Banished to Another World

Chapter 18: Nothing is more tragic than Bedwetting...

On the way back to the tent, Yan Mo's plan was gradually taking shape. As for whether the plan will be a futile after its implementation, he felt that it has nothing to do with him. He is just a boat rider. Even from a fundamental point of view, the plan is definitely more beneficial to Yuan Zhan and others than he can personally get.

Back to the tent, Yuan Zhan put down Yan Mo and saw that there were not many leaves in the house. He also had some questions to ask to Cao Ting, so he went to the next door and he had a lot of big leaves to get.

Yan Mo was a little dizzy on the bed, but he didn't dare to sleep now, only rested.

Yuan Zhan came back and pulled a torch to the ground, he smashing the cirsium leaves and helped Yan Mo to handle the injured leg all together.

During the period, Yan Mo wanted to speak a few times, and he was paralyzed by the ugly and fierce expression of the other party face.

Yan Mo thought that now is not a good time to make a fuss

"Your hands were shaking out."

"Ah?" Yuan Zhan is not clear about what he said.

"Are you injured in your right leg?"

Yuan Zhan looked cold and his reply wasn't better: "This is not your business."

Do you think I want to make it my business? Yan Mo raised his right leg and carefully leveled it, he twisted his left leg, rubbed the cold sweat that came with the pain and slowly said: "I can cure my own legs, I can take a look at your legs, you don't want me to try? Do you want to be dragging by your leg in the future?"

"My legs have grown back to normal and there are no problems with the bones. Qiu Shi Da Ren said that I would feel pain because I was cursed by the enemy."

"Do you believe that? "

Yuan Zhan, wanted to say that he did not believe it, because it was The Priest said it after he delayed the treatment's, but he has really good long legs, after seeing that the problem usually is not big, there will only be unbearable pain after a prolonged use of legs, therefore, he can not publicly complain about The Priest treatment, let alone The Priest bad words.

"I see your right thigh muscle development is similar to the left side. There is no obvious difference between the two legs. This means that your bones are not long, so you will feel pain when using your right leg for a long time or overload. There are several possibilities. In the end, I need to give you a detailed examination to know. Only after I know the exact cause, then it may be possible to treat the disease."

Yuan Zhan did not understand this jargon, but he understood the general meaning.

"You can cure that wound?" Yuan Zhan looked at the young man's face and didn't believe it. He did feel that this kid was a little extraordinary. He even suspected that he was not a Disciple of the Salt Mountain priests, but sneaked out from the Three City's Temple. God Priest's Disciple.

Only in this way can the explanation be clear, why does a boy has a magical skill in the first place, and why he also know some herbs and healing methods that even the old priests don't know

But how big is this kid? A 14-year-old boy, even if he has been taught a special skill with God priest, can he compare with the oldest priest Qiu Shi who lived the longest in the tribe?

"Your healing ability is good, it does not mean that you can cure others. Your cirsium leaves are also ineffective for me. My legs are already healed. Or do you think that your blood, meat and bones will make any injuries disappear. And let my legs be the same as before?"

Yan Mo's mouth twitched, he had no doubt, if he dared to nod at this time, the primitive man on the opposite will definitely pounce on him and cut his meat to eat.

"Not only the big leaves, I know absolutely no less ways of treatment than the old man called Qiu Shi. If you not believe you can ask Da He and the Sister He Tu, Da He Da Ren was almost dying, he was saved by me." Yan Mo felt wronged.

When did he, the world's top medical expert who was once known as the youngest national contested doctor ask for medical treatment? Weren't there others crying and shouting and holding the banknotes and asking him to cure them? If it was not for The Guide scum points ... How could he save a savage primitive man who raped him, slapped him, and asked him to be a slave?

Do you think that I want to cure you?

"Oh?" Yuan Zhan didn't seem to care what Yan Mo said to heart.

Bastard! What does your expression mean? I have said this level, do you dare to doubt my medical skills?

You can suspect that my character origin and that is fine, but you can't doubt my medical skills!

Yuan Zhan had something worrying in his heart. He looked at the boy and actually got up and went to see the Da He couple. As for the boy's rescue of Da He's life, he has learned of it from Cao Ting's mouth, but at that time he thought that Cao Ting was exaggerating things, so he didn't believe it. Now, the boy vowed that he can help but Yuan Zhan wants to see things. Whether it is as the boy said, it is just that he has something to ask Da He about. As for the time to disturb the couple, he didn't think so much.

Yan Mo was lying on the bed made of rotten fur, his face was gloomy. Since coming here, he has never had a comfortable day.

"I want to see him. He won't show it to me. He can't blame me." Yan Mo looked at his right hand, the guide had no response.

"It's already late, even if he changes his mind, he has to wait till tomorrow. I'm too tired today. If I barely treat him, I'm afraid I will see it wrong."

"I am going to sleep... if you have opinions, it's best for you to just show me now."

Because he actively asked about the patient twice today, so there was no sign of punishing him for seeing the wounds.

Yan Mo's thought: If my right hand holding the guide was cut, will The Guide punish me?

He would like to test it, but he is afraid that his right hand will not grow back.

Unfortunately, if this happens to someone else, who is sent here for reformation then he can find a way to grab the person and do a detailed experiment.

For example, cut off the person's right hand to see if the Guide will appear in the left hand. If it appears, then cut the left hand to see if it will appear in other parts, and so on. He was very curious about which part of the body is the Guide rooted in the body.

Also, if the host is dead, will the Guide also disappear? Or does The Guide have a way to prevent host from dying?

Yan Mo really wants to die once, but he is afraid that if he can't die. He can only enjoy the pain of death, and he can't enjoy the permanent peace brought by death. He always felt that this scum punishment is more serious than him. The reformation guide can definitely do this super-defective thing.

If I die here, is it the end of the reformation? He really wants to ask a guide on this issue.

Thinking of two more questions about the opportunity to ask, Yan Mo was a bit hesitant, and he had three times chances to ask for something. He had already used it once, only two times are remained. As a person who likes to maximize profits, he does not want to squander the remaining two chances. The only opportunity that cannot be wasted is to ask a question he can infer.

Well, I still didn't ask. In this horrible primitive society, even if he doesn't kill himself, he should have a lot of chances of dying. He will know if he can die completely or not.

Yan Mo waited for a while, he was so sleepy, but he didn't want to fall asleep like this, he was not good, and he didn't want to make others better.

Yuan Zhan finally came back. When he came back, he looked at the boy's eyes with enlightenment and a little vigilance.

Yan Mo looked at the youth, to give him medical treatment is no longer the case, but ahead of the other opening, another mention something to make young people more concerned about things:. "I want to know where to find salt"

Then he will be completely relaxed spirit, this relaxation, will make someone immediately fell asleep like a coma.

"What do you say?!" A big hand full of strength quickly grabbed him, but unfortunately he didn't wake Yan Mo up for a long time.

Yan Mo had some sensation at first, but when he was pretending to sleep he really slept.

It's not easy for him to be able to find it today. On this day, he was not only forced to do the same thing, but he had to cut off his already healed legs to save his life and then he was bleeding with his injured leg. Fighting with the old priest's menace, he will not only have to give himself treatment, but also have to worry about the injury on the the bastard violent criminal...

Under all kinds of torments, he not only did not collapse, but also had a rational analysis and could also hang on to a person before going to sleep. He really deserved the super-powerful sleep. Does he admire himself?

"Yan Mo! You wake up..." Yuan Zhan looked at the boy's miserable face he unable to shake him awake, he did not think that the boy was sleeping only when he really could not support it.

Forget it, I will wait until tomorrow and ask him again. Yuan Zhan laid down on his bed with a full stomach, and as Yan Mo expected, this night, Yuan Zhan didn't sleep well.

On the following day, Yuan Zhan got up early in the morning and started to wake up Yan Mo.

After waking up, he felt a bit wrong, and touched his ass. As a result, it was tragedy. He didn't know what he was touching

"Get up" Yuan Zhan outside heard the question.

Yan Mo calmly put his hand down and rubbed it on the hay. Inexperienced, he should had clean his wound with medicine yesterday, not just wipe the surface indiscriminately, shame or something, there is really no need here!

Yuan Zhan came in and smelled the smell. He took a look and laughed on the spot. "How did you get to wet the bed? How old are you?"

Yan Mo was sullen.

Yuan Zhan didn't feel that it was a problem to him. He was not too dirty. He picked up the boy and patted his ass and went out to clean him.

Some people have walked outside, and none of the people passing by felt that their behavior is strange, and no one looked at them.

Washing Yan Mo and put it on the side of the water tank. Yuan Zhan went in and packed the boy's bed, rolled it into a roll and threw it at the door.

"This time I can change to a complete good fur skin bed, I will increase the bed, we will sleep together later, the winter is coming, two bodies squeezing and sleeping its more warm. These skins are too bad, I kept the original ones I planned to use it in the winter."

Yan Mo said that he didn't care, but in the end he still didn't pull it. He pretended to look at his wounds and bow down to the youth.

Huh? Looking at this, Yan Mo felt paralysed.

His healing rate seems to be accelerating again.

The previous injury, plus the two days he was unconscious, it took about seven days to recover, and it seems this one will only take a few days?

Yan Mo looked at the wound and made assumptions according to the degree of healing. If his guess is correct, he thought that maybe he would stand up and walk again in three to four days.

How is this going? This body...

Yan Mo didn't feel happy, he only felt fear. He even thought, how can this body's nutrition keep up with his healing speed become faster in the future?

As Yuan Zhan turned, he immediately tied the board with a straw rope.

This can't stop the youth for a long time, but before he can think about how to control the youth, the later he can let the other party know the better.

"You said last night that you know where to find salt?" Yuan Zhan tore a piece of fresh barbecue and handed it to Yan Mo. His voice was very low.

Yan Mo took the piece of meat and took it.

"Yan Mo?"

Yan Mo smiled and whispered: "Dear master, have you forgotten that I am a salt mountain son?"

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