Baby Tyrant

10 Chapter 10: Mabel is sick 3

10 Chapter 10: Mabel is sick 3

Through this incident, I learned a very special and important lesson.

'From now on, I'll only exercise while everyone's sleeping.'

To think the world turned upside down in a colossal commotion over my supposedly cold sweat. After that incident, the emperor tirelessly checked up on my well-being often. Though if he came to visit me often, would it not actually be a regressive move as it'll only stress me out to the point of pain?


But all I could muster were weak sounds that had no words or meaning.

Oscar, this older brother of mine, did not care whether he'd be scolded for seeing me and visited the room as often as he could – didn't matter whether the emperor's presence was here or not.

It was a leisurely afternoon when Oscar visited me as usual. This older brother of mine hanged onto the cradle as he studied me.

"Nanny, how long will it take for Mabel to speak?"

"Hmm… I think it would take at least 2 years. Though that's a bit too fast as well."

"2 years…?! In 2 years?"

Oscar's eyes widened in surprise, though it lasted only a moment as he looked back at me and smiled cheekily while poking my chubby cheek.

"Ah, well, that kind of time will pass on by in the blink of an eye."


'Excuse me, you're only 6 years old, you know? Why are you acting so old?'

I was in disbelief.

The nanny smiled, finding my expression cute. But… two years… and that's if I develop quickly. Though honestly, if only I had teeth then I'd be able to speak properly, but I need not hurry myself and attract unnecessary attention. I only hoped to grow up normally so I could escape the burdensome stares of everyone heavily invested in me.

'In any case, he'll grow bored with me sooner or later and not visit me anymore, so I guess it doesn't matter.'

"Your Highness, please stop touching Her Highness' face."


With the nanny's words, Oscar put his hand away from my cheek that was hot with warmth.

'I wonder when he'll leave?'

I turned my head and looked out the window. Dinner time was far as the sun still hung high up in the sky.

"Mabel, are you bored?"

"Au." (No.)

"Nanny, it seems that Mabel is bored."

'…..I said no.'

But the nanny showed signs of disapproval.

"The problem is that Her Highness doesn't show any interest in toys."

It's not like I had the mind of a baby to begin with. If you whimsically shook those toys in me, I would show no interest in them, though I had to wonder whether to fake my interest to play the part of a normal baby.

Then, Oscar suddenly stood up.

"Let's go out!"

"Nuwaa!" (Don't want to!)

I strongly declined, but of course, my pleas were wrongly misinterpreted.

"What? You want to as well, Mabel? Nanny, Mabel said she wants to go out as well."

'I said no…!'

I sent pleading eyes towards the nanny. I was desperate, really desperate as our eyes met.

'Nanny, you know my feelings, right?'

The nanny gave a warm smile.

"Then let's take a stroll outside."

…..Is there no one in this world who understands me?


Despite my fervent opposition, the grand plan of my first stroll outside proceeded hastily.

"A stroll? Go on then."

After an approval from the father who made no sounds of hesitation, Oscar squealed in delight silently.

"Since the weather is a bit cold, we'll leave when the day becomes warmer."

Every day, the nanny checked the day's temperature before focusing back on her knitting. It looked like she was knitting a hat for me to wear.

A few days passed and on the 54th day, the exact day I was born, would be one of the highlights of my baby life. Nanny, who fed me from the baby bottle, looked outside.

"Let's go out today, shall we?"

The long-awaited day had finally come. I was frozen in place attempting my best act to show my vehement dislike to venture the outside. But of course, like always, everything I did was misinterpreted.

"It looks like Her Highness is looking forward to the stroll very much."

"Of course she would. It would be her first time out."

For once, Lalima and Xavier's conversation were in sync.

'Sigh… fine. Do whatever you want, I guess.'

Since they were going to continue with their plans no matter what I did, I stopped all thoughts of going against their made plans and went with the flow. The nanny pulled out a thick garment, as well as the hat she knit herself.

…..I was dying from hotness even if I stood still.

"Oh my, Her Highness is calm indeed. Xavier, bring the pram from the room next door and Lalima, pack the things we need to go."

"Yes, madam."

The two attendants split off to prepare for my outside stroll. Meanwhile, Oscar heard the news and came running to my room madly. He was breathing heavily.

"I'm here, Mabel…!"

"Oh my, Your Highness, aren't you supposed to be training?"

"I heard that Mabel was going out for a stroll today, so I finished as early as I could."

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