Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering

Chapter 28 - Mischievous Little Fellow

Chapter 28: Mischievous Little Fellow

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Mu Sihan was not interested in women’s hands. In the past two years, he heard from time to time Ji Chuan talking about the goddess who had beautiful hands and could cook delicious food.

Six months ago, Grandma had no appetite and could not eat the food he had asked the chef to prepare. Ji Chuan had helped him sent a private message to this blogger.

The blogger responded with several dietary recipes and tips. Grandma’s appetite improved a lot after the chef followed the recipes she had provided.

From then on, whenever this blogger posted a video, Mu Sihan would ask the chef to make it and send it to his Grandma.

When Mu Sihan saw the latest news of the blogger, he squinted his deep, dark eyes.

Sweet Gourmet House blogger had returned!

The next day.

Nan Zhi woke up just as the sun was rising. She applied some powder to cover the bruises on her slender neck and worried that her mischievous Xiaojie would see through it, he was really too smart for his own good. She tied a silk scarf around her neck as well.

Coming out from the bathroom, the little imp was already sitting up and rubbing his eyes, and his dazed look was adorable. “Pretty Zhizhi, did you come back late last night? Other than the two godmas, you didn’t go on a date with any wild men, right?”

Nan Zhi touched the little fellow’s head. “What are you thinking, you are mommy’s only little man.”

Xiaojie raised his head and looked at Nan Zhi. He realized she was wearing a silk scarf today and asked in a doubtful voice, “Pretty Zhizhi didn’t like wearing silk scarves before!”

Nan Zhi smiled gently, “Don’t you think the silk scarf paired with Mommy’s clothes today is extremely beautiful?”

The little fellow mumbled, “Brother Jie’s Pretty Zhizhi is a natural beauty, but because she’s so beautiful, Brother Jie will often have a sense of crisis.”

When Mrs. Zhou, the nurse who looked after Xiaojie and had gone out to take hot water, heard the little fellow’s words, she could not help but chuckle, ruffling his hair, “Young Master Xiaojie, my granddaughter is very pretty. Would you like me to introduce her to you as a girlfriend?”

The little fellow blinked his big black eyes and said childishly, “Grandma Zhou, Brother Jie is only in love with Pretty Zhizhi! I don’t have room in my heart for anyone else!”

Nan Zhi stood by the hospital bed with an indulgent smile. “Auntie Zhou, look after Xiaojie. I’ll go make some breakfast for you two in the hospital’s canteen.”

When Nan Zhi had the time, the food eaten by the three of them were cooked by her personally. When Auntie Zhou heard that Nan Zhi was going to make breakfast, she could not help but lick her lips, swallowing her saliva down. “Miss Nan, you really are beautiful inside and out. I cannot believe you are also so good at cooking.”

Xiaojie had on a proud expression and held up his little chin smugly. “Of course, our Pretty Zhi Zhi is good at everything.”

Listening to her son’s immodest praise, Nan Zhi wanted to say something but suddenly heard him ask, “But Pretty Zhizhi, what happened to the corner of your mouth? Did you get bitten by something?”

This little fellow’s power of observation was too sharp.

Nan Zhi raised her delicate fingers and caressed the corner of her lips. She shivered when she remembered how she was pressed against the French windows and kissed forcefully by that pervert.

Rubbing her arms, Nan Zhi did not respond and found a reason to get away by going to the canteen kitchen to prepare their meals.

After breakfast, Nan Zhi planned to record a new food video at Yanran’s home. She did not expect to meet Nan Yao at the hospital lobby.

Nan Yao entered the hospital adorned in sunglasses, followed by two bodyguards and a domestic helper, full of the air of a rich young lady.

Nan Zhi sized up Nan Yao calmly and found that her clothing and makeup were somewhat similar to her style from four years ago, which made her laugh inwardly.

Nan Yao’s features had always been delicate and gentle and her current style seemed out of place on her, as though she was dressing up like a queen without being able to pull it off.

Nan Zhi’s features could be pure and charming, with makeup applied she would look radiant and stunning. She had flawless features that were beautiful beyond comparison. Even without deliberately dressing up, the elegance emanating from her would be able to crush Nan Yao.

During these four years, both Nan Zhi and Nan Yao had undergone contrasting changes.

Nan Yao, once soft and weak, became pompous.

Nan Zhi, once proud and ostentatious, became gentle.

The differences were astounding.

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