Ba Ai Mou Qing

Chapter 13.2

Ji Qing actually didn’t want to ignore those two people, but she had other concerns, her daughter, she bent down to look closer at her, she was sleeping, but her face showed that she had been crying and her face looked pained, she would cough a few times in her sleep. Ji Qing touched her daughter’s forehead, it was somewhat hot, but there were evident signs that she had gotten better, she gently stroke the little girl’s hair, then Zi Qin suddenly pulled her up and lead her out to the corridor.

At the corridor Zi Qin nervously said,” Ji Qing, you can get angry at me, it’s my fault, if I didn’t take Xue out to the amusement park….”

Ji Qing gently held her shoulder and shook her head, “Xue was born premature, her body is weak, besides the doctor also repeatedly said that going out will be good for her, and can increase her immune system, this seems to be the flu season, it’s difficult for adults to resist, let alone Xiao Xue.” (ES: As a mother of 2 premature born, I can’t agree that premature babies are weak, it all depends on the care the parents give. Sorry Ji Qing, I must look at you with judging eyes in this case)

The guilt on Zi Qing’s face slowly began to disappear, “The doctor said that at the best hospital, there are no beds available, and they can only let her stay in the emergency room. A friend of mine who works as a nurse there said that there is a patient that will be discharged tomorrow, so they can let Xue have that bed.”

Ji Qing nodded, “I think it’s better for you to go there, don’t wait till tomorrow, there will be a risk that someone will take that vacancy. please deal with this, so we will have a better chance at it.”

Hearing this Zi Qin nodded, she promised to call Ji Qing of any updates, then left. Ji Qing turned around and walked back to the infusion room in a daze.

Feng Jin Cheng sat on the small chair by the bed, his tall posture made him look kind of awkward, he sat with his slightly bent, his finger caressing Xiao Xue’s eyebrow slightly. His finger trembling as if fearing that he would use too much strength and cause harm to her. Seeing his shaking fingertips, Ji Qing’s heart inexplicably felt sour, maybe she had been too arbitrary to him, maybe this man didn’t hate kids after all. (ES: Double face palm)

Jin Cheng’s heart was shaken, in his 30 years of life, he never had any hands on experience with babies, yet here lying on this bed was a little girl that was his daughter. She looked so weak, her pale little hand tied to the line, with a needle buried in her thin blood vessel. He felt pained looking at her.

Jin Cheng moved his head closer to take a better look at her, those eyebrows, those eyes, they were an exact copy of his. The more he looked at her, the more beautiful she was to him. He unconsciously reached out and caressed her face.

Feeling a shadow in front of him, without taking his eyes away from her face, he asked shortly: “What? What did the doctor say? ”。

A reasonable question with no intention to provoke Ji Qing, she replied in a low voice, “The doctor said that in the best hospital, there are no more beds left. Zi Qin has a friend that will help to get an empty bed for tomorrow.”

Jin Cheng finally looked up at her and gently touched the child’s forehead then stood up. Using his customary tone of command and said: “Stay here, I need to go out for a while, I’ll be back … …”.

Ji Qing looked on as his tall figure strode out of the infusion room until his shadow disappeared to the corner of the corridor, she suddenly felt overwhelmed, she secretly smiled wryly, she is such a weak and hopeless woman, just for a moment, she also wants to rely on the man … ….

Ji Cheng came back followed by a kind and mature female doctor in her forties who greeted Ji Qing with a smile, she walked over to talk the nurses as Jin Cheng gently picked up the child, then turned to Ji Qing and said,”Don’t just sit there, hurry up!” (ES: What a cold guy)

Ji Qing suddenly snapped out of her daze, she took the infusion bottle and held it up, she followed Jin Cheng at a steady pace, out of the infusion room and into the VIP ward, where Xiao Xue will have the best care from the doctors and the best medicines available to her. Suddenly it hit Ji QIng, maybe what Jin Cheng said was right, Xiao Xue will be better off living with him than with her mother, she can at least get the best medical care….(ES: oh-oh…..what is going through your mind now?)

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