Baby Tyrant

13 Chapter 13: Devil of Deblin 1

13 Chapter 13: Devil of Deblin 1

Surprised from my sudden words, Xavier dropped all semblance of composure and the stone he held onto.

"Did… did Her Highness just say kitty?"

As he spoke, Latima, too, looked at me in exaggerated surprise and let out a tattered laugh.

"I also heard it as well… but that couldn't be it."

"Kiddy…! Kiddy!"

'Whatever! Just take me with you! Don't leave me behind! I too want to see the divine cat!"

"I… I think she truly said the word kitty, right…?"

"Right? I heard it as well."

Lalima nodded, agreeing with Xavier's words. It was a sight to see, a historic moment where both of their opinions were the same for once.

'…..H-huh? Wait… this isn't how it should go.'

The situation was growing tense, it looked like, but what was the problem? I only realized too late when the nanny who clutched me tight in her arms parted her lips.

"To think Her Highness would speak her first words two months after her birth…"

Oh… I soon realized my mistake.

'Actually, why did I do that? Am I beginning to think like a baby because I am one or what…?'

This rapid change was unfamiliar to me as well, and I was sure the mind inside this body was an adult… though the only issue that remained was that this body was not fully grown, yet.

'Perhaps the reason I'm acting on impulse is because of my childish body…?'

Though, in truth, I was not sure, only vaguely assuming that it had to do with my growth process.

'In any case…'

The main problem I faced was not that and it's not like I was able to properly formulate a full sentence, but it certainly was a cause for surprise. I had spoken into existence a complete word far too fast for a child my age.

'Hmm… how do I get out of this situation?'

I was left pondering to rectify the situation when Latina suddenly hugged me tightly with an awestruck look splattered across her face.

"That's our princess! She's a genius! To be able to talk this early and all, my goodness…! Your Majesty, you're a rare genius!"

"Ahbubu…!" (I can't breathe!)

"Ahbubu? What did you say this time? Please say it again, Your Highness?"

Lalima's pair of eyes shone with vivid excitement as if attempting to decipher each and every word spoken.

'No, no, that's not what I wanted to do.'

I was caught off guard and I felt extreme bashfulness. Meanwhile, Oscar wore a disappointed expression.

'Why is he so down?'

My question was answered. A short while later, Oscar mumbled weakly to himself.

"To think your first word isn't older brother, but kitty…"


That was his problem? Though it did seem to have affected him quite terribly hard? He kept repeating 'I lost to a cat…' over and over to himself.

'How do I fix this situation? I can't bear being around his gloominess.'

'Though that shouldn't matter one bit. 'Just take me to the bush' is what I wanted to say, but my strength to form a proper sentence would only sound gibberish and foreign.'


The life of a baby is a long, tiring journey. Who said it was easy, that all we did was play, eat, and sleep?

Sighing, I trashed about in the nanny's arms and stretched both arms out towards Oscar.


Since birth, I had never shown nor indicated any signs of wanting to be held by anyone.

'Well, I just wanted to lie down in the first place. Never really wanted to be picked up anyways…'

But seeing my older brother look gloomy over something so trivial, my heart was not at ease.

"Your Highness, please hold the princess in your arms quickly."

The nanny warmly said to Oscar and he, in turn, looked at the nanny with a dazed look and pointed at himself.


"Of course. Now, here you go. Hold her tight."

Oscar walked towards me stiffly like he was the one walking for the first time and stretched his arms out to me. Oscar easily lifted me up, his actions effortless due to his sword training.

"…..It's the first time Mabel hugged me first."

Oscar smiled and mumbled to himself. He was moved from my gesture alone. Though that mattered not. I did not have much time left. I extended my arm outwards and made a grabbing motion towards the bush entrance where Xavier exclaimed to have seen the divine beast.


They were going there anyway, so might as well go together. And, moreover, I was born on the same day the divine beast hatched. It may have something to do with me, and it was no doubt interesting.

"Mabel, do you want to see the divine beast that much?"

Oscar asked gently as he held me in his arms. I had wanted to nod, but that proved far too difficult at the moment, so instead, I parted my lips.


"All right, all right."

He smiled cheekily.

At this point, it was best to go with the flow and pretend I only knew the word kiddy.

'They wouldn't dare to call me a genius or something, right?'

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