Banished to Another World

Chapter 23: What are the Luggage carried by The Yuan People?

You bastard ! I took the initiative to treat you, and even planned to relieve you of the pain as much as possible. Do you dare to throw my help back on my face ?

Don't look at it without looking! I still ask you not to?

I don't believe that the Bullying Guide will punish me in this situation. If it still happens... I will burn myself and the Guide to ash in the fire!

Yan Mo also knows that the reason young man rejected him is simply because he does not trust him.

For Yuan Zhan it was just a mild leg pain. It hasn't reached the point where he can't walk or jump. But if he starts to feeling it badly, the other can take care of the pain, but a problem is that if the pain reaches to the point that he can't walk in the future.

... Yan Mo sneered.

You ....Yuan Zhan you're too small to look down at me, even if I am a scum, but I'm a scum with a skill. Unless I really can't cure that injury, who will leave the big country hand sign?

This time, since you're a minor and a child, I forgive you for the time being, I will let you cry with pain and come ask me to treat you!

There are no other useful things in the package. Yuan Zhan brought back strange insects. Although The Guide has already opened the second biological guide, if Yan Mo goes looking in the The Guide it will increase his scum point of the body. Unless it is an urgent and necessary situation, Yan Mo does not want to use this method to gain knowledge.

Because Yuan Zhan refused Yan Mo to check and treat the injury the two had slept early that night.

The primitive society is like this, there is no entertainment, and the fire is wasted at night, and many people blink at it at night. For this day, since there was nothing to do, everyone will choose to go to bed early.

Before going to sleep, Yan Mo sneaked a look at his right palm and saw his scum points.

He doesn't know if it's due to his request, or if The Guide itself comes with such a function, Yan Mo concludes that if there is nothing that needs to be known to him immediately, The Guide will generally not be lit up again, only to check up every night. He counted the addition and subtraction of the scum value on the day.

The so-called semi-check up is that before the moon falls and the sun rises, he can always call out The Guide, but if he has not seen the "income and expenditure" scum points of the day at the time of the rise of the sun and the fall of the moon, The Guide will show detailed data directly in his mind, no matter whether he is coma or dreaming at the time, and the depth of his data transfer is enough to make him recall immediately the precise count when he wakes up the next day.

His current scum value is 99999882, a total of 118 points have been reduced.

Well, this digital homonym was very auspicious. Yan Mo fell asleep with the thoughts about The Guide tonight.

Yuan Zhan slept more like a bear because the young man's body has not yet shackled, he directly crosses his thigh on Yan Mo legs, and held the whole person in his arms as a human body heater, but he was still careful not to touch Yan Mo's broken leg.

Yan Mo was uncomfortable, but this was also very warm. The weather here was hot during the day, but it was cold at night, and using only the fur skin did not work.

One night of sleep, Yuan Zhan got up early in the morning and was picked up by The Chief when it was halfway through. When he came back, he decided to start the task of finding a new salt field.

Yan Mo had wanted to be able to prepare for a long time. As a result, people told him that they had prepared for a long time.

Because the only thing they have to prepare is food and water, and the spear can be taken as a carry-on weapon. Is there anything more Oh, there are leather skirts and straw ropes!

"What about the fire?" Yan Mo couldn't help but ask.

"Yuan Lie brought two stones that are easy to make fire. But we basically don't make fire outside. The smell of the food will attract the beasts. It will not be cold when everyone sleeps at night."

"Food? We only take this little ? "

"That's already a lot, if we need more and its not snowing, we can walk and hunt. "


Yuan Zhan turned to laugh at him. "You want to walk with two big animal skins? Are you going to be carrying them?"

"What about if its snowing? Aren't you afraid of freezing?"

"There will be beasts on the road, we can peel their fur and use it. You are only fourteen years old. These things you don't understand them. Have you ever gone hunting with the soldiers in your tribe?" Yuan Zhan looked at his expression.

"I have only been to the place where I can go and get back on that same day."

Yan Mo was hit by a small, contemptuous look!

"No wonder you Salt Mountain people will be beaten by The Zhi People." Yuan Zhan face looked like. ' If I knew you were so easy to attack we would have long been to your mountain and attack you.'

Yan Mo thought fortunately that it's not of the salt mountain, but fortunately I was not a true salt mountain Disciple, otherwise when you close your eyes, I would have poisoned your family.

A small parcel of small animal skin with bacon and all the coarse salt in the house, a wooden scoop for drinking and catching rain, picking up dried blood from the beast, a spear, a bundle of straw rope, and a stone knife.

This is not the luggage that the two people wanting to travel a thousand miles or even thousands of miles.

No, you can't....

Yuan Zhan was still shaking the four large skins at home, saying that he would give the boy a spear.

So big, so complete, so warm four animal skins can only be exchange for a spear? Yan Mo was going crazy, it's a deal that is not worthwhile is absolutely to stop.

"A fool, this wood is different. It is as hard as a stone, but much lighter than a stone." Yuan Zhan felt that Yan Mo had no vision and would not count.

"There are very few such trees, and it took many years to grow a branch to make a spear. It's trunk was very hard, no one can cut it, only branches can be used, even such a thin branch was very hard to cut and sharpen. To make such a spear, you have to use more than a dozen stone knives. If you can exchange four pieces of animal skin, it is already a very cost-effective deal."

"Thank you for your popular science."

"What did you say?"

"I said... I will not use the spears for me. If you are sure that the four skins are not needed, then give them to me. I will use them for other purposes."

The youth was surprised. "Do you really want to carry them ?"

Yan Mo did not answer. "In addition, I also hope that you will also give me the bad skin on the tent at home. Its also useful!"

"What do you want to do with it?"

"If you want to know? Stay and help."

Yuan Zhan had enough curiosity, so he stays.

Yan Mo looked through a handful of animal skins trying to see where he can start, and asked: "Who else is coming with you?"

"You know most of them Da Lie, his brother, Da Shan, Da Diao, Missing Teeth , as well as Third Tier warrior Da Bing. "

Yan Mo guess Da Lie brother could be that red dates male, and Da Bing, he was a little familiar with this name, he can not remember, "Isn't Missing Teeth dedicated to the putting tribe tattoos? Why would he go?"

"Yes about Missing Teeth." Yuan Zhan explained: "Not to mention that he only lacks teeth in half of his mouth, his hands and feet are flexible, and he is an old warrior. His experience on finding non-meat food is much richer than ours. Da Lie also agreed to let him join."

"But why is he... isn't it safer for him to stay in the tribe?"

"Da Lie said Missing Teeth wants to die like a warrior."

"Okay. What about Da Bing? He also volunteered to join? Is one of your good brothers?"

Yuan Zhan sneered, with obvious disdain and disgust in his eyes. "It was The Chief's request. The Chief said that having only one Third Tier warrior was unsafe, he wanted us to add another Third Tier warrior, and then he called Da Bing. Da Bing first disagreed, and The Chief spoke with him in private and he agreed."

"Wait, this Da Bing fellow and you don't get along why?"

Yuan Zhan wouldn't say more, Yan Mo had to put this question in the back of his mind, but fortunately he didn't expect to go straight after the trip, so he heard that people are still not on the road and there is a possibility that internal problems will occur he was surprised and depressed.

If a person really becomes the disharmony factor of the whole team... He would be waiting in the wild, if you give him a chance, he will want to kill one or two people silently, not to say that it is easy, and it is hard to go anywhere. At that time, the only thing he had to worry about was not his companion, not the beast, but how he should escape the punishment from The Guide.

If you don't save people, you will be punished. If you take the initiative to kill, would you still have your life or will the Guide do away with you?

"Why are you asking?" Yuan Zhan poked him.

Yan Mo evaded his fingers. "Da Zhan, can you bring Yuan Diao and Da Shan? If they are all right, yes, Cao Ting also said she wanted to come she is more capable."

Yuan Zhan found that he liked it very much. The title of "Da Zhan" felt unique when it was spoken from Yan Mo.

Da Diao and Da Shan came around, including Cao Ting.

Yan Mo asked if they were ready to go, and they all said they were ready.

Yan Mo laughed, because he can completely throw the luggage from the corner of the tent from his stupid Da Ren, to figure out what the other two people had carried in their "luggage."

"Little Mo, Da Zhan said that you called us is there anything? Is it necessary for us to take more big leaves? You can rest assured that Cao Ting has already prepared a lot." The man turned to Cao Ting.

Cao Ting waved with a smile.

Yan Mo pointed to the animal skin on the ground and asked: "Are you going to use a bone spear to drill a hole?"

" Yes." Da Diao and Da Shan sat directly on the ground.

"Do you see a little bit of charcoal marks on the skin?"

Several people looked down at the skin

"Please make a small hole in the position of the charcoal marks on these animal skins. The hole should not be too big but it should be big enough to let this fur rope pass through." Yan Mo made up one when he has nothing to use. A leather rope line made of rind and hay.

"Little Mo, what do you want to do?" Da Shan asked curiously.

Yan Mo smiled. "Let's say, I don't know. If you do it well, you will know."

Seeing Cao Ting also reached out to help, Yan Mo was busy blocking her. "Cao Ting sister, I have something for you to do... they can't do that except you. For this task I have for you it needs someone who has enough care and patience."

"I have good patience." Da Diao muttered immediately.

Da Shan also nodded. "Me too."

Yuan Zhan did not say, but his expression has already told people at the place that he is the best patient man of the three.

Yan Mo ignored them and only asked Cao Ting. "Sister, do you have a needle thread on your body?"

"No, I will go back and take it, but there are not many threads though." Cao Ting said, she ran back to the tent and took the needlework back.

Yan Mo saw a gray thread that was taken back from Cao Ting and was immediately excited to grab it.

Cao Ting was shocked by him.

"Sister, how did you make this thread?" Yan Mo pulled out the thread and found that the toughness was good, and it did not break even with a little force pulling.

Cao Ting listened to him and asked him to smile. "Oh, what do you mean when you ask me this? This thread is what I thought of making while I was with Sister He Tu. Is there not a lot of prey fur in the tribe? I still have some to make with. We will look for those animals who have long fur, cut the fur and collect them together, boil them with water, then I learned how to weave the straw ropes from you, and put those long hairs together, weaved them up a little, and pick up such a long group, but It's quite a hassle, it took a few days to get it this long and it's too thick."

"Nothing, this level is enough, mainly it has to be strong enough." Yan Mo was happy, which is much better than the stitching he expected.

"Well, it's really much stronger than a single horse tail hair or fur hair. Little Mo, what do you want me to do?"

Yan Mo patted his head and returned the thread to Cao Ting. "Sister, I want to ask you to sew a few enough to fill a leather bag, want them to look like this." Yan Mo took the stone and drew something on the ground to show her.

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