Banished to Another World

Chapter 29,: In fact, is this theway to the West?


He suddenly braked on the way. A human body could not make such a sound, but Yan Mo felt that he seemed to hear it.

The sparse grassland that originally went up the calf disappeared, and then there was a desert in front of it. If you look forward, you can see a little green, but not much.

Da Lie in the first one, he did not dare to do it at all, using wooden spears to make a probe, a little bit inserted into the ground, and finally found a solid land, and this stepped on.

With the footprints left by Da Lie, everyone stepped on the footprints in a row.

Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo were at the end of the group this time.

Yan Mo couldn't take care of his stomach and looked up at the family of the Iron Back Dragon.

They were tearing up and the backpack, the meat in the bag fell out, and the Iron Back Dragon male was the first to grab it.

But the little dinosaur ate while he was still chasing them with its big legs, presumably it thought that as long as he followed him, he would continue to be fed.

Yuan Zhan's feet stepped on the footprints left by Da Bing

Behind them, the Iron Back Dragon baby chased them.

Suddenly! The Iron Back Dragon, who was robbing his wife and tearing the backpack, looked up at the direction of his son's running. He slammed his fist to the side of his son. He slammed his body and followed his son running all the way.

"Ang-ang?" Iron Back Dragon was paralyzed, he fell on its buttock, and the little dinosaur hind legs worked hard several times, trying to stand still for a long time.

Iron Back Dragon son yelled at the two-legged runner who was only five feet away from it: "Ang!!"


Yan Mo raised his hand and wiped his face and the behemoth sprayed him with its breath. The face smells like a slobber.

At such a distance, he could feel the heat of the giant beast breath, but the father of the little dinosaur side walked around the edge of the grass and the sand, and did not step forward.

Although the dangers behind are temporarily relaxed, the situation they are facing now is not so good.

Yuan Zhan yelled at him with a dignified voice that never reaches him: "Don't move, don't move at all."

Yan Mo's body stiffened, and the action raising his face and chewing his face obviously affected the youth.

Whats wrong? Why are you so careful?

Yan Mo looked down and observed it. Then he found that he had walked from the grass. They had twelve people and removed the three backs. A total of nine people had only left a straight line of footprints.

The most amazing thing is that this line of footprints is not in pairs, but only one line. Does this mean that they are now on the road, and only one foot wide distance is safe? !

What is the difference between this and the stepping on the wire? There are also three carrying weights on the wire!

Finding this, Yan Mo no longer dared to let his body move a point.

"Angang Ang!" Iron Back Dragon was still yelling at them, it seems to be angry and savage.

If Yan Mo hadn't been with it and saw its huge body being swallowed by this sand, Yan Mo wouldn't know how terrible this sand is!

Two-legged monsters may be able to walk on the narrow path but the little dinosaur weight is absolutely not good. Damn!

The transpiration of hot air and the smell of sweat and the unique smell of the animal skin covered the two, and the sweat on both of them flowed down like a small river.

Both Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo were suffering.

Usually they would never passed so many furs in the daytime, now they just want to throw all the heavy, stuffy fur.

"The bang!" behind them the Iron Back Dragon is about angry, slammed on the ground.

The sand was not greatly affected, but it still shook a little.

And this tremor is nothing but for a group of people who are walking like stepping on the wire, it is undoubtedly shaking their souls.

He didn't know who was in front of this because the boy body trembled and swayed a little, and someone made a scream, but soon he fixed his body with a wooden spear.

The team stopped until Missing Teeth stepped on again and everyone could continue to move forward.

However, such a narrow foot wide road, if you keep the balance and go, you can safely get to the finish. But everyone was struggling to maintain balance!

"Don't move!" Da Bing at front suddenly burst into an angry scream.

Yang Wei did not dare to move, but out of fear, he had just escaped from the threat of death. At this time, he had already forgotten the difference between the master and the slave, and his legs could not help but clamp on Da Bing.

Da Bing body suddenly swayed.

He wanted to stabilize the body with a wooden spear, but Yang Wei was behind him and when he saw his body swaying, and he was even more scared and pulled Da Bing body and hugged him more tightly.

The center of gravity shifts, and Da Bing wanted to shift back the balance of the body. Yang Wei was struggling behind him and his tacit understanding failed to reach Yang Wei. The hugging grip hurt his body and then when he stood still he fell to the left.

"Ah!" Da Bing worked hard at the end. While he stumbled, he slammed the wooden spear to the ground and held the only solid sand floor with one hand.

Yang Wei screamed, and he and Da Bing fell into the quicksand.

Yang Wei hold to Da Bing neck was tightened, and even wanted to step on Yuan Bing head and climb back to the only narrow road.

Da Bing was blushing red and his neck was thick, and the muscles on the arms were high and the whole person was struggling for the final survival.

He wants to kill Yang Wei behind him, but he can't move both hands to reach him.

Yuan Zhan was behind Da Bing and he was trying to nail himself in place, trying not to let himself be affected by the situation ahead.

Yan Mo body was already stiff and his muscles were sore and trembling.

He lowered his head and saw Yuan Zhan's legs slightly curved, and the feet were separated by a certain distance to maintain balance. The muscles of the young legs are like rocks, but Yan Mo doesn't have to look hard to see the extreme tension and fatigue from those strong muscles.

Da Bing was in the front and his slaves was still struggling. Da Bing is so smart that he struggles for a while and finds that if he is not moving the quicksand stopped pulling them down but Yang Wei is still struggling on his back and crying tears.

Yan Mo looked past Yuan Zhan, his head hanging down and looking at the scene.

Yuan Zhan will not be able to support himself for long, as it can be seen from the tremor of his leg muscles.

The first two must be solved first!

Unfortunately, Yuan Zhan can't move, otherwise Yan Mo is afraid he will have to clear the obstacles in front of him.

It is obviously impossible for two people to fall and commit suicide. People have a desire to survive. As long as there is still a chance, they will not give up.

And Yan Mo thinks super, darkly, maybe they won't live, whoever will try to pull them back will die together with them. If they want to pass safely he must move his mind to comfort the two.

"Don't move." Yan Mo spoke softly, he did even dare to move his muscles near his mouth too much.

At first, Yang Wei that tried to step on Da Bing to get out of the quicksand did not hear his voice.

"Yang Wei, listen to me, don't move, if you do so you and your master will die." Yan Mo spoke again.

Yuan Zhan also heard his voice, but did not stop him.

"Yang Wei! Calm down!" Yan Mo lightly.

Yang Wei finally heard the boy's cry and turned to look at him. The timid man was full state of panic, fear and despair.

"I won't let you die, believe me, I have a way to save you."

Da Bing also heard Yan Mo's appease, but he didn't believe this little slave at all, but the situation is no worse now, so he doesn't have scream back at him he only wants to leave more strength and not be sucked in by the quicksand.

"Yang Wei, listen, the more you struggle now, the deeper you will be trapped. If you don't move, you will feel that the suction on your body is a little smaller. You try feeling it."

Yang Wei shed tears, and his struggling lessened.

"Yes, that's it, don't be afraid, don't move, I will find a way to save you." Yan Mo wants to infect the other person with a confident smile, but his congested face is not convincing, he can only try to be convincing in his voice to calm the other party, "If I can save you once, I can save you the second time, believe me!"

Yang Wei screamed looking at the young man crying and crying: "...Save me..."

"Trust me, I will save you!"

The people in front of them have already left the quicksand. Everyone stayed in a safe place and looked at them anxiously. No one dares to yell and they are afraid to surprise them.

If you don't have a half-way to help, you won't be able to stop the person behind you.

Yan Mo visually measured the distance through the place where Da Lie and other people stood. This piece of quicksand land, the width on the two sides is not known, and the Iron Back Dragon did not go around to hunt them. Presumably this piece of quicksand land is not too small, but the length where its safe to be stepped not can it be exaggerated, they have already gone nearly half, and there are about twenty or thirty meters in front o them till they reach the end where Da Lie and the others were.

Looking at the footprints left by the people in front, it is almost a straight line.

Yan Mo intends to gamble on the last time with Yuan Zhan, who happened to be screaming at him, has the same thoughts as him. The two almost opened at the same time: "Come on in one breath!"

"Ah!" Yan Mo tried to speak to Da Bing and Yang Wei again. "You must not move. That is what will increase the possibility of you living. If you're dead, then everyone will only die together with you in this quicksand."

"...Reassured, I will not move. You have to hurry." Da Bing sprang up openly.

If it weren't for this little slave, he wouldn't go back and save the Yang Wei, and he wouldn't fall into this dilemma. But now the situation is like this, no matter whether the little slave is lying to them or he kills them, he and Yang Wei may not be able to live, it is better to let it go, if they are not dead, then see if he can really save them, there is at least one hope.

After Yang Wei stopped his struggling, he also felt that the suction from the quicksand does not seem as terrible as before. He even began to reach out to grab the solid sand and want to reduce the burden on his master.

No one banned him from such a move.

Yan Mo was even pointing at him, letting him get down a little bit from Da Bing and crouching on the safe road.

Yang Wei actually had the opportunity to stand up and get out of danger. But he was scared to the point that his legs stiffened and he couldn't walk one step. He could only walk on the safe road in the upper body and could not get to it

Da Bing couldn't move, he was in too deep, the quicksand was too strong, and he couldn't break free by he himself alone, and he began to feel that his solid land seemed to be a bit loose, and the sand seemed to be scratching him. But at this time, he actually pulled out the wooden spear and placed it on the ground so that Yuan Zhan could pass.

"Ready?" Yan Mo exclaimed and asked Yuan Zhan.

Yuan Zhan breathed gently, his body leaned forward and his he gathered his strength on his legs.

Yan Mo finally yelled at the two people, "Relax, don't move."

Da Bing and Yang Wei bodies may not be completely relaxed, but they also tried to stay still.

It's now! Yan Mo immediately sighed, "Da Zhan run!"

The wooden spear was pulled up, and Yuan Zhan glared at the younger man, he lowered his upper body, aiming at the line of the footprints, like a flying arrow he rushed over on the path in one breath!

Yang Wei screamed and tried to step on Bing..

When Yuan Zhan slammed Yan Mo out of the quicksand and rushed to Da Lie side, everyone cheered.

Yuan Zhan put Yan Mo down and felt his legs go soft at the time, but this guy must maintain his posture and he used a wooden spear to prop his body.

Yan Mo didn't face anything, he just fell down on the solid sandy ground and gasped. This relief, he suddenly felt his muscles sore and loose.

Tomorrow morning, it will definitely hurt even more. Yan Mo laid down for a while and silently got up and massaged himself to relieve leg muscles.

Cao Ting went around him, seeing his movements and silently massaging him to the other leg. Yan Mo found that her left foot seemed to have a problem too, no wonder Yuan Diao also carried her on the sand.

"What do we do about Da Bing?" The two men in the quicksand slammed and asked bluntly.

Yuan Zhan turned his eyelids and didn't feel good. "This idiot said he has a way!"

Then, Yan Mo was once again showered by everyone's eyes.

Hello, I am just a stopgap measure... Yan Mo was speechless about the tacit understanding with the stupid master.

These primitive people don't know what lies are ..... Or a good faith lie? Why are you looking at me? A 14 year old kid said that he has a way, and you believe he really has a solution?

But the real situation is that he really has to find a way.

If you can't save them, you can add 10 scum points. If he promises but he won't save it, isn't this kind of fraud that will leave him hopelessly abandoned by others? God knows that the damn Guide will add a little bit of scum because he deceived others.

No way, I have to try it, even if I just fail at it.

Yan Mo took off his fur coat and finally felt free for a while!

"Remove the ropes from your body, and the animal skins on the slaves and the armors too."

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