Baby Tyrant

Chapter 26 - Get Away From My Daughter

Chapter 26 - Get Away From My Daughter

26. Get Away From My Daughter

I pulled on the hem of the stand-in-Emperor in a hurry.

Then he looked down at me with a friendly smile, as if he never had a cold expression on his face.

“What’s wrong, Mabel.”


“Oscar? That’s right, I haven’t seen him in a long time.”

I thought you’d understand this, but you didn’t. I shouted, shaking his collar violently.

“Othcar ith owthide!” (Oscar is outside!)

“Yes, he myst be training now.”


I was so frustrated I thought I was going to die. I held my forehead and took a couple of deep breaths.

‘He’s wrong.’

The stand-in-Emperor seemed totally unaware that Oscar had gone out of the Imperial Palace.

Instead, he was busy checking every inch of my body to see if there were any scratches.

‘Of course he’s not really going to ban the prince, but it bothers me that he doesn’t care about his family.’

There was a good chance that a classy soldier would really block Oscar from coming in.

No matter what, I’ll have to say it one more time.

“Othcar. Owthide Imbewial Bawace-.” (Oscar. Outside Imperial Palace.)

And then Gustav appeared.

“Your Majesty.”

“Ah, it’s already time.”

The stand-in Emperor put me on the floor as if our talk was over.

He shook of the dust from my clothes from falling and turned around without delay.

“H-hwey!” (H-hey!)

I called him in a hurry, but his legs were so long that he was quickly disappearing into a dot far away.

“Othcar…” (Oscar…)

Finally, the meeting with Duchess Donovan was over.


Oscar sighed and pulled his shirt button.

Now, he finally felt a little relieved.

“I want to see Mabel.”

When he thought of my little sister with a sullen face, he smiled a little bit.

The Duchess’ employees, who saw the prince who rarely smiled, were startled and hurried to pretend they didn’t see it.

Oscar immediately found the waiting wagon.

“Go to the Imperial Palace.”

“You won’t stop by anywhere?”

“There’s no time.”

As soon as he got on the wagon, the carriage quickly left.

Oscar was lost in thought, leaning his head against the wall. He remembered the meeting with his mother that was disguised as a dinner party.

“It’s been a while.”

“Yes, Mother.”

“How’s the training going?”

“…I’m working hard.”

“Hard work won’t work. You have vowed to give up the throne and become the Emperor’s knight, so you will always have to be perfect.”

“I understand”

It was such an uncomfortable meal, he didn’t know where the food was going.

Oscar had never felt motherhood from his mother, Pacifica Donovan.

From birth until the decision to bring Mabel to the throne was made, Oscar was raised as just a successor.

So his mother was a strict teacher. Since the friendly uncle, Lissandro, was in charge of his education, Oscar has lost his place to breathe.

‘I thought if maybe I weren’t the successor, her attitude would change.’

But Duchess Donovan’s attitude was the same as before.

The only difference was that the training and classes that had been packed all day have been drastically reduced.

“Your Highness, we will be arriving at the Imperial Palace soon.”

A voice wakened Oscar from his imagination.

‘Mabel. You’re not crying, are you?’

Sometimes when Lissandro got close, he burst into tears.

He was nervous that while he was away, Lissandro would approach Mabel.

Having hurriedly tidied up his clothes, Oscar finished getting ready to get off.

Soon the carriage stopped just in front of the gate of the Imperial Palace.

‘…what’s this?’

After waiting for quite a long time, the carriage didn’t start again. It seemed that it was noisy outside.

Oscar eventually got out of the carriage, unable to wait. Then he saw the coachman fighting with the guards.

“What happened?”

“I greet his Royal Highness.”

The guards recognized the prince and hurried to set an example. Oscar gave a brief nod to their greeting.

“Why did you interrupt the carriage?

“It’s not interrupting. We’re following his Majesty’s orders.”

“You’re saying His Majesty has ordered for me not to enter the Imperial Palace?”


Oscar’s mind was filled with questions.

Why would he block his entry? He couldn’t quite figure out why.

Then another guard stepped forward.

“His Mejesty has ordered that all boys from ages 5 to 15 be banned from entering the palace. He said he doesn’t care from which family.”


The situation had been roughly understood. There were rumors that young nobles from all kinds of families entered the palace for several days and played all sorts of tricks on Mabel.

That’s why this happened.

‘But why even me…!’

The guards gazed at Oscar with a blunt face. There was no flexibility in their faces.


Oscar breathed a deep sigh. Rathe than being angry, it was just ridiculous.

After all, if you look at the cause-.

“Is it because our Mabel is too cute?”


The coachman and guards looked at each other and tilted their heads.

Whether they did or not, Oscar didn’t care at all. His mind only strengthened that he should go see Mabel as soon as possible.

Anyway, it was time to resolve the situation. It was not a very difficult problem.

“I understand your orders, so anyone can go in and let His Majesty know I’m back.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

A guard turned toward the gate. Oscar, who was trying to go back to the carriage to avoid people’s eyes, suddenly stopped.


The boy turned his head at the familiar voice that sounded distant.

And there, he saw Mabel.


Mabel, who was on the verge of tears, was walking towards him.

He couldn’t believe Mabel was coming to meet him. For an instant, Oscar pinched his cheek, thinking it was a dream.

‘It’s not a dream?’

In addition, behind Mabel was a smiling Lissandro.

Lissandro and Mabel, that’s an impossible combination.


At Mabel’s cry, Oscar came back to his senses.

“I greet her Majesty the Emperor.”

There were a lot of eyes, so Oscar had to set an example for Mabel.

“…the Emperor?”

There was commotion.

Those who saw the Emperor for the first time opened their eyes wide.

Not only the guards, but also the other aristocrats entering and leaving.

The Emperor, wearing a cute dress with her light pink hair tied in pigtails!

They’ve heard rumors that she’s cute, but…

‘She’s cuter than I thought!’

They thought the rumors were exaggerated, but they were not. It was seriously reduced.

Mabel was walking eagerly in small steps and stood before Oscar.

“Mabel. The Emperor shouldn’t come out of the Imperial Palace like this. It’s dangerous.”

“It’s fine, cwome quicky!” (It’s fine, come quickly!)

“Uh, huh?”

As she tried to pass through the Imperial Gate again with Oscar behind her, Mabel looked up at the guard blocking her way.

“Wat ah you dwoing?” (What are you doing?)

“I’ll report to his Majesty. If you just wait a moment-.”

“Wait? Mwe?” (Wait? Me?)


“Mwove.” (Move.)


“Ah’m de Empewor. My nwame takes pwecedence ober de stand-in-Empewor.” (I’m the Emperor. My name takes precedence over the stand-in-Emperor.)



While looking up pitifully at the guard who did not understand what she said and only repeated ‘pardon?’, she just ignored it and went straight past the gate.

step, step, step.

step, step, step.

And she walked without a care.

Oscar glanced at Lissandro, who followed him, and followed Mbel closely.

“But Mabel. Where did you hear those words?”

“Ung? Wead it in a bwook.” (Huh? Read it in a book.)

“You read a book…?”


Hehe, Mabel laughed.

“Jabie wead it to me.” (Xavier read it to me.)

Of course, he never thought Mabel would be able to read, so Oscar just let it go.

But this was not the only thing Oscar was curious about.



“My Uncle…”

Even before he finished talking, Mabel glared at Lissandro who was following them.

Then, her cheeks went red. Like when Mabel first saw him and made a crying scene.


“Ah’m gwoing awone.” (I’m going alone.)

Mabel walked with an expression of heartache. However, it seemed that only he was the one who didn’t know what it means.

“Hahaha! Hahaha!”

Lissandro was no holding his stomach and laughing. Oscar alternated between the furious Mabel and Lissandro who was ten times more excited than usual.

‘Just what happened?’

One hour before.

Of course, Lissandro was with Esteban in the Imperial Palace where young men were forbidden to enter.

Ever since the stand-in-Emperor left with his aide, he had escorted Mabel as usual.

But after that, words came out of Mabel’s mouth that could hardly be believed.


‘Did I hear wrong?’

But Mabel called him once more.

“Lithandro, cwome owt.” (Lissandro, come out.)

“Did you look for me?”


Her clear blue eyes stared at him.

Lissandro had to struggle not to look excited since he hadn’t seen Mabel up close in months.

Mabel was pondering. She didn’t want to get help from others as much as possible, but she couldn’t get away from the Palace.

There had to be a fixed amount of people to move around with in the name of safety.

“Ah hab a fabor two ask.” (I have a favor to ask.)

“What kind of favor?”

“Awe you gwoing to wisten?” (Are you going to listen?)

Lissandro barely endured the almost crazy nodding of his head and gave only a small nod.

If Her Majesty wanted, he would at least cut the enemy’s neck.

‘I don’t want to be an easy man.’

Lissandro calmly opened his mouth.

“I’ll decide after hearing it.”

“Othcar. Wat if he cwan’t cwome in?” (Oscar. What if he can’t come in?)


“Stwand-in-Empewor thaid tho.” (Stand-in-Emperor said so.)

Ah. Only then did Lissandro understand what Mabel meant.

The kind and sweet little Emperor was worried that her brother will not be able to return to the Imperial Palace under the orders of the stand-in-Emperor.

‘What a beautiful heart she has…’

But that’s that and this was this. Lissandro had a rather serious look on his face.

“I know. His Highness will be in trouble if the guards stop him.”

Mabel saw Oscar as a child who knew nothing yet, but the reality was different.

He was a genius who carried out the harsh succession classes without difficulty.

He was a child who could easily solve this situation.

In Mabel’s eyes, Oscar was still a child, so she believed in Lissandro’s words.

“Let Othcar in.” (Let Oscar in.)

“You mean me?”


“You mean…me, who is powerless?”

Mabel already knew that he was an outstanding knight trusted by the stand-in-Emperor and that he had a powerful backing, Duchess Donovan.

“Othcar ith Lithandwo’s dithiple.” (Oscar is Lissandro’s disciple.)

“Originally, I have strong disciples.”


“If you could grant me a favor, I would actively cooperate with Oscar to let him enter the Imperial Palace. Of course, I’ll help you get to the gate.”

Mabel frowned.

“Wath ith it?” (What is it?)

“Kiss my cheek-.”

“Ugh. Dwon’t wan two.” (Ugh. Don’t want to.)

Mabel was fed up. Then Lissandro gloomed.

“You don’t feel sorry for Oscar? If you don’t help him… Oscar might just wait outside and go back to the duchy.”

“Ith won’t be a bad ting two go bak.” (It won’t be a bad thing to go back.)

If he went back, she can talk to the stand-in-Emperor later-.

“For your information, Oscar has a hard time with my sister, Duchess Donovan.”


It was a well-known fact. As of this morning, Oscar had a hard time leaving.

‘Yeah. Just think that I’m dead and kiss him once.’

Kissing won’t wear out the lips.

As Mabel nodded with a rotten look, Lissandro laughed brightly.

Thinking it’s better to be beaten, Mabel quickly kissed Lissandro’s cheek and then backed away.

The soft touch and fall made Lissandro cover his moth with both hands.

“Your Majesty… kissed me…!”

“Yu thweatened me…” (You threatened me…)

That’s what made Mabel’s cheeks go red.

And the news soon caught Esteban’s ear.

“His Majesty wants me to drag you.”

Lissandro was dragged away with his arms tied by his fellow knights.


Drunk with excitement, Lissandro smiled excitedly, but he did not resist.

Before long, Lissandro was presented before Esteban. Amid the chilly atmosphere, Lissandro was the only who was happy.

“Haha. I greet His Majesty.”


Esteban pulled his sword out.

“You fooled my daughter.”

“Pardon? No way. Not at all. Her Majesty kissed me herself-.”

The cool sword came close to Lissandro’s neck.

“Don’t open your mouth.”


Esteban’s eyes, shining with rage, were clear with intention to pierce Lissandro.

‘I can’t just kill him.’

If he did what he wanted, he would have already killed him. But then his relationship with Duchess Donovan would be at stake.

The sword was deeply lodged into the floor. In the end, Esteban failed to punish Lissandro.

“Get out.”




With an innocent face as if he knew nothing, Lissandro looked back at Esteban.

Esteban smiled coldly at his stupid face.

“Get away from my daughter, you shameless bastard.”

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