Ba Ai Mou Qing

Chapter 1

First Round

Hidden for two years, but on such occasions as a reunion, Ji Qing found herself still nervous, her hands trembled involuntarily, in order to suppress this trembling, she could only hold her fists tightly, almost summoning the courage with her life the courage to face Feng Jin Cheng, her husband , no, that said her ex-husband now !

After all, two years ago , she had signed the divorce agreement with him , she spent nearly a decade having a crush on the man, but to maintain a year of marriage , they sparse difficult to continue, and she should have known that he does not belong to her , never , but unfortunately, she understood too late .

One year of marriage while away all her expectations, she was really silly, so how can she face him, in addition to the tension as well as fear, afraid of what exactly? She did not quite understand, in addition to fear, Ji Qing felt deep down there is the slightest wisps of thoughts continuously without a break, she was thinking about him, and never stopped to do so.

Feng has always been elegant , graceful , as if the British medieval aristocracy , the kind of extravagance calmly from the bones revealed to some alienation, Ji Qing crushed on him ten years , and when she was his wife for a year later , still feels that he’s peculiar or an outsider .

He looked beautiful, if beautiful can describe a man, if not, she cannot think of any other adjective, in fact , at the time in the decade-long crush , Ji Qing felt inferiority in front of him, she always felt too ordinary, mundane almost cold, extraordinary as if his valet .

Although beautiful, but not giving a feminine feel, very manly, very overbearing , confident, his elegance, like an overbearing wolves , especially in bed …… he does not love her, that is not love , Ji Qing can clearly feel , he’s kind of sheer frustration on her, without a shred of love.

Sometimes, Ji Qing felt like a prostitute , very cheap , sent home and lose the kind of dignity, she was very clear that he had been married to her, simply because the family pressure , as well , she is a bit useless for him , it is the harsh reality from a fantasy love her mind very far , very far.

Zi Qin said she had a naive silly side , and how can she believe this world as well as love, even if there is , they do not belong to earthly men and women, if she had said , her heart also existed any hope at the moment that she completely wake up .

“Xiao Ji, this is Feng , we have the foreign goods, was thanks to Feng successfully helping us , come, come, you respect the Feng with a cup , since there are many opportunities for cooperation Feng Ji Cheng, this our company’s assistant Xiao Ji , later also please take care …… ”

“Ji?” Jin Cheng eyes were cold, but the moment faded away.

An occasion like this finally came, Jin Cheng clenched his teeth, floating his gaze across to Ji Qing, very unhappy seeing this little woman doing not so bad, maybe even better, she seems a little more fuller, compared to the before she was skinny , now she emits more feminine charm.

Really, to marry her , but had also yielded nothing , anyway, that time , it was due to the family arrangements, the endless nagging, multiple wives to be for Feng Jin Cheng to choose from, there’s no difference , Feng Jin Cheng isn’t good at advocating, since she married him , he would not hesitate.

That evening, she, her reaction, until now, Jin Cheng still remembers her in his arms, sentimental… … head aching, sweat beading down, two slender arms tightly hugging him, biting his lips, muffled moans from the squeeze between teeth, tucked in his ears, letting him have the pleasure of an abuse … …

Even so, young thin body, her reactions to him with no skills, he won the meeting, her whole being sunken in his arms, she’s more like a little rabbit, so cute, so lovely … … she is such, in his view, a cute, cute Bunny, then suddenly left a note for divorce and ran away completely.

When he began to be serious, when he began to care about her … … Jin Cheng can’t help but grit his teeth, until now, he did not even figure out the reason, he did not think his account due to the outside influence, in fact, in the latter stage he treated her so well in the outside, he just wanted to hold his little bunny too comfortable carry on with a quiet life.

Unfortunately after a comfortable few days, the small rabbit ran away, two years later, they suddenly meet each other, really made ​​him hate this, Jin Cheng’s eyes flickered, elegant hands lifted the glass: “Miss Ji , your surname really rare, beautiful people , I will toast first ” he drank up his glass of wine, after it was left dry, he took the empty cup and looked at her .

Ji Qing’s face turned pale, this entertaining occasions, Ji Qing rarely participates, she had to accompany her boss , as the secretary was on leave, she was the financial assistant , she was pulled to make a toast with the wine ……

Ji Qing looked at her hand holding the glass , looked straight at Jin Cheng’s glance, suddenly come to understand that this man would not let her go, feeling the depths of his eyes, alienated , revealing little light , ah ! She tried to keep a dignified face, even after the divorce, how can she be put forward, this is simply heinous.

Ji Qing pulled a slight smile, lips moistened, Ji Qing raised her glass, joked: “Things in the past too, after Feng requested a lot of photos of Buddha,” a toast, drank all the wine, very refreshing.

Jin Cheng smile was sluggish, his predatory look fell on Ji Qing , a good long while before her stunned eyes meeting his, sitting on the seat, twisting with the person next to her to speak, Ji Qing was put on the spot .

Ji Qing slightly smile, then put the glass down , whispers sorry , got out into the corridor at the end of the toilet , lying on the toilet , clasp her throat to spit out the wine , even spitting it out , she still clearly felt her back began to itch , scratching a few times, it’s useless , getting itchier.

She opened the faucet with cold water and washed her face, cold water to her face, feeling her head a little dizzy, she picked up the phone to call her boss apologizing, she was not kidding, and he immediately agreed that she can go home first.

Ji Qing strongly endured the itch on her back, she went out, severe allergy symptoms , which makes her a little dizzy , sitting outside the toilet she did not pay attention to Jin Cheng suddenly he grabbed her hand and dragged her out ……

Ji Qing did not succeed in a couple of efforts to break away , he grabbed her tightly, disregarding dragging her forward , only turning back to peer at her, Ji Qing will not dare to resist, even though he dragged her, all the way to out of the hotel .

A hotel , Ji Qing involuntarily shuddered , then remembered she did not bring her coat , winter winds blew across her body , with bone biting cold , Ji Qing pulled back a bit : “I , my coat is inside … … ”

Feng Jin Cheng swept back at her , the impression that she never wore such clothes , thin white shirt , wrapped around her upper body , between a few buttons opened at the collar , tied with a scarf draping down, with the wind drifts on her black skirt, below her feet stepping on a seven centimeter heels, such a height , he stands over her more than half a head, she had changed a lot , compared to the past , now looking more like an independent career woman, not to Feng Jin Cheng’s liking .

Feng Jincheng frowned, took off his cashmere coat and put it on her, wrapping his arm firmly around her, leading her to the parking lot and a half.

Feng Jin Cheng opened the front passenger door, whispered imperatively: “Get in the car!”

Ji Qing stood motionless with her head down biting her lip, this negative resistance, he felt his anger building up, lifted her ​​chin forcefully: “I said get in the car, did you not hear? Ah? ”

Ji Qing bit down on her lip, a good long while passed before she whispered: “We have divorced …… ”

She didn’t finish, cut up by Jin Cheng, throwing her into the car, slammed the car door, firmly going around the car, start, a loud humming sound, the car jumps rushes out, the momentum is too large, Ji Qing didn’t have time to buckle her seat belt, thrown forward, she digs her fingers in the railing above, fortunately she didn’t get hit.

Just struggling revolt , has spent all of Ji Qing’s guts , at this moment she was really afraid of him , not even daring to look at him , she was always timid as a mouse , at this moment in particular , she really did not want to get involved with Feng Jin Cheng.

Just that moment , Feng Jin Cheng almost strangled the woman on impulse, she dared mention the divorce thing with him , two years had gone, the nerves of her , and he had sworn , as long as she lives she should not appear before him, now she just shows up, bringing back their past accounts together.

Feng Jin Cheng’s heart filled up with hate, the veins in his forehead popping out, Ji Qing had no desire to be afraid, outside it’s cold, not feeling at the moment the hot ambient in the car, she felt her itchy back, she was about to scratch, Feng Jin Cheng slapped her hand down hard, and her hands felt little numb: “If you dare to scratch , I’ll chop your paws …… ”

Car hit a diagonal stop Ji Qing found outside the window is the people’s Hospital, still came, just picked up directly by Jincheng, Ah … … Suddenly vacant, Ji Qing could not help but cry, knee-jerk around his neck, Jincheng has held her and went in.

The car stopped diagonally, Ji Qing saw through the window it is the People’s Hospital, she had not recovered from her shock, when Feng Jin Cheng suddenly lifted her up , ah …… suddenly she felt empty, Ji Qing could not help but cry, unconsciously wrapping her arms around his neck , Feng Jin carried her inside.

Ji Qing suddenly felt it was so wrong, tried to resist: “You, you put me down, I will…… “Feng Jin Cheng slightly stopped walking , looked down at her: “You move again , believe it or not I will throw you out . ”

Ji Qing is absolutely sure, Feng Jin Cheng will do it, this man never acts recklessly, and what a moment for her pity …… patient registration, doctor, payments, medication infusion …… sitting room, looking at Ji Qing arm with needles sticking in, she sighed slightly, not far from the next window over there , he is on the phone .

Slightly sideways , half of his face hidden in the shadows, but he was already making a handsome profile, more profound , with the usual stance, looking like a jade, she remembered when she first met him exactly like it was yesterday ……

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