Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering

Chapter 29 - Full of Jealousy

Chapter 29: Full of Jealousy

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Nan Yao did not think that she would bump into Nan Zhi even at the hospital.

Nan Zhi did not have any makeup on. Her long hair had been pulled into a loose bun, revealing her bare forehead and natural beauty. Her facial features looked simple and pretty, while her skin was smooth and radiant. She was wearing a sweater with white leggings that made her look tall and slender, while she carried a large bag on her shoulders.

Although there were many people in the hospital and she was wearing normal clothes as well, she was a sight that could not be easily ignored. Passersby found themselves drawn to her as she stood there, seemingly unaware of the focus that had fallen on her.

Her eyes were bright and captivating, her skin was fair and flawless with not a single blemish marring her creamy complexion. Her skin had a moist suppleness that made her glow, especially when she did not have any makeup plastered across her face. Merely looking at her made people envious. Who was this beautiful woman?

In the four years that Nan Zhi had not been around, Nan Yao had lived a luxurious life. She had spared no expense, pampering herself with luxurious skincare products and facial treatments, though upon comparison, she could see that her skin was still not as supple as Nan Zhi’s.

Nan Yao seethed inside when she noticed all the attention on Nan Zhi. It was always the same, Nan Zhi had stolen all of her spotlight the moment she had returned.

“Zhizhi, you’re really back! Were you the one who went to the broadcasting station for an interview yesterday? I thought I might have caught a glimpse of you but I couldn’t be sure. You didn’t tell us you were returning at all!” Nan Yao walked towards Nan Zhi and acted like she was very happy to see her.

The broadcasting company was the first broadcasting company that Nan Zhi’s maternal grandfather had founded, and was Ning City’s largest commercial broadcasting company. Her maternal grandfather had put in a lot of effort into the company in the early years, and the broadcasting company had once scored the highest viewer ratings amongst all the broadcasting companies in the country.

This broadcasting company was the only inheritance that remained standing after the family had fallen from its grace.

Apart from wanting to become an anchorwoman, Nan Zhi wanted to take back this broadcasting company from Nan Weiye. It was her grandfather’s blood and soul.

Of course, she knew that this was going to be a long journey. However, she was already prepared for all the difficulties and obstructions she would have to face.

Nan Zhi lifted her chin, acting as arrogant as she was in her former days, “Do I have to inform you if I’m going for an interview in my family’s broadcasting company? Nan Yao, you’re probably afraid that you won’t have the chance to become an anchorwoman if I passed the interview, aren’t you?”

Nan Yao smirked coldly. She did not expect Nan Zhi to be the same as ever, even after four years. She was still merely a pretty face with a good figure and no brains.

Judging from Nan Yao’s expression, Nan Zhi had guessed that Nan Yao thought she was as simple-minded as she was before. She would continue to wear a mask in front of these pretentious people.

“Why would I? Haven’t I already defeated you four years ago, Zhizhi? Oh right, I should let you know I might be pregnant.” Nan Yao caressed her still-flat lower abdomen, “I really wasn’t planning to be pregnant so quickly, but Brother Shaoxiu didn’t want to wear a condom every time we made love. He doesn’t like to have something between us. You don’t know how powerful his stamina is…”

As she said all this unabashedly, a hint of shyness appeared on Nan Yao’s face. She smiled as if bashful as her slender fingers covered her mouth. “Oh! But of course you wouldn’t know. After all, Brother Shaoxiu always felt you were too dirty after you’d lost your virginity four years ago to some random stranger. He didn’t want anything to do with you since you’d been tainted.”

Nan Zhi lowered her head when she saw a tall figure walking towards them from the corner of her eyes. She lifted her hand to wipe at the corner of her eyes. “Nan Yao, since you’re together with Shaoxiu now, please stop coming to brag in front of me. I wish that you two will be together for a long time and to be blessed with children early…”

As Bo Shaoxiu started towards them, Nan Zhi ran away with her head down and her hand over her mouth with a devastated expression.

Bo Shaoxiu wanted to stop Nan Zhi, but Nan Yao had run into his arms before he could reach for her.

“Brother Shaoxiu, Nan Zhi just said that she wanted to snatch you away from me!” Bo Shaoxiu pulled Nan Yao away from his chest and furrowed his eyebrows at the sight of her heavily made up face. “What I saw was Zhizhi running away sadly after being bullied by you.”

Nan Yao widened her eyes in disbelief. “She must have acted that way because she saw you coming. Shaoxiu Ge, Nan Zhi already lied to you four years ago by acting like a completely innocent girl, even though she was so promiscuous. Don’t you remember the pain she put you through?”

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