Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering

Chapter 23 - Visualizing in My Head

Chapter 23: Visualizing in My Head

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The hands that hung by Nan Zhi’s side clenched tightly as she resisted the urge to punch the man in the face. Hard. She gritted her teeth and asked straightforwardly, “What if I don’t take it off?”

The man squinted his dark eyes, his long fingers pinched her jaw and pushed it up, forcing her to meet his eyes. The corners of his lips curved into a menacing sneer. “I have several Tibetan mastiffs in my manor and they didn’t have their dinner…”

He did not finish his sentence but Nan Zhi understood his meaning. If she did not obey, he would throw her out to feed his Tibetan mastiffs.

“Are you unable to find a woman? You won’t even let off a woman who is on her period?”

Mu Sihan looked at the fury showing in her beautiful eyes. He paused for a moment, let go of the hand holding her jaw and lifted his eyebrows slightly. “You think I want to do you?”

He looked at her with his dark and cold eyes, a shadow of a smile on his thin lips.


Nan Zhi shivered and then realized, maybe he didn’t want to do that with her.

Or, he wanted her to use her hands?

In the third year of senior high, she and Yanran had watched a video tape and some of the images shot were of women…

Seeing the surprise and disgust in Nan Zhi’s eyes, Mu Sihan seemed to have guessed her thoughts. He glowered at her and sneered in disgust, “Are you a pig? I wanted you to take off my pants because it got stained by your dirty thing, and I don’t want to touch it.”

Nan Zhi’s eyes widened and she looked down quickly.

Her snow-white ears turned a flaming red.

So it was her who had thought too much!

Though that was originally what she was saying anyway, being such a respected young master, there was no possibility that he would have a shortage of women.

“Woman, quick!” God knew how uncomfortable he was with that thing on his pants.

Nan Zhi did not think too much at this moment. Although she was unwilling to take off his pants, it was fortunate that he had no other thoughts about her.

The two of them were close and the strong, manly scent emanating from his body enveloped her completely.

If it was any other woman who had the chance to approach him, they would have blushed, but this woman in front of him did not have any reaction at all.

Her expression was businesslike and alert.

Nan Zhi had never helped any man untie his belt, let alone an intimidating man like this one in front of her, with such a strong aura and a look that could kill her with one glance.

She seemed calm on the surface but her insides were fluttering as was inexplicably nervous. Her heart thundered against her chest but she pushed down the anxiety and tried to steady her quaking hands.

Her fingertip accidentally brushed against his well-defined abdominal muscles through his shirt. It was hard and firm, with the power to leave people in awe.

Mu Sihan looked down and could only see the top of the woman’s head. When he felt the touch of her fingers upon his abdominal muscles, all he could feel was softness. Her delicate and white hands were incredibly soft.

His sexy Adam’s apple bobbed prominently.

Nan Zhi wanted to quickly take of his pants and leave, but the more urgent she was, the more she couldn’t untie the belt around his waist.

How strange.

It was very smooth when wearing a belt on your own, but with a change of direction, and from a different angle, it was surprisingly challenging.

Nan Zhi knelt down to try to adjust it from a different position and looked up.

After Mu Sihan left the room, Lan Yanzhi was worried that his mood would be affected so he drove to Mu Sihan’s residence.

He heard from Butler Yi that he was in the bedroom, so without waiting for Butler Yi to finish speaking, he hurried upstairs.

“Fourth Brother, are you okay…” Lan Yanzhi pushed open the bedroom door but found a long-haired woman kneeling in front of Fourth Brother, both of her small hands on the waist of the man’s pants. From Lan Yanzhi’s angle he couldn’t see what she was doing but with that kind of ambiguous image, his thoughts jumped straight to one conclusion…

When Mu Sihan’s sharp eyes looked over from the disruption, Lan Yanzhi quickly said, “Haha… Both of you continue! Go on!” Then, he shut the door immediately.

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