Ba Ai Mou Qing

Chapter 2

Round Two

Ji Qing’s parents separated when she was a child, Ji Qing lived with her mother, and she was just a freshman when her Mom died of pancreatic cancer, aged 16, Ji Qing, returned to the Ji Family to live.

Papa Ji Cheng had married again, Ji Cheng has been doing well for years, when Ji Qing returned to Ji Family, Ji Cheng has served in the Ministry of land and resources, and the small courtyard in her memory had become a single-family house.

Zhang Yan, Ji Qing stepmom is an Opera singer, not well known, Ji Qing does not understand, so she doesn’t know, only when first entering into The Ji Family house, in the living room there is a huge publicity art scene, looks like some fame.

Stepmother, Zhang Yan to her was not good or bad, just being polite, without a sense of belonging and subconsciously feeling that was not her home, her home was with Mom in the little humble apartment, that bond between mother and daughter was warm.

With The Ji Family, Ji Qing is a complete stranger, Dad is always busy, every day endlessly, even for just socializing, afterall Ji Qing was just the ex-wife’s daughter, despite the father’s guilt, but she was just a burden.

Ji Qing felt that she in the eyes of the father is a burden, even though they are blood related, given the choice, her father would never have taken her in.

Then Ji Qing fell into a rebellious phase, encountering such a complicated family environment, starting to be less and less obedient, skipping school, getting into trouble, and when there’s trouble … … and something happens to her, it was never father, nor is the stepmother, but her Father’s Office Secretary that came for her.

The lack of spiritual affection, but more than enough material things, her stepmother was very generous with the monthly allowance, it was almost the amount of a month of living expenses with her late mother, having enough money, they only showered her with it, but she felt that this was a psychological rejection.

Stepmother thought her problem was not severe, but always bringing it up, Ji Qing became hypersensitive, 16 year old girls to change for the better is a bit difficult, but it was overwhelmingly easy to get together, skipping school, smoking, drinking … … The Ji Qing today is very different from before.

She didn’t completely messed up her life, the one who put her back down the right path and was Feng Jin Cheng, he probably doesn’t even know how big was his effect on her.

She was just sitting there being bored, when Jin Cheng with a group of people came in, Ji Qing just like any other girls also liked guys, especially the one more beautiful than the four other men, and charismatic.

Ji Qing noted, Feng, because he had impeccably beautiful features, and also have that kind of elegance in every waking moment, walked to the front with the band playing a piece of music on the saxophone, elegant and shiny, stood in the front of the stage, as one of the brightest stars in the night sky, in the perspective of Ji Qing, she can look up at him.

Suddenly in a second, suddenly landed besides her, taking the glass from her hand, look in her eyes and patted her on the forehead: “little girl go home early, you don’t belong here, come back when you have grown up……”

Feng Jin Cheng never thought about it, one of the few times fascinating a young woman, Ji Qing tasted love for the first time, for the first time when Feng Jin Cheng was near her, her heart was beating like a drum, she acted nervously when she saw him, feeling like she was coming down with a fever, her head finally understood the symptoms, repeatedly reminded she, she liked this men……

If two people were not meant to be, perhaps crush Ji Qing also won’t last long, so, the fate of men and women was a decisive factor, could lead a life of mishaps.

A few days later, Ji Qing saw Feng Jin Cheng at the house, Ji Qing knew then, Jincheng’s father wass her dad’s former boss, Jin Cheng’s mother is a Peking Opera fan, she used to visit mother Zhang Yan’s performance, over the years they were not close, but never broke contact.

Jincheng apparently didn’t recognize her, he is more beautiful in the daytime, the kind of nice that is dazzling, Ji Qing stood at his side cannot help but feel small, Ji Qing interest in Jin Cheng, and also accidentally learned stepmother’s enthusiasm.

She is an enthusiastic person, convincing his Mom about her sister, wanting Jin Cheng to meet her.

Zhang Yan was young, her youngest sister was, Feng’s age, her goal was very clear, is trying to set her sister up.

Zhang Yan’s sister was in an excellent and renowned University studying journalism, tall and beautiful, has a dazzling beauty better than Ji Qing, but Feng has been around beauties too much, Zhang Yan’s sister is beautiful, but not for the eyes of Jin Cheng.

Zhang Yan attempts to line the marriage didn’t succeed, but it virtually stimulated Ji Qing, she suddenly realized the gap between her and Feng Jin Cheng, a huge gap, making her wanting to become excellent woman, then Ji Qing secretly wanted to marry Feng Jin Cheng, just wanted the distance shortened, unrequited love in the mind of girls are always difficult understands………..

She went back to be good child again, a model student, when she graduated from high school, she got admitted to prestigious university.

The sound of a cellphone pulled Ji Qing back from the distant memories, she turned slightly her sore neck, to realise herself being silly watching him for a long, long time, he is still standing at the window, talking on the phone … …

Ji Qing eyes slightly dimed, he was always so busy, when they first got married, half a month they never saw each othe, Ji Qing reached for her phone in the bag, with one hand it was harder, the other arm just hanging down connected to the IV, suddenly a pair of large hands held her bag … …

Ji Qing looked up, Feng Jin Cheng with a frown swept his hand into her bag then handed her the phone. :….”thanks……” Ji Qing said in a low voice, but in open of infusion room it is exceptionally clear, Ji Qing’ s eyes swept phone screen, can’t help but feeling stunned then hesitated……

She hesitated, Feng wonders, his eyes flashed across the screen, but couldn’t see, she has briefly pressed the reject key, Jin Cheng lifted his eyebrow: “who?” Why don’t you answer the phone?” Suddenly, Ji Qing’s phone rang again.

Ji Qing before able to hang up, the cell phone turned into Feng’s hand, he stared at her, press the answer key and said, “Hello, who is this?”

Ji Qing subconsciously grabbed her tight skirt, unblinking looking at him … … “Hey, who is this?” Feng repeatedly asked loudly, then heard a hang and beep of a busy signal.

They were standing very close, the sound on the phone, Ji Qing also can hear everything, almost immediately took over the phone: “mine, my phone, what are you doing?”

She stared daringly back at Feng’s eyes, suddenly slender fingers pinched her chin up, Ji Qing feeling slightly panic when she swept his eyes, blinked rapidly lowered her eyes, her evasive attitude that she always had … … …

Jin Cheng knows everything about Ji Qing’s face, the monk told him that two years of hard living are inseparable, after his wife ran away, as if he was possessed, and in those two years, almost every night and every day, he could envision, his wife smiles, every facial expression, every eye, each a smile … …

So much each time passed by, Jin Cheng found the timid wife living in his memory, so vivid expressions, guilty, afraid to tell him in the eye, when lying, eye lids will flutter, sick, faint whines, it’s killing him … …

Feng saw some faint red across her cheek and landed on her lips, a slight touch of pink, and the taste of it … … Without warning, Jin Cheng swooped in, her eyes soft and lustrous … …

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