Banished to Another World

Chapter 19: What is the structure of the primitive human brain?

"You are really from salt mountain tribe?"

Yan Mo was very embarrassed. For the sake of future considerations, he did not answer that question. Instead, he said: "Why did others pass through the salt mountain and found no rich salt there? How is it that Salt Mountain people found their salt?"

Yuan Zhan's lips were slightly open, like he was stuck in unbelief, and he looked forward to it. Then he licked his lips and looked fiercely. "This is not something you can joke about."

"You think I will make a joke about something like this?"

"So you are not joking?"This seems to be the first time he has heard of a boy knowing the dire situation of things.

Yan Mo waved his hand. "Do you think I don't know my own hometown."


Yan Mo was silent for three seconds and looked up and yelled at Yuan Zhan: "Its Salt Mountain vocabulary... I mean, my family land. It is more abundant than yours because we have more people in contact with the Salt Mountain people, and our lives are better than yours."

Yuan Zhan did not know if he accepted this explanation, but he did not ask more about it.

Yan Mo took advantage of the gratitude on his face and sincerely said to the young man: "No matter what, you really saved me, I want to repay you. But I can't guarantee that I will find a new salt-producing land, but I can guarantee I probably know which direction to look for. The most important thing is that if I pass the salt-producing land I will definitely find it."

"... If it is true, I will tell The Chief, as long as you can find a new salt-producing land. And if you still have no master, you will not have to wait until you become a Third Tier warrior to get rid of slavery mark."

"I can find the place but it is not necessarily close to the tribe. As far as I know, the salt mountain of the salt mountain is already the only salt producing area near Yuan Tribe." Yan Mo opened his mouth and said, "So even if we find a new salt-producing land, we will not be able to ship the salt back."

"We can ship it on the warrior's back you don't have to worry about that part. Now the most important thing is, can you really find a new salt-producing land that's not occupied? Where do we go? How long will it take?"

Yan Mo felt that the youth did not understand him and had to be more clear. "I only know the general direction. I have heard The Priest in the family occasionally mentioning it. In short, it will not be very close. If it was close, our people will have had occupied it."

Yuan Zhan fingers were tapping on his knees, his face pensive," Your people were kicked out and their salt mountain usurped by The Zhi People as to where they fled? Would you say the place they went there will be salt? "

Yan Mo smiled in his heart, but his face had a tangled expression: "I don't know, but maybe. So if the tribe wants to get a completely unproductive salt-producing land, he has to act fast, he doesn't want it. The warriors in the Yuan tribe and my original tribe people would be looking but if you get to the place first and occupy the place, my people will not dare to compete with you."

Yuan Zhan brows wrinkled, he got up, "I am going to look for that Chief, this matter has to be dealt with as soon as possible ......"

"Wait!" Yan Mo grabbed the youth. "I hope that you don't tell The Chief and The Priest that I can find the salt, because I am not sure of where exactly the salt is, and if I can't find the salt producing land, they will surely kill me.""

Yuan Zhan halted his footsteps.

Yan Mo said with emphasis, "If not for me lets not sacrifice Da Ren who want to force you to go out and get salt in the winter, I would not have to say it out. Also, I wanted to tell you my purpose."

If Yuan Zhan had been skeptical that the boy was not going to repay him but to retaliate against him. After hearing that he said he had his own purpose, he no longer doubted it.

"Can you really find the salt?"

"I have 80% confidence, 80%... It is a big chance."

"I will count on." Yuan Zhan stops and sat down again. "I don't need the rope. You can count how many people there are in the tribe."

Yan Mo didn't laugh. He expressed his understanding of the youth's micro-pride in his tone. In the fused memory with this body, the Salt Mountain people have ten, one hundred, and a thousand words, but they can count more than one hundred without the help of the knot.

Counting is a ritual in many people's eyes. As long as the average person can count to twenty, it is enough, because there are ten fingers and ten toes, and the private property owned by people will not exceed twenty.

Because of this, people here are mostly based things they can own on ten. For example, 80% of what he said is 80% in Chinese, but eight fingers in the local language.

There are also four seasons and twelve months here. Like the world he came to, there are twelve months in a year, and each month is about thirty days. The specific date is controlled by the sacrificial rites. They also know the seasons and time changes.

He still remembers that on the top of the Salt Mountain people, they dug 12 small holes deliberately according to the changes of the moon. There were wooden pillars and twelve wooden columns arranged in a row in a straight line, arranged in the direction of the sunrise on the first day of winter..

The Salt Mountain Sacrifice is used to tell the Salt Mountain people when the recovery season, rainy season, harvest season and cold season will come, including when to hunt, when to cultivate, etc., by observing the corresponding changes in the position of the twelve wooden pillars and the sunrise.

Yuan Tribe is larger than the Salt Mountain tribes. Presumably their Priests also have accurate methods for measuring the four seasons, and their vocabulary is richer than the Salt Mountain people. The four seasons have fixed words. For example, the recovery season is called "Adaru". The rainy season is called "Sadaru", the harvest season is called "Odaru", the cold season is called "Fidaru", and Yan Mo directly understood them as spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Looking at the sun above the head, only from the four seasons and the number of months and days, this alien planet has a very high similarity to the Earth.

"What are you thinking about?"

Yan Mo retracted his mind and deliberately used a provocative tone: "I want to tell you the truth, because I can count more that you."

Yuan Zhan laughed and raised his hand he patted the little slave's head, "Say! Your purpose."

Yan Mo held his forehead and he was paralysed. This kid is really big on grabbing and gripping. "My purpose is not to be a slave."

Someone came over from the tent mouth. Yuan Zhan and the other side person used their fists to beat their chests, waiting for the soldier to walk in, Yuan Zhan said: "If you really find a new land with salt, you don't need to say it, I will tell The Chief to remove your slave status and make you an Yuan Tribe member."

"No, you still don't understand what I'm trying to say." Yan Mo looked up at the youth.

Yuan Zhan also looked at him.

Yan Mo said: "The new salt land is far from the tribe. We are very likely to not be able to come back when we go. Even if I can come back in the future, I don't want to come back to Yuan Tribe. As for the reason, I think you should understand one or two."

"Because you're Salt Mountain Priest's Disciples?"

"Whatever I was not or saw the old Priest and if I am a Salt Mountain Disciples would he allow me to stay? "

Yuan Zhan, eyes flashed with a glim of cynical," Him? Even I do not believe it! How could it be possible to accommodate the Disciples of the other tribe group? Unless..."

"Unless I will not use any means of Priesthood or Shamanism in the future, do you think it is possible? I know how to help others, obviously and to let the people in the tribe live better, but I have to pretend that I don't understand anything. I will be forced to watch the weak and the injured die. I don't think I can do it."

Ooh he can do it, but The Guide will never let him become only a low-key self-protection bystander.

Yuan Zhan was silent for a long time. "I can't betray the Horde."

"I didn't want you to betray the Horde." Yan Mo didn't expect to convince the other party even once. He changed the way to seduce: "No matter what the salt-producing land is not close to the Horde. It is still far away, the tribe cannot send people to guard there. Have you ever thought that after you find the salt-producing land, you can stay there to help the tribe guard the treasure, and I can stay there without returning to the tribe."

Yuan Zhan was silent again.

Yan Mo is not awkward, the primitive people are very precocious, only the 17-year-old child is so keen minded, it is not easy to fool!

When he saw He Tu coming out of the tent, Yan Mo said: "Da He was so badly injured, even if he was rescued, can he still go hunting afterwards? What about his family? His children what will they do? Are there other warriors in the tribe like Da He?"

The young man was not deceived by him. He immediately said: "Even if they went to the new salt-producing land, and they could not survive without their hands and feet."

"If I said I have a way to keep them alive?"

Yuan Zhan suddenly got up and took the boy into the tent.

Yan Mo was thrown to his master's bed in a less gentle way.

The other party also paid attention to his legs and did not really throw him in a way to injure his wounds

Yuan Zhan pressed him like a beast, his hand caught his neck, bowed his head and forced him to ask: "Who are you? What do you want from the tribe?"

The important moment of either success or failure is here! Yan Mo didn't allow himself to have any chance of failure. He slowly raised his hand and carefully took the young man's arm, gently stroking it, and said in a very gentle language: "I am just a Priest Disciple, I don't want to be a slave, I don't want to die. I can't live alone. I hope there is a tribe to take me, if not..."

"If not, you want to make a tribe yourself."

Yan Mo paid attention to the look on Yuan Zhan with a look of grievances and he tempted the authentic seduction. "Can I do it with you?"

The man smiled in the bottom of his heart, waiting for me to have a more appropriate embarrassment, you see how I love you!

Yuan Zhan's eyes were very confused. He has an intuition to be courage. He felt that the young man under his body is like a poison dragon flower on the shores of the Lake. It looked usual, smells sweet, speak his words like a sweet honey, but will poison you - like a dragon flower.

But once a hungry person saw a poison dragon flower, even if he knows that it can poison him he can't help but put it in his mouth, because it can fill the stomach before you die, but also let you feel the best taste in the world before you die.

Yan Mo's voice was more relaxed, and his eyes were fixed on the young man's eyes. "Da Zhan, I don't want to be your slave, but I can be your warrior, your Priest, I know more than Qiu Shi Da Ren. We can all build together a powerful tribe with more food, no need to eat other people, all children and old people can live through the winter and the soldiers like Da He, we can also let them eat and wear warm, we can even come back to help Yuan Tribe."

"Da Zhan?"

"You don't like me calling you that name?" The simple boy smiled slyly.

This name sounds like a bad thing, and the future depicted by the boy makes him more excited. Leaving Yuan Tribe, leaving the old guy who saw him not pleasing to the eye, leading the tribe to a better and richer life, if it can be done... the young soldier's eyes were reddish a little, and his nose was slightly aggravated.

Yan Mo sneered, I don't believe that a normal man can stand up to the temptation to create his own territory!

"Da Zhan you tell me... Do you dare!"

Yuan Zhan's answer was... whispered, he ripped off his leather skirt, turned over Yan Mo body, grabbed his wrist, and fu*ked him again. !

Afterwards, Yuan Zhan, who had calmed down, was wearing a leather skirt and walked out of the tent. He didn't know what to do.

Leaving Yan Mo's limbs numbs he laid on the bed and looked at the ugly worm in the hay under the animal skin. He didn't understand how things would develop.

Maybe he should hurry to find a primitive person to dissect and see if the brains of these primitive people are not the same as those from Earth.

Well, Yan Mo knows that the kid was excited by him, and can't find someone to share this excitement, he can only vent his excitement by fu*king him.

But his three straw belts with gold needles were thrown in the corner of his original bed, and he couldn't possibly let him down.

... There will not be a third time he will spread my legs like that, Yan Mo swears!

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