Ba Ai Mou Qing

Chapter 12.2

Jin Cheng stared blankly at the little girl, her big eyes were opened wide and slightly wet, looking at him, her small face glowing pink, and her cute little mouth, the sight shot straight into Jin Cheng’s heart.

It was his daughter, his blood, and her eyebrows, eyes, looked like his when he was a child, no, I should say, more beautiful than when he was a child.

Feng Jin Cheng’s childhood was not a walk in the park, precisely because of his beautiful face that would get him into fights with other boys in his school. He hated that they would mistaken him for a girl. But now looking at his daughter, he could see the benefits of being born beautiful. looking at his daughter.

Thinking of this, it kind of eased down his anger. He reached out his hand to caress the little girl’s face, a face that is very familiar to him. She was timid at first, then felt herself getting bolder, when he touched her face again, she began to laugh with glee.

Ji Qing’s eyes darkened, Xue has always been fragile and shy towards strangers. But obviously blood is thicker than water seeing how, these two react to each other in their first meeting.

Zi Qin stared at the man standing in the living room, she does not fully understand their problems, nor is she interested to get herself involved. In her opinion marital problems should be resolved by the two parties, but Ji Qing is like a sister to her. So she chose to stand behind Ji Qing and give her full support on whatever she decides.

Jin Cheng ignored Zi Qin’s eyes that was glued to him, instead he continued to tease the child. Ji Qing said abruptly,” Can we finish our talk, here?” Her tone was harsh and cold, giving a feeling that she does not intend to negotiate.

Ji Qing suddenly realised the situation “Let’s talk outside”.” Jin Cheng touched the little girls head , then started towards the door, he turned back to see Ji Qing rubbing her daughter’s ear and neck, then gave her a hug before handing her over to Zi Qin.

Jin Cheng suddenly felt Strange looking at Ji Qing, in his memory she was a wallflower, now she’s emitting this beautiful glowing aura, that is breathtaking.

They walked out together and went into the car. There was a awkward silence accompanying the drive, Ji Qing’s mind was occupied in how to deal with this situation. Her mind was focused, that she did not put attention to where Jin Cheng was driving, until the car stopped.

Ji Qing sighed with awe as she looked up and saw that the car was parked near a huge lake. It was beautifully clear, despite the cold winter. The evening sunset sparkled on it’s surface and the waves seem to map out distant mountains. It was surreal.

On the lakeside was a golf course, see can see large mounds of green grass, it a sudden cold chill didn’t hit her, she could easily believe that it was spring.

Suddenly Jin Cheng sat softly beside her, she couldn’t help but sigh.

In another situation, she wouldn’t mind sitting here enjoying the scenery while listening to music, but now she was too worried about the matters at hand for that.

Ji Qing turned to look, only to find Jin Cheng squinting his eyes silently, he had a dark and gloomy expression. Ji Qing can feel her heart beat faster,a s she took a deep breath and said, “The surname…..”

She started the ball rolling, but was interrupted by Jin Cheng directly and resolute: “There is nothing to talk about, her surname, she has my blood in her, she’s mine. ”

Ji Qing, “She is my child. ” Jin Cheng eyebrows arched:” I never denied this. “Ji Qing bit her lips, a ring of silence:” Even though from a legal standpoint, if we divorce,children should be with the mother, as a father, you can have visiting rights. ”。

Ji Qing Cheng Jie managed to hold down his anger, he thinks that she isn’t in her right mind trying to argue this piece of law in front of him. Jin Cheng lifted a contempt-filled smile

“Ji Qing you really are naive, go ahead and file for divorce I didn’t say no, and let’s really go to court, do you think, in your situation and condition compared to mine, who is more suited to care for the child, I want to judge from the child’s welfare point of view, anybody would say it’s better for the child to follow the father.”(ES: Not true, a good lawyer can always argue, that he is too busy to care for the child, and he can lose the case and will need to pay his wife a good size alimony for the child)

Ji Qinq’s face turned pale, suddenly feeling a cold chill, This man can always make her tremble in fear.(ES: Facepalm)

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