy. However, she frowned slightly, an indescribable frustration in her eyes. “What project did that fellow participate in?” Qi Yuan went to ask around.

After a while, Qi Yuan found out that Lin Qian had participated in several projects.

At this moment, the Sports Administration was panicking. A boy who was participating in the 100 and 800 meters suddenly had stomach discomfort and might not be able to participate in the competition.

The Sports Administration was reporting to Zhou Ying.

Qi Yuan ran over. “Brother Yang said that he can do it.”

Zhou Ying was slightly comforted. She did not expect Gu Yang to have a sense of collective honor at such a critical moment.

Zhou Ying explained the situation to the physical education teacher in charge of this sports meet and changed Gu Yang’s name.

Lin Qian originally thought that if Gu Yang only participated in the 3000 meters, he would at least be first in the 100 meters and 800 meters.

In the end, he met Gu Yang 100 meters away.

Gu Yang was wearing a black sportswear. When she stood on the competition stage, she was cool and arrogant. The girls around her screamed loudly and shouted his name, their aura suppressing others.

A gunshot sounded and Gu Yang took the lead, taking first place.

It was the same for the 800 meters. He was like an unruly wild horse, rushing to the front.

Lin Qian had originally asked Ye Tian to write a refueling draft when he was 800 meters away, but he only cared about chasing after Gu Yang. He did not hear a word of the refueling draft.

He did his best to catch up, but was still crushed and became the second.

Lin Qian cursed in his heart.

However, he was not discouraged. There were still three thousand meters tomorrow. He did not believe that Gu Yang’s endurance in running was still so good!

The second day of the sports meet.

Most of the girls did not participate in the competition and wore their beautiful clothes.

Ye Tian still had to run three kilometers for the girls. She was wearing a pair of red exercise pants and a white t-shirt, her long hair tied into a bun. Standing among the group of gorgeously dressed girls, her skin was so fair it was glowing, looking youthful and dazzling.

The first was the boy.

Gu Yang was still wearing a black sportswear, but it was different from the style she had worn yesterday. Under her fringe, her face looked like it had been carefully drawn by an artist. If one ignored his arrogant expression, he was definitely a beautiful teenager that everyone loved.

The competition started.

The field was extremely lively. Most people were cheering Gu Yang on. Even the Year Two and Year Three students were cheering Gu Yang on loudly.

The girls in Class One were also on steroids.

Ye Tian and An Rui stood by the side. They did not know if they were affected by the atmosphere, but they were hot-blooded and excited.

Although Gu Yang usually caused trouble, his sports and stamina were really good.

When she started running, she was like a gust of wind, leaving the people behind in the dust.

The wind blew the hair on his forehead and his face looked even more cold and handsome. He was running with his head down and would only look up at the girl when he passed by the first class.

The girls in Class One shouted even louder.

“Gu Yang only looks at the girls in her class. The girls in her class are too happy!’

“Although Gu Yang’s reputation is not good, I want to woo this junior. What should I do?”

It was the boy’s last lap.

Many girls from Class One had mineral water and drinks in their hands as they walked toward the finishing line.

Seeing this, An Rui also took two bottles of water and stuffed one into Ye Tian’s hands.

“Gu Yang will definitely be first. She’s your deskmate after all. Let’s go deliver water too!”

Ye Tian said, “We’re not the only ones bringing him water.”

“Whether it’s good or bad, we’re just doing it.”

Ye Tian was pulled to the finish line by An Rui.

Gu Yang was the first to reach the finish line. He was sweating a lot and pulled up his t-shirt to wipe the sweat on his forehead. His slender waist was slightly exposed, making the girl who brought him water scream.

Gu Yang looked at the group of girls surrounding him and frowned impatiently. She was about to flare up when she saw Ye Tian standing outside of the circle of people from the corner of her eye.

Seeing the bottle of mineral water in her hand, he pushed aside the girls surrounding him and walked toward Ye Tian.

But a figure beat him to it.

Lin Qian had rushed to the finish line.

Panting, he walked to Ye Tian’s side and took the water from her hand, drinking a few mouthfuls.

“F*ck, if Gu Yang from your class participates next year, I won’t participate even if I die.” He hated the word ‘two’ now.

Ye Tian saw that Lin Qian was sweating and the corners of his eyes were red. She took out a packet of tissues and handed it to him. “Wipe your sweat!”

“The little princess is so good to me.” Lin Qian took the tissue and someone bumped into his shoulder.

The tissue and mineral water in her hand fell to the ground..

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