Baby Tyrant

Chapter 27 - I Can’t Stay Still Either

Chapter 27. I Can’t Stay Still Either


I dropped my snack because of the new faces that suddenly appeared.

There were two knights.

“Who awe you?”

“We are knights who will be Your Majesty’s escort’s from today. We are looking forward to work with you.”

“Wat abowt Lithandwo?”

“We cannot tell you.”

Then they went to the wall and stood there without any change in their expressions.

I was dumbfounded that I just stared at them with a blank look.

‘That’s the end?’

We cannot tell you. They didn’t even give me their names.

In case they forgot, I approached and looked at the knights one by one.

“Wat’s ur nwames?” (What’s your names?)

“We cannot tell you.”


The Stand-in-emperor was definitely in control.

The reason why Lissandro was assigned to me in the first place was because of the stand-in-Emperor.

‘Well, it doesn’t matter to me…’

I didn’t want to see Lissandro, so it’s a good thing.

Joyful of the fact that there weren’t eyes watching me from somewhere else, I scoured through the baby toys Oscar had given me.


‘It’s burdensome.’

Standing without moving, I became more cautious about breathing in front of the eyes of the knights who were watching my every movement.

When I touched the doll for no reason and looked at the drivers, they flinched and avoided my gaze.

It bothered me that people who I saw for the first time today came into my bedroom and watched me.

“Uncwle knwights.” (Uncle Knights.)

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Untwil wen awe you gwoing to stway?” (Until when are you going to stay?)


The knights stayed silent.

I sighed.

If you answer my questions, you’ll at least feel friendly.


I threw my toys and struggled out of bed.

“Ah’m gwoing owt.” (I’m going out.)

It would be better to go outside than to be in a stuffy room

Fortunately, the nanny gladly allowed me to go out.

“Then would you like to have snacks outside?”

“Ung. Wat awe yu gwoing to gib me?” (Ung. What are you going to give me?)

“How does strawberry tart sound?”


‘How exciting.’

The thought of eating snacks quickly made me feel better.

I think I’m really simple at times like this, but I couldn’t help it.

‘Because snacks were a luxury to me.’

I couldn’t even buy candy worth 200 won (18 cents) because it was a waste of money.

But now that I can eat it every day, I thought that a golden spoon was just as I expected a golden spoon to be.

‘But I’mgoing to get out of here.’

As soon as I was ready to go out, I went out into the garden holding Lalima’s hand, not Xavier, after a long time.

There was a strawberry tart that the nanny had prepared beforehand waiting for me.

I poked a red strawberry sprinkled with syrup and put it in my mouth.

‘Mm, so fresh!’

It was so delicious that when I shook my feet back and forth, Lalima smiled.

“Is it that good?”

“Ung. Ith fresh!”

“You ate the strawberry first! Our Majesty tends to eat the delicious parts first. Just like me!”

‘Cause if you don’t eat the delicious part first, you might lose it.’

I just grinned and put my fork in the tart.

Instead of thinking about something depression, I thought about having my sweet and delicious dessert.

As I was eating the broken tart, I suddenly felt a strong gaze.

I slowly looked up and made eye contact with the knight who was near me.

Hwik! The knight turned his head.


I squinted both of my eyes at the knights.

As expected, they desperately avoided eye contact with me in cold sweat.

Should I play a joke? I had a playful thought-.


‘Why would I bully them. At this age.’

However, I couldn’t deny that the atmosphere was awkward.

The evidence was prevalent. The talkative Lalima was quiet, wasn’t that clear evidence?

‘It was so awkward that I brought Lalima on purpose.’

In a stifling silence, I could only hear my fork crunching into the tart.

I went out for a walk because the knights were burdensome, but the awkwardness followed me.

“Ah wan two stwop eading…” (I want to stop eating.)

I ended up leaving half of the tart untouched.

Lalima freaked out and touched my forehead.

“My, my god. Your Majesty, are you ill?! You don’t have a fever though!”

“I juth dwon’t habe an appetwite.” (I just don’t have an appetite.)

I never thought I’d miss the time when I was with Lissandro.

I liked the time when I shouted at Lissandro, who showed up to disappear.

“Ah’m gwoing to kitty.” (I’m going to kitty.)

When I stretched out my arms, Lalima picked me up and gently placed me on the floor.

As I walked through the garden, the knights followed me closely.

One step. Two step. When I looked back, my eyes were avoided, but when I moved, they followed diligently.

I couldn’t say anything to the knights who were doing their duty unnecessarily diligently, it was very difficult.

Ignoring the knights as much as possible, I was walking fast toward the forest where the kitty would be, and I saw a familiar face from afar.


It was the detestable Duke Javier.

I turned my head around looking for somewhere to hide in a hurry to escape, but the Duke was faster in finding me.

“Hoho. I greet Her Majesty the Emperor.”

The Duke, who had his hands behind him, crept up and bowed politely.

“Nwice to see you, Lword Jabier.” (Nice to see you, Lord Javier.)

“Your Majesty speaks more everyday. Hohoho.”

“Ith not mwuch.” (It’s not much.)

Duke Javier grinned at whatever was so pleasant.

Duke Javier was a man who had such a kind face, but you don’t know what he’s doing behind the scenes.

I didn’t know what to do because it was the first time I ran into him outside the conference room.

I waved goodbye to the Duke in a hurry.

“Dwen, I’ll gwo.” (Then, I’ll go.)

“Hoho. If you walk away like that, this subject will be sad.”


“I have something to tell you.”

I creased my brows.

‘I’m doomed.’

I got caught in a fit of anxiety. I thought it would be better to listen to anything he had to say to finish it quickly.

“Wat ith it?” (What is it?)

“I have something I’d like to say secretly to Your Majesty…”


The knights got closer to me with the Duke’s words.

When they raised their heads, they were holding the Duke in check with a terrifying aura.

Duke Javier stepped back and smiled cheerfully.

“My. His Majesty’s dogs are perfect.”


Perhaps because the opponent in front of him was still a baby, the Duke’s sarcasm was worse than usual. Well, he probably thought I didn’t know anything.

However, no matter how much the stand-in Emperor was attached to me, it was quite unpleasant to hear sarcasm towards my escorts.

After all, it’s the same as disregarding me.

“Where ith the puppy?” (Where is the puppy?)

I asked deliberately, smiling innocently, pretending to know nothing.

“Haha. It’s not that type of puppy. Your Majesty.”

“Lowd said thewe is a puppy.” (Lord said there is a puppy.)

“I did, I did. Ov-er there, there was a puppy, but it must have run away.”

I think you’re trying to gloss this over but I didn’t intend to.

I answered with a snort.

“But puppies cwan’t cwome in hewe.” (But puppies can’t come in here.)


This area was the route I went on the most often, so because of the strict management of the stand-in-Emperor, dogs were not allowed.

‘The Duke obviously knows this too.’

The point wasn’t whether he knew or not.

It was a matter of how much he talked and didn’t hang on.

“Lowd is stupid?” (Lord is stupid?)


I laughed and pushed farther.

“Lowd Jabier, awe your eyes rotten?” (Lord Javier, are your eyes rotten?)


“Your eyes awe rotten…” (Your eyes are rotten…)


The Duke smiled vaguely and scratched the back of his head as if nothing had happened, but I knew. Because I saw his eyes shaking.

I was 100% sure he felt bad!

But you can’t say anything to me, who is still a baby before I am the Emperor, so you have no choice but to bear it.

‘Euhaha, it’s fun.’

But the fun didn’t last very long. The Duke quickly regained his composure.

“Hoho. Your Majesty must be very fond of your escorts.”

“Ung. Lwike.”

I didn’t particularly like or hate them, but I answered roughly without thinking. But again, the knights flinched.

“What I have to tell you is nothing else but about my son.”


“As I thought, you do know him. Yes, it’s about Enrique.”

“Wat ith it?” (What is it?)

Enrique could not be seen due to the sudden ban on male children of a certain age from entering the Imperial Palace.

‘Did something happen to Enrique?’

He was good at fencing and he said he was healthy, but he sometimes didn’t show signs of pain, so I was worried because he was a child who already had a strong heart.

The Duke coughed and spoke.

“I have something to ask… Does Your Majesty like Enrique?”


Enrique was a rarely calm child. I forgot that children that age should be reckless when I watched Oscar.

But Enrique was very gentle and nice.

‘Thankfully he’s not like his dad.’

But Enrique’s father smiled as if I answered that I like the Duke.

“I thought so. Enrique also like Your majesty very much.”


“So in that case… don’t you want to play with Enrique every day?”


“Living in places with Enrique, eating delicious food together, reading books together…”


I frowned openly.

‘That scale isn’t it though?’

At first, I couldn’t tell what this old man’s intention was.


After pondering, I soon came to a conclusion.

‘You’re trying to secure him a spot as a subject in advance!’

If that’s the problem, there was no worry.

“If ith Enrique, den he will be fine. He will bwe a gwood subject becauthe he ith smart an diwigent.” (If it’s Enrique, then he will be fine. He will be a good subject because he is smart and diligent.)

“Pardon? Not that, Enrique-.”

It was then.

“…It’s dangerous.”

The knights guarding me suddenly pulled out their swords and stuck themselves to my sides.

“W-what is it?”

Lalima muttered uneasily and looked around while picking me up in a hurry.

I opened my eyes wide to the sudden situation.

‘It’s quiet for some reason-.’



At then, an arrow that flew from somewhere broke my thoughts. One of the knights struck the arrow down with his sword.

“It’s an attack! Guard the Emperor!”

At the same time, a dozen masked people appeared. In the assassination attack for the first time in my life, I opened my mouth in shock.

‘You said that the Imperial Palace is always blocked! How did you get in?’

But I couldn’t afford to worry about such things.

Because the masked people were scattered and began to launch a fierce attack.

Cling, cling-!

I could hear the clashing of blades. The Duke rushed toward me in a flurry of surprise attacks.

“Y-your Majesty. Are you alright?!”

Instead of answering, I eyes rolled around. I was so surprised that my voice didn’t come out.

A battle of two vs a dozen.

Naturally, the winning flag was held by the masked people.

“Don’t worry, Your Majesty. More men will come sooner or later.”

Duke Javier was surprised and panting, but he tried to soothe me.

The target of the masked people was me.

As soon as I thought of that, my head cooled as if cold water was poured on me.

‘I was reborn, but I’m dying again?’

I clenched my fists as I watched the guards get pushed back more and more.

‘I don’t want to die.’

As such, it was impossible to guarantee whether the guards would be able to hold out until the emergency men come.

‘I can’t just stay still.’

I concentrated my mind.

‘Come, come, come.’

Then I began to mutter eagerly in my mind.

‘Come quickly, come, come!’



Everyone eyes turned toward the sound. The masked men and the knights raised their heads as they clashed swords.

A swarm of bees.


The swarm of bees I called flew in from all sides.

“What is this?!”

Screaming broke out among the masked men. They attacked the intruders without hesitation.


I grinned at the screams coming from all over.

‘More, more!’


So many filled all over the place to the point that it would make your head dizzy.

In an instant, the sky turned dark.

“Why did bees so suddenly…!”

“Cover her Majesty… with clothes!”

The Duke and the knights were also surprised and rushed to protect me. But the safest person here was none other than me.

‘I’ll never be attacked.’

I laughed and called the bees cheerfully. Wasps, honeybees, amber bees, and all kinds of bugs attacked them.

‘Ah, how pretty.’

I wanted to pet the bees one by one if I could.

Nevertheless, the masked men were persistent in trying to get rid of me in the meantime. It was a commendable tenacity.

‘Are the bees only for buying time?’

When a battle with no progress was going on-.


A familiar voice came from afar.

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