Ba Ai Mou Qing

Chapter 14.1

Infant pneumonia is very common, especially with week children such as Xiao Xue, depending on the season, these infants can easily catch a high fever, cough, which occasionally lead to pneumonia. Ji Qing had wanted to give the child pneumonia vaccine, but the side effects can be too much, she was afraid that Xue’s body couldn’t stand it, the doctor’s did not recommend it, so she finally decided not to go ahead with the idea.

Jin Cheng wasn’t aware of this situation, being a first time father, seeing he daughter lying weak in bed, he felt an overwhelming fatherly love, and hearing that Ji Qing didn’t give her a pulmonary vaccine, it burnt him from the inside, when the doctor left, he sprang up

“You didn’t give the child a vaccine? What kind of mother are you? Don’t you know how difficult it is now that the child is sick?”

Hearing him blaming her, Ji Qing filled up with grievance, she looked around to find a way not to vent her anger, trying hard to hold herself back. She didn’t know how to start explaining the situation to Jin Cheng. And even if she tried, she doubted that Jin Cheng will believe her. The fact is the child is lying there sick. She felt a misty haze building in her eyes, she was losing her self-control.

She bit her lip, ducked her head, turned and sat on the Xue’s bed, giving no explanation and no resolution, just sitting there in silent. Jin Cheng felt a pang of guilt in his heart when he saw the hurt in her eyes..

In fact, he is waiting for her explanation or resolution. Then it hit him. Jin Cheng suddenly realized that his problem may be that he was never able to communicate with Ji Qing. He spoke to her, but she never responded earnestly. He who prided himself to be able to read the minds of women, but he cannot even guess what is going on inside his own wife’s head.

When Ji Qing left him, he never stopped to analyze what she was thinking or feeling that made her suddenly leave. In fact, he always believed that a few months before she left him their relationship was improving.

He realized that he would always snubbed her during their newly wedded period, every time she tried to express herself when she wasn’t satisfied with something. Even so, in the last few months, he felt that they bonded well, both body and soul, he was going through a tender feeling of joy, sort of like a rebirth.

When Jin Cheng was out socializing or even away from home, he was always anxious to hurry home. He kind of had a sense of belonging to his own home. He was being less picky on things, and when she disappeared, he always though on how to reconcile those feelings.

So now he realized that he has to clear things with this woman, but he found it not easy, she was head strong to keep a tight lip, and give him a stubborn glare.

Thinking back, he was a little bit too much. He never tried to understand his wife, not to mention now that they have a weak child between them. As a result the three of them couldn’t find perfect happiness.

This ward only have single rooms, Xiao Xue had fallen asleep, and the two adults present were not speaking to each other. This made the room seem a bit empty, Jin Cheng glanced at Ji Qing and sighed. Then turned around.

There was a sound of the doors closing, a long strain of tear tolled out of Ji Qing’s eye. Jin Cheng came back again about half an hour later, with two insulated lunch box in one hand and then he put it on the bedside table, nothing good: “Eat! If you get sick, no one will take care of you … …”

Ji Qing hesitated and did not look up at him but opened the lunch box, the top one was her favorite thin porridge, it was a fragrant glutinous rice porridge, this man’s attention, was quite surprising.

He sat on the bed side, his hand gently touched Xiao Xue’s forehead, she was cool now, and her fever had gone down. He slipped his hand into a bag that was on the bedside table, and took out a new wash cloth, he walked over to the bathroom, and brought out a cup of warm water. Jin Cheng gently wiped the sweat from his child’s forehead. He then took out his computer put it on the bedside table and began to work.

When he finished with his work, he found that he didn’t know where to put the cup of warm water in his hand, suddenly he felt a warmth radiating from the cup, tickling his internal organs, a nice and comfortable feeling warming his heart.

Jin Cheng lifted his head and looked to the other side, he saw Ji Qing, she was dazzling under the soft light of the wall lamp, and the warm light stained her eye brow, hairline and temple, creating an exceptionally soft contour, her eyelids slightly drooping, casting a perfectly symmetrical facial feature.

Feeling his gaze on her, she lifted her head and looked up at him. His eyes were reddish, then he softly murmured, “I’m sorry….”

Ji Qing looked at him with surprise, what a miracle, the man apologized to her. To be honest, this was a bit of a shock, magical in fact, especially coming from Jin Cheng. With his arrogance and machismo, apologizing to a woman just seemed out of the question.

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