Baby Tyrant

14 Chapter 14: Devil of Deblin 2

14 Chapter 14: Devil of Deblin 2

I found the idea of simply playing along with the flow resplendent. Holding me in his arms, Oscar began walking towards the bush.

"Your Highness, please be careful. Whatever happens, do not drop your sister."

"It's fine, nanny. You need not worry. Don't you believe in me?"

"I don't."

The nanny's razor-sharp reply sent Oscar into a sea of abysmal silence. His pained expression meant that he was unable to find the words to retort.

'Well, you did break the emperor's precious tart piece in the past, after all.'

Turning my attention away from Oscar, I turned my head toward the front entrance of the bush. Meanwhile, Lalima, Xavier, and the nanny stood next to Oscar. Their eyes were drawn to the bush entrance, but all they saw was thick wood and heavy vegetation. No signs of life or indication of a cat nor a divine beast existed.

"Xavier. You lied, didn't you?"

Lalima snapped.

Xavier clicked his tongue and waved his hand hurriedly to refute her claim.

"I'm not, I'm not! I swear! I saw it!"

"And I did not! Come over here. I think you need a few smacks in the head!"

They looked ready to have a beat down with Lalima rolling her sleeves up and Xavier kicking back his hind legs.

"Lalima, Xavier, you forgot that you're in the presence of the prince and the princess. Calm down."

The nanny scolded the duo, but they remained ignorant of her words as they chased one another near the river.

'Living young and wild and free... must be nice'

I looked at the river water. Perhaps... Xavier was hallucinating.. no matter how much I stared, I could not find any signs of the divine beast.

"It looks like the servant was fooling around. Let's sit back down, Mabel."

'A shame... I guess it can't be helped.'

I let out a small sigh and leaned comfortably back into Oscar's chest...


A luminescent glow sparkled inside the bush. I blinked and made sure it was not the reflection from the sun.

It was not.


"Kitty? Yeah, yeah. I, too, wanted to see the kitty as well..."

Oscar turned his head toward the direction I stretched my arm to, and slowly he shut his mouth tight. A cat with golden fur walked leisurely in my direction. It was small and had a cute little horn on its forehead. Like me, the cat was born just recently.


Though I had known all along that this world was different, the sudden downpour of realization washed over me as I saw living proof of magic. It was not the golden-colored fur that fascinated me, but the gleam around its body that seemed to tell the world of its extraordinary quality.

"it... really is the divine beast."

The nanny's countenance was one of astonishment and a mix of certain confirmation. Lalima and Xavier stood next to us, the look on their face similar to the nanny like they'd never seen a divine beast.

The divine beast stood at a certain distance, daring not come closer as it surveyed us and quietly studying our movements.

Xavier suddenly parted his lips while admiring the beauty of the divine beast.

"For some reason, it looks like it's going towards the princess..."


The sneeze cut off Xavier's words abruptly.

'Ah, It's leaving!'

The divine beast quickly darted back into the bush, surprised at my sudden sneeze. The nanny, too, was left in tandem surprised and looked back to check my well-being.

"It seems that Her Highness has been out for too long. Shall we go back now?"

The nanny placed my small frame back into the pram and properly tugged me inside the blanket. She placed the emperor's outerwear as well before setting the brim down.

"Lalima, Xavier, you both stay behind and clean up after the mess."

"...Wha? But madam..."

"It is merely punishment for behaving in such a childish manner."

The nanny snapped back, her tone icy-cold. She pushed the pram forwards thereafter.

Oscar walked with me side by side and did not let go of his sight on me.

"Let's go out again next time, Mable."

He seemed closer to me. I could feel it. Perhaps it was due to my earlier action.

'Maybe I should not have done that.'

His eyes swelled with conviction to protect me... it placed a great burden on my back. I do not know what to do. I stared squarely forward and pretended I did not hear his words.

The scenery passing me by was new. It emitted a nice feeling of relief.

'It was pretty fun to see the divine beats.'

Before returning to the palace I resided in, we walked passed by many Buildings.

Oscar gave me a furtive glance before asking the nanny nonchalantly.

"Nanny, Mabel didn't catch a cold, right?"

"She's fine right now, but Im worried that it might be a possibility."

"We were out there for quite a while, so-"

Oscar's words were cut off abruptly. He breathed in sharply and took a step back.

'What's with him?'

He froze in face, his countenance pale and ashen white as if he had seen a ghost.

I wonder why.

I looked toward the direction of his line of sight and there stood a tall woman with regal bearing. She had auburn colored hair and donned on an air of complexity that made it difficult for anyone without guts to approach. She looked like she was out for a walk, but regardless, her clear green eyes remained sharp and silent.

"Oh my. Your Highness, It's Duchess Donovan. We should go greet her."


Oscar grabbed onto the edge of the nanny's hem with shivering hands. From the look of it, this Duchess Donavan was a frightening figure that sent Oscar haywire.

...Wait a minute... Duchess Donavan? I've heard of this name before somewhere...

"....But Your Highness, Duchess Donavan is your mother."

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