Banished to Another World

Chapter 24: Travel Luggage Preparation

Yan Mo saw Cao Ting understand what he meant, and asked Yuan Zhan to come over.

"Does the tribe do animal husbandry? It is like raising horses, cattle and sheeps."

Yuan Zhan did not understand why Yan Mo asked this, but he replied: "The sheeps we have were caught a large group every autumn and we eat them in winter. Then do the same next year, the horse and the cow are not easy to raise. If you catch a live one we need to kill it as soon."

"How can you not raise horses and cattle?" Yan Mo said that he had just exported.

He remembered that the cows here are not only bulky, but also have the horns that are extremely sharp and powerful. The people here are backwards and will not use traps to catch the cows with long horns. They will only throw stab them with spears, and finally rush up and cut them with a stone knife, so a single cow often needs more than one warrior in cooperation to kill.

The horses, because of their speed and alertness, they have so far only heard that the Sun Woshippers people have special methods to lower the horses alertness for their use. Other tribes in the vicinity have not heard of anyone who can ride on the horses, and they often kill them for meat.

The so-called animal husbandry and breeding here are basically based on natural days. For example, the Salt Mountain people and Yuan Tribes are similar. In autumn, a group of sheeps and other herbivores are brought in, and they are put into a large pit. They raise them then they kill the old and weak first in the days of lack of food, until they finish eating all of them in the winter, and then they capture them again in the coming year, so that they will start again every year.

Yuan Diao from far away felt strange: "The salt mountain people can raise horses? Do you also pray horse gods to bless you? I thought that only the Sun Woshipper people are descendants of horse gods and people."

Now these people know that Yan Mo is from Salt Mountain people.

"Hey, I heard the Sun Woshipper people when they came to exchanged salt, and I generally was told how to raise a horse." Yan Mo said.

"Ah?!" Da Shan and Yuan Diao were very surprised. "They told other people how to raise horses? That is their biggest secret! So, did they tell you how to make those horses obedient?"

Yan Mo... nodded.

Yuan Zhan had a subtle expression and does not stop the boy. The people in this tent will at least not harm him. And when he will wait for them to leave the tribe, they will go far, and the boy will show them what is different, and they will not be able to run back to the tribe.

Yes, Yuan Zhan did not tell his good brothers, this time when they are going out, no matter what the outcome, he is not going to come back.

If he returns, whether he can find a new salt land, the old Priest will definitely see him as a threat and the old Priest will be worse and worse in scheming harm towards him. Although he still can't see the obvious rejection from the Priest to him, no one knows what will happen in the future.

And if he dies outside or can't come back again, the old Priest has no target, and The Chief will also have a slap in the face for him. Then the third generation Chief. The old priest may have to support The Chief's thoughts in order to calm the anger from the tribe and the Feisha people.

Everyone in the tribe knows that going out to find salt this time is almost a death wish task, and the people who went to this mission were originally only The Xi Rang and the Feisha people. As a Yuan Tribe Priest to the Yuan Tribe, Qiu Shi was a confused and his eyes narrowed. He did not even have any opinion on such a person. If it wasn't for The Chief trying to ascend Da Bing into the ranks, if he couldn't come back in the future, Xi Rang and the FeiSha people would definitely make a fuss.

He had thought about the same thing before, but he ran out without purpose, and he will only died without meaning. This time his little slave gave him a good excuse. This time, whether he is dead or alive as long as he is outside tribe, he will have great benefits to the Feisha Clan and the tribe.

Da Shan and Da Diao looked at Yan Mo and nodded. They were all excited. Even if they didn't do anything, they would ask him how to catch horses and raise horses.

"This will be talked about later, do those things first." Yan Mo said with a evil face.

Da Shan and Da Diao were scared by the serious slave face but the concept of class division of individual slaves was not deep, and some were good with brothers or wives, so for the little slave reprimanding tone it was not very disgusting, it was a little uncomfortable, and the child smiled at them.

Yuan Zhan came up and slapped Yan Mo's head.

Yan Mo endured, he barely smiled at Da Shan and Da Diao

"Hey!" Da Diao reached out to the little slave's head, and casually said: "You must have been The Priest Disciples before, you know so much, and so have ... such a momentum."

Yuan Zhan pushed Yuan Diao, "Okay, Don't tease him, hurry do the things."

Da Shan looked at Yan Mo thoughtfully, and turned back to drill holes in the animal skin, he did not speak. In fact, on the day when the youngster wsd treating Da He. They doubted that the boy was a Priest Disciple of the Salt Mountain ethnic group, but it was not confirmed from the boy's mouth.

Cao Ting was present, in addition to Yuan Zhan, the person who is most sure of the identity of Yan Mo's Discipleship She is not worried about the safety of the boy because she knows that her master and Da Shan Da Ren have long guessed, including He Tu and Da He Da Ren, but even if they know, they will not tell others about the youth.

Once a person felt safe, his true nature will be exposed a little. Although Yan Mo has not left the tribe, but seeing hope is in front of him, he is also a little relaxed.

After being slapped in the head by Yuan Zhan, he was angry that the other party did not respect him, and also converged some moods that did not belong to a child.

However, when he died, he was 39 years old. It is really difficult for a successful person who is nearly forty years old and has a successful career to act as a fourteen-year-old boy.

If it was not the boy's memory and his own memory integration, he may not reveal how many flaws. Even if it was a top-notch professional actor, if you let a 40-year-old middle-aged person play a teenage child, that will make everyone feel awkward and unnatural.

As a Priest Disciple, there is nothing special about him. If they think that he is the old monsters occupy the boy body, these superstitious primitive people will fear that their bodies would also be occupied by the said monster and because of fear the next idea is to kill him, even if it doesn't work if they can do it again.

Yan Mo was alert, and then thought about his changes in the past few days, immediately felt paralyzed.

Fortunately, there are not many people who he went to contact with his injured leg, and the time he spent with outsiders is not long. Otherwise, his self-righteousness and unnatural tone of speech, attitude, behavior, and so on will definitely attract others' doubts.

Just like Da Shan standing with a city man, you can always see the difference at a glance.

A modern man and a primitive person standing together. Even if a modern man has a primitive man's skin at first glance, one may not see the difference. But after a long time, anyone will notice that it is wrong, not to mention that he is still a grown man in a body of a child!

Yan Mo's cold sweat flowed down his back

I don't want them to know, I have to think about how many flaws I have!

At this moment, he was very grateful to God that he injured his legs twice. If this is not the case, when he walked around the tribe for investigation in order to get more local information as soon as possible, presumably his appearance and curiosity will have the effect of "standing chicken" in Yuan Tribe eyes.

It took time to get used to the way a native members talks, walked, looked, etc. He just has to be conspicuous and secretive!

Imagine a primitive boy. When he went out, he will arrange the leather skirt neatly. When he knelt down and sit down, he would involuntarily close his legs or cover important parts. When he walked, he will avoid all kinds of dirt, maybe walking on foot, seeing the naked woman he will avert his eyes and feel embarrassed to see more, seeing the children on the ground, looking for food in the animal droppings his face will involuntarily reveal the expression of disgust and, seeing a beast body he would be curious and see...

Even if he can't walk outside, there is no doubt that the above mention was exposed, but when he was in the tent, he wanted to drink water, the meat to be cooked, the house to be clean, refused the toilet to be near the tent, and refused to urinate outside. The face and body were secretly scrubbed with water every day. Things which fell to the ground and would never be picked up again. The worn and covered fur should be taken outside every day to be shaken and dried....

All this, and he found them out today! Yan Mo hugged his head.

That is, Cao Ting was with him. Yuan Zhan has only come back for a few days, otherwise they would more than just suspect that he is not just a Salt Mountain tribe member and a Disciple.

"What wrong with you?" Yuan Zhan thought that his slap was too strong and he hurt the little slave.

Yan Mo put down his hands and laughed miserly. "Nothing, I think I am stupid."

"Well, you are stupid."

It is easy to guess that you as a Priest Disciple of other people tribe but you are afraid that others are not assisted of that. You also taught this and that, the most stupid thing you did is use The Priest ways to save people. But look at who you saved is Da He, because of your stupidity, we will cover for you.

Yan Mo couldn't hear Yuan Zhan's voice, otherwise he would definitely shout at him for it. He didn't want to be eye-catching at first, he was never a good-hearted person, and it wasn't all that damn reformation guide that forced him!

"Stupid is not stupid." Yan Mo broke the can and at the same time, he also carefully calculated in his mind, he will try to adapt to local life, but the locals ... at least people living around him have to cooperate with him to change.

There are bad conditions, he does not want to continue living this life that is primitive and dirty.

But the change can't be done in a blink of an eye, he is going to take it slowly, just like the spring rain that is quiet and silent. And if all changes cannot guarantee life first, then any change is meaningless.


"Wait!" Yan Mo called Da Shan and Da Diao and his eyes fell on the animal skin. He wanted to shock Yuan Zhan and others, and use the animal skin as a simple armor.

It was not difficult at all.

First cut the big hide into pieces of the appropriate size of the animal skin, the size of the animal skin just enough to protect the chest and back.

Then drill these small pieces of skin around the skin, then place them together, and the holes around the skins are tied with a leather cord, thus forming a thick thicker skin.

There are a few holes in the upper and lower sides of the animal skin, so that people can fasten the two front and back skins.

The extra skin can also be made into battle skirts, knee pads and wristbands.

Such a set of warrior leather armor, wait for Yuan Zhan and others to wear the body, coupled with their more magnificent body than the ancient Roman warriors, the effect will be very shocking!

But now he has changed his mind, he doesn't need to make something beautiful, as long as it is practical and can be used for more.

For example, consider the fur coat worn by the ancient Mongols, the sleeveless one.

If he doesn't want to be beautiful, just use it, there is a simple way to make it useful in the absence of tools.

That is, without cutting, two pieces of animal skin of almost the same size are placed together, and a row of holes are drilled in the uppermost shoulders, and the holes are tightly drilled with a leather cord, and the middle is not stitched, leaving the head for extension.

Such clothes can be put on the body through the head, and will not sway when the waist is long. If the fur is too long, fold it at the waist and tie it with straw.

Why not use a piece of fur with the hole directly in the middle, but use two large skins to splicing, Yan Mo is also to be able to take as much protection as possible. The clothes made in this way are easy to put on and take off, and can be used as a cover at night.

The three people, Yuan Zhan, who was stopped, looked at him together.

Yan Mo also looked at them, he wants to make them choose?

After listening to Yan Mo's description, after three discussions, it was difficult for the three to decide, and they finally decided on both. If the fur is not enough, everyone will make up the tent.

Yan Mo said that he thought about the parcel. The Yuan parcel couldn't hold much, and it was not good. He asked Cao Ting to make two kinds of leather bags, which are a long leather bag that can be slanted back and a waist pocket that can be tied around the waist. Because the sewing process is not available, these two bags can only hold meat and some small things. But the advantage is that you can carry more and liberate both hands.

When Yuan Diao and Da Shan heard that there are such convenient leather bags that if they do a few more, they can all carry their rations on their backs.

Yan Mo silently smirked: I dare you to not want to bring luggage, not too heavy, but do not want to hold by hand.

In this way, the three people can't just do the work. Yuan Zhan too Yuan Diao to Yuan Lie and his brother telling them what to do and how to do it, let them prepare in their tent, and he asked them not to let others.

There are too many things to do, and there are not enough people. Da Shan has called his slave Wen Sheng, and he has also given up his own tent.

Because many people know that Yuan Zhan is going to set off to find salt the next day. It is no surprise that a few people are gathered at Yuan Zhan tent. Seeing that they are demolishing the tent is only when they want to bring more fur for the winter.

"Why do you want to wear both? How can you wear? One layer on top of another layer? Won't it be too heavy at this time?" Yan Mo felt that Yuan Zhan and others were too greedy. They didn't want to bring anything before, and now they want to bring everything.

"Of course not, it is inconvenient to hunt." Yuan Zhan took it for granted: "There are two kinds of wears, the leather that warrior wears, the leather that slaves wear."

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