Baby Tyrant

Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Gustav trembled and reported to Esteban. Of course, thunderous cried were expected, but Esteban was unexpectedly calm.

‘His Majesty is not a man of character.’

“Well, Your Majesty?”

As he raised his head, the normally chilly Esteban was staring at the proposal in Gustav’s hand.

“Give it.”

“Here it is.”

Let’s bring some ink…..


The proposal was torn in half.


Before Gustav could be surprised, it was torn in half again.

Rip, rip, riiip, rip, rip…..

The proposal soon had to be held in a handful.

In fact, it wasn’t a very surprising sight. The amount of letters Esteban had made into powder couldn’t even be counted.

“It worked out. I just needed something to burn.”

Then, he slammed the powder straight into the stove and set it on fire.

Soon, the firewood, which had been left unattended for the summer, flared up.

Gustav was dazed by the heat.

Esteban looked back at Gustav, smiling so brightly it could blind someone.

“How nice to see, using it as it’s supposed to be used for.”

(T/N: He’s saying the proposal was supposed to be burned.)

“That’s right…….”

He couldn’t be ironic, firewood in the summer.


Rumors spread throughout the Javier family that the head had made a marriage proposal to the royal family.

Not only in political circles but also in social circles, unofficial salons, and even rural areas.

It was natural that the eyes of the other nobles were turned upside down.

‘Such a despicable person Javier is!’

‘How dare he beat me like this?!’

‘I had my eye on Her Majesty the Emperor as my daighter-in-law!’

In fact, anyone who had a son similar in age to Mabel had this dream at least once.

Getting close to our light-pink-haired Emperor!

No one knew just how cute it was, seeing the almost two-years-old Emperor sitting on the throne, who looked as if she had no interest in the world.

Mabel didn’t show her smile easily even when her subordinates tried to entertain her.

‘I want to get close! I want you as my daughter-in-law!’

However, no one acted, as everyone was watching each other. He’ll do the same-.

‘She’s not even two years old yet!’

But Duke Javier broke that unwritten rule.

It was like pouring oil on other aristocrats who were already unhappy with the spirit stone mine.

-It was not known about any other family, but the Javier family was adamantly against it! (#Bold)

So the behind-the-scenes competition among the subjects began, with the sole intention of not losing the Emperor to the Javier family.


Today was no different from any other day.

The nanny who packed the parasol asked me kindly, “We still have a lot of time before the meeting, Your Majesty. Shall we take a walk?”


Actually, I didn’t want to move because I was lazy, but then I’ll grow up late, so I decided to go outside.

It was then, when I was walking around in the garden, holding Xavier’s hand in my left and Lalima’s in my right.


A strange face stood in our way.

Perhaps because he was still a young boy that Lalima and Xavier didn’t block me.

About five years old. He was dressed from head to toe as if he was at a ball.

“Wath’s de madder?” (What’s the matter?)

I asked the little boy, raising my head solemnly. Then the boy looked at me and shook his body.

‘What’s wrong with him?’

The boy’s mouth opened before I could wonder.

“I greet the Emperor, the most beautiful of all in the Empire. I’m the second son of the Oberit family, Joseph.”


“From early this morning, Your Majesty…. so Your Majesty is…..”

As if reading a language book, the little boy, who had been reciting lines, suddenly stammered and scratched the back of his head.

The little boy mumbled ‘Agh, what did mother tell me to say….’


“I’m, I’m sorry!”

As I stared at him, he ran away with a red face.

“Wath’s wid him?” (What’s with him?)

I looked alternately at Lalima and Xavier. They looked down at me as if I was cute.

“Our Emperor is one of a kind beauty, isn’t she? That’s why you’re already so popular! Ahh, who will take our Emperor? I’m so curious!”

“Lalima. Be quiet. Did you know that you’re the loudest and most talkative in this palace?”

“Are you done talking?”

After watching Lalima make a fuss and Xavier grumbling, I let go.

‘You two should be the ones dating.’

They began to squabble with sparks in their eyes, unaware that I had let go of their hands.

I decided to leave them so that they could fight and date more comfortably.

There was no particular danger because there was Lissandro, who was guarding me from somewhere.

It was after a diligent walk that I arrived at the bench where I often rolled around with Kitty.

“Your Majesty!”


Someone called me from behind.

Looking back, another boy, who looked a year or two older than the kid who blocked my way earlier, stood there tensely.

Again, he was dressed fancily from head to toe.

The little boy came a step closer.

“Your light pink hair in the sun is like cosmos petals with dawn dew. May I offer this flower to the Emperor who is like a rose?”

I looked at the flower the little boy held out. It was a withered rose that had been broken a long time ago.

“Ith ogay, Ah dwon nweed anyting lwike a fwower.” (It’s okay, I don’t need anything like a flower.)

“Yes, yes?”

I tilted my head with my arms folded while looking at the flustered boy.

It’s obvious that your parents told you to say that, baby.

‘It’s cute, cute.’

I wanted to pinch his cheeks.

But I was less than two years old, and it’s a bit much for me to pinch a boy about six or seven years old.

By the way, I was flattered.

I didn’t see the old men like that, but they were ambitious men who wanted power. As I was the Emperor, It seemed like they’re trying to plan the future by gaining my favor in advance.

Hm. It’s not that I didn’t understand the minds of politicians, but…..

“W-well then, what do you like?!”


I was troubled by the unexpected question. What I like. What should I say for the rumors to say that I answered well?


A brilliant idea crossed my mind.

“Mwone!” (Money!)


“Sbarky sbarky gwold!” (Sparkly sparkly gold!)


“An jewery!” (And jewelry!)

Money, gold, jewelry.

How nice these words were.

If you have money, you don’t have to worry about deposit or monthly rent, and you don’t have to worry about buying clothes every season.

And what about eating? I can eat as much as I want.

But flowers aren’t edible.

“I dwon lwike fwowers.” (I don’t like flowers.)

I didn’t hate flowers, but I said no on purpose. To intuitively convey the meaning of my words.

‘So, baby. It means if you’re going to bring a bribe, bring something shiny instead of flowers.Understand?’

The thought of money made me feel better.

The boy’s face turned red as he smiled, Then he ran away without saying goodbye.


What’s wrong with kids these days?


“Really, it’s annoying…..’

Upon hearing Lissandro’s report, Esteban’s forehead wrinkled and gritted his teeth.

Esteban admitted it.

Yeah. There’s no one else in the world who’s as lovely and cute as Mabel.

However, proposals did not fall into the category of tolerance.

‘Proposals. They must be crazy.’

A proposal to a baby who was only a year and a half old. He almost crushed Duke Javier.

“No. Proposals aren’t acceptable in first place.”

Even if Mabel is 100 years old, proposals are unacceptable. There was no such thing as ‘Mabel’s Marriage’ in his head.

In any case, the last situation seemed to be roughly passed over by tearing up the proposal, but this time, the other nobles were the problem.

They planned meetings between Mabel and boys ranging from ages 4 and 10, making it seem like a coincidence.

Lissandro, who was watching Esteban in a relaxed posture, smiled.

“Well, I don’t think you need to worry. Your Majesty knows that the little Emperor is cold, don’t you?”

“Yes. She’s cold, my daughter is.”

Lissandro and Esteban were in a similar situation when it comes to Mabel. She tells them to go whenever they approached her.

“Do you know what she said when a young master gave her flowers?”

“What did she say?”

“She said, ‘I don’t like flowers.’”

Lissandro laughed, but only Esteban made a serious face.

“…..She doesn’t like flowers? Mabel doesn’t?”

Esteban was quite shocked.

He thought he knew everything about Mabel, but he didn’t know she didn’t like flowers.

Esteban sprang to his feet and called the chief of staff. As the chief of staff rushed in, Esteban ordered with a stern face.

“Burn the flowers in the garden right now.”


When he looked at Lissandro who was next to Esteban, he thought it was a joke because he had a stupid expression.

“A-are you serious?”


“But it’s difficult to burn all the flowers…..!”

The chief of staff prepared for the risk of being fired and gave the stand-in-Emperor a desperate plea.

“Please reconsider, Your Majesty!”

That’s how they reached a dramatic agreement by cutting off all the flowers in the garden near the Emperor’s palace.


Oscar stopped by Duchess Donovan once every few months, which was today.

But even though it was almost time to leave, Oscar stuck right next to me and tried to leave.


“Huwwy and gwo.” (Hurry and go.)

(T/N: Mabel used the words ‘어서 가,’ which is a more polite and saying that doesn’t really mean that she wants him to leave, just that he should so he’s not late.)

“Mabel. Even if you miss me, you have to endure it. Okay?”

“Wha endwuwe?” (Why endure?)

I won’t exactly miss you, so I didn’t really need to endure it, but Oscar hugged me with a sorrow face.

“I’ll come back as soon as possible…..! So don’t cry, okay?”

“I swaid to hurry an gwo.” (I said to hurry and go.)

After Oscar left like that, I had free time.

‘I should go to the kitty.’

It’s annoying to hear him get upset about me not coming often.

I informed the nanny first because it’s a bit cumbersome to go out with Xavier and Lalima.

“Toway, ah’m gwoing owt awone.” (Today, I’m going out alone.)

“What? Go together with Xavier-.”

“Ah’ll be bwack.” (I’ll be back.)

The nanny looked worried but didn’t stop me. Because I had an invisible guard, Lissandro.

That’s how I went for a walk alone.

‘The weather’s nice.’

It was hot, but it was tolerable to walk in the shade.

I think flowers were in full bloom around here until yesterday, but why was it so empty? I tilted my head in question.

“Dey muth be pwanting new fwowers.” (They must be planting new flowers.)

For a few days, by the way, little boys popped out and recited scripts, but today was quiet.

‘Did they give up?’

I’m afraid to think that way-.

“I greet Her Majesty!”


Thud! I fell on by butt because of the shout from behind.

‘It, it hurts…..’

As I hurriedly raised my head from the twinge of pain, I found a strange boy looking down at me with a flustered face.


Without realizing, a whine came out from me.

I didn’t have the intention to act sick like for an insurance scam.

The boy was surprised that I suddenly fell and touched me to soothe me.

“…..You dare.”


The stand-in-Emperor appeared next to me.

He was also extremely angry.

He immediately lifted me up, holding me in his arms, and glared at the frightened boy.

“You dare to touch my daughter?”

“He dwidn’t.” (He didn’t)”

“-I can’t stand by.”

The upset stand-in-Emperor couldn’t hear my voice.

He immediately called men and expelled the unknown boy from the palace.

And he declared.

“All boys from the ages of five to 15 are forbidden from entering the palace. From any family. If this is broken, I will question you myself.”

No one could disobey the order of the stand-in-Emperor, whose eyes were turned upside down like an angry beast’s.

As I watched the stand-in-Emperor with a blank expression, I felt immediately uncomfortable.

‘Boy’s from ages of 5 to 15?’

My face turned white.

“Othcar…..!” (Oscar…..!)

Even Oscar will be banned from entering the palace!

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