Ba Ai Mou Qing

Chapter 12.1

Ji Qing never underestimated the ability of Feng Jin Cheng, she knows clearly that as long as he wanted to find her, there would be no where to hide, his perseverance is remarkable..

So when she opened the door to find Jin Cheng there, she didn’t feel flustered nor found it too unexpected. Zi Qin even said, where there is smoke, there is fire, as Jin Cheng has the intentions, it would be almost impossible to hide anything.

Ji Qing actually thought for a day and a night at home, she and Jin Cheng can solve it,divorced couples are not uncommon in society, if she were to tell Jin Cheng even if it was something difficult for her like Xiao Xue … … If she told him her reasons, Jin Cheng is not an unreasonable man.

Thinking of this, Ji Qing gathered her courage and reached for the door,just as she turned the lock, Jincheng vigorously pushed the door open with his hands. Jin Cheng’s dark expression like the angel of death as he strode into the room, looking around he almost yeeled “Where is the child?”

Ji Qing took a deep breath: “Jin Cheng, let’s talk about it… …”

“Talk it over?” He laughed in irony,”Now you want to talk with me? Considering the signs in front of you, aI think further discussion is a waste of time, Ji Qing, you want to divorce me? I can help you! But, the child is my family, I’m going to take her away, and if you have the time tomorrow, we will go to the Bureau to complete the procedure since then”.

Ji Qing face turned white, her body shaking as she drew back a few paces, grabbing the arm of the sofa to sit down, and slowly looked up: “Jin Cheng, what do you want? ”

Her voice choked, in fact, at this time, she was so weak and tired, and trying hard to push back the tears in her eyes,her face was white, almost transparent, she threw back her head and silently prayed. Jin Cheng’s anger did not melt, instead he was all heated up.

It was her usual trick trying to look pitiful, trying to melt his heart so she can get her way with him. Jin Cheng reached out and pinched her chin so hard that she let out a soft shreek.

“What am I saying,? Ji Qing, this word that I should ask you, what do you mean? Presenting this look in front of me is useless. A divorce? Getting married? Is up to you? but I, Feng Jin Cheng will not allow my children to not know me as their father.”

Jin Cheng’s sprout of anger seemed like vengeful flame spray in Ji Qing’s face, making her feel burnt, she must keep reason, she didn’t want to deal with this man’s behavior, no good will come out of that. She and Zi Qin never expected this kind of reaction from him, after all wasn’t it he who said that he didn’t want any children? Xiao Xue, was a part of her being, she would never let Jin Cheng take her away.

She fuzzily recalled that just yesterday evening, there was room for them to compromise. Thinking of this, Ji Qing grabbed his arm, “Jin Cheng, Xiao Xue is still very young, she needs her mother, calm down and let’s talk about this, OK?.”

“Snowman” Jin Cheng, suddenly felt himself as a miserable father, this daughter was a year old, until now he only knows her nickname, and this woman … …

Jin Cheng looked down at her, her small face changes from pale to red, with what happened in the ER the other night, he seemed like a changed man, Ji Qing, the child is her weak point, after have a baby, she thinks that everything can be discussed, all problems can be solved.

Jincheng suddenly felt a wave of jealousy from the heart, jealous of that girl he never met … … Suddenly the door opened from the outside with a Ka, Mu … … Mom, Mu … … Mom… … a soft voice following in, Jin Cheng subconsciously looked back.

Coming in through the door was a woman holding a baby wrapped in down jackets, looking bloated, in particular, that a child in her arms, with a scarf and hat all wrapped up, revealing two big round eyes, a dewy look, Mu … … Mom, Mu … …Mom she called out twice, apparently she saw Jin Cheng’s face, her small mouth opened, with her timid eyes she gave him a curious look before looking across to Ji Qing, her big eyes suddenly shined bright,Mitt … … Mom, Mu … … Mom she cried out, her little arms and gaping, and her small body rushed ahead.

Ji Qing stood up and stretched out her arms, taking of the baby’s scarf hat and down jackets, revealing a beautiful little girl in front of Jincheng.

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