Baby Tyrant

9 Chapter 9: Mabel is Sick? 2

9 Chapter 9: Mabel is Sick? 2

10 minutes before Esteban had plans to see Mabel, he was caught amid a periodical conference meeting. The atmosphere was calm and quiet. The servants, as well as Igurni and Esteban who sat at the top seat all wore a severe expression on their faces.

"More than 10 were injured among the guards instructed with transportation, Your Majesty."

"How were you able to know beforehand, Your Majesty, that the Devil of Deblin was simply a young boy?!"

The topic at hand was the man, no, youth commonly nicknamed the Devil of Deblin.

'The Devil of Deblin.'

The youth had caused him a trouble of headaches and problems to the Ermano Empire as of recent. The Devil of Deblin was famous for his complete black dressing without proper armor or weapons on hand. He'd oftentimes go on a merciless one-sided murder rampage before disappearing completely into the shadows. As the soldiers of the Great Ermano looked on, helplessly watching their allies brutally cut down without any semblance and chance of retaliation, the youth was dubbed the Devil of Deblin. The youth had no other information of his past other than his birth origin, Deblin, and that his gender was male.

The servants yelped in shock.

"To think he was caught!"

Less than a month ago had passed since the soldiers of the Ermano Empire successfully captured the Devil of Deblin alive.

Esteban tried to recall the details of the report of his capture.

'He was in the midst of brutally cutting up the flesh of a soldier before ceasing all actions suddenly. Huh…'

After the Devil of Deblin took off the black robe covering his body whole, the nearby onlookers were shocked to the core that he was simply a small child. None had noticed his small frame due to his extremely sharp and quick movements and moving around from one target to another so fast that no eye could match his movements.

"How close is he?"

"We predict his arrival within a few days. However, if he goes crazy, his arrival will be delayed."


"We believe that he has no semblance of logic and rationality."

"We'll find out once he's here. Make sure to keep security high and a lock on him so he does not escape. See to it that this does not occur."

As the tense conference continued, a servant quietly walked in and shyly sauntered to the emperor and whispered a grave matter to his ear…

"What?! Mable is in pain…?!"

He slammed the conference with a crashing thump and hurriedly stepped foot out of the conference room.


Losing the presence of the king, the vassals looked at one another in a momentary sense of confusion.

Murmur, murmur…

The periodical conference room became noisy suddenly.

"If it's Mable…"

"Is that not the princess born not too long ago?"

"I'm sure the holy capital of Abelardo aimed to take her and raise the princess in the holy city."

A while had passed that they'd forgotten the grave discussion regarding the scuffle that occurred at the border of the Deblin Empire as the vassals began sharing information about their precious princess, Mabel, to each other.

"I heard that her hair has the color of cherry blossoms, like the late queen herself."

"And that she inherited her blue eyes as well."

"I heard that she was a lovely existence."

"So cute that you could just to take a bite of her…"

They all came to the conclusion that the princess was cute. As she was too young to be placed in the public light, many rumors about her circulated en masse.

The topic quickly moved onto a different route.

"But didn't His Majesty said the princess was unwell before leaving?"

"…..What terrible news."


The vassals began worrying about Mabel's health. When the death of their late queen was announced, tension and uneasiness rose throughout the empire, but thanks to Mabel's existence, the higher-ups were able to stop the empire from experiencing a possibly troubling time. This fact made the vassals quite fond of the princess' existence in many ways.

"She's our future's only hope."

…..On that night, many servants from affluent families lined up to Mabel's building palace bearing rare and precious medicine from all over the world.

'Please grow up healthy and well, so that you may be able to one day suppress the emperor's fiery personality!'

The servant's repeated their master's wishes, but unfortunately, their wishes did not reach Mabel who, at this time, slept soundly without a single idea of what was happening outside.

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