Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering

Chapter 24 - Kiss

Chapter 24: Kiss

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When Nan Zhi heard Lan Yanzhi’s voice, her head whipped around to face the door and she realized that she was facing the man’s crotch.

Her fair and beautiful face flushed immediately.

Her skin was much whiter compared to other women, and tender like an egg with its shell peeled off. With her face red, it was like a ripe fruit, a thin layer of pink and overflowing with a womanly fragrance from the inside out. It called to him like the tantalising appeal of a forbidden fruit.

Mu Sihan narrowed his eyes slightly. While Nan Zhi was still trying to figure out how to untie his belt, he grabbed her arm and lifted her up, pulling her to her feet.

Before Nan Zhi could react, she was thrown to the french window.

The man’s tall and cold body pressed itself over her.

She subconsciously lifted her head, the man’s face was handsome and indifferent face, enlarged in front of her eyes, she opened her mouth wanting to say something but a pair of thin and powerful, yet soft lips fell on her lips with a force that made her shudder.

Her slender waist was held tightly by the man’s strong grip, so she was trapped between the french window and the man’s chest.

The lips pressed down on hers did not stop but crushed her lips with a strength that was strong and wild.

It happened so quickly that Nan Zhi stilled in bewilderment, without any reaction, until the man hardened his grip on her waist. She opened her mouth from the pain and the man took the opportunity, reaching in with his burning hot tongue.

Her tongue was entangled by him and she had nowhere to escape.

Her hair stood on end and her heart was flustered. She couldn’t care about anything else and kicked and hit him, trying to push him off with all she could.

But he was like a huge mountain. No matter how she thrashed, he wouldn’t move. On the contrary, her slender wrists were pinned and brought above her head. Their bodies were closer, moulded together in a writhing fit of undesirable passion that she wanted no part of.

He gnawed at her lips like a crazed wolf and kissed desperately with a wildness she couldn’t fathom.

Nan Zhi glowered at him hatefully as she struggled, feeling sick to death.

Although she had been in… intimate relations with a man four years ago and kissed him, it was under the influence of that drug.

She had never kissed a man like that while she was clear-headed.

What was more unacceptable was that he put his tongue in!

It was disgusting!

Her tongue had become numb and there was the copper-metallic taste of blood spreading through both of their mouths.

The fury that had been suppressed by Nan Zhi tonight could no longer be controlled and lashed out like a wild, raging beast.

The moment he let go of her, she raised her hand and slapped his handsome face.


A crisp and sharp sound.

It made her palm numb in a tingling, prickling pain, not to mention the person she slapped.

“Jerk! Shameless!”

Nan Zhi used the back of her hand to rub furiously at the lips that were kissed swollen by him, feeling infuriated. How dare he!

Mu Sihan stood motionless, five red fingers appearing on his fair face in the shape of an inflamed palm, but he did not seem to feel pain, nor frown.

The eyes that were looking at Nan Zhi were getting darker and colder.

“Woman, do you know what the consequences are for this slap?” He spoke in a low voice that was slow and eerily calm, it was not like that of an annoyed person, but the deadly chill in his tone revealed that he was infuriated.

Nan Zhi wanted to reason with him but her neck was in sudden pain and she gasped in shock. The man reached out a hand and gripped her neck in a strong vice. She couldn’t breathe and struggled violently. She couldn’t reach anything that could help.

She used the moves she had learnt in Taekwondo but in front of this strong man, she could not shake him at all. She felt pathetic and useless, and rage poured out but she was unable to do a thing.

His fingers were like steel and tightened slowly. For a moment, Nan Zhi was unable to take in air. She was terrified and her eyes bulged out as she clawed out, trying to escape. The eyes that were looking at her over the top of her head were extremely ruthless. His gaze was chilling, predatory and transfixed only on her.

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