Banished to Another World

Chapter 30: Little slave is weird, have to watch him!

More than 20 meters away, there was a slightly hard sand in the middle that is not much wider than the soles of the feet.

Yan Mo didn't study this strange terrain. He only thought that the hard sand near the straight line was strange. It was like the mother nature built a wall between two quicksand pools, and that narrow wall could stand up until now, and may also be related to the quicksand squeeze on both sides.

Aside from this special terrain, Yan Mo's biggest worry is the distance between the two holes.

Fortunately, the people from Yuan Tribe were used to bring a bundles of straw ropes, plus the leather rope that can be removed, and everyone together to make up two more than 20 meters of straw rope.

Yan Mo made a clasp on the end of the two straw ropes. The straw rope was easy to break, not to mention the temporary was tied-up. For this reason, he needed to use two straw ropes bundled together, but it was too late to braid the two straw ropes into one.

"Who has the most powerful throw? And the most accurate throw?"

Da Lie replied: "Da Shan has the greatest strength , the one with the most accurate throw is Da Bing if not him then Da Diao."

Yan Mo looked at Yuan Zhan: You are not embarrassed at all.... looser

Yuan Zhan actually understood the little slave's slightly jeering eyes, and thought: After you save them I will show you how powerful I am.

"Can Da Diao throw these two bundled rope to Da Bing?"

Da Diao bent over and took the drafted rope and looked at the distance. He said with a slight hesitation: "It's a bit light, but I can give it a try.

" Wait." Yan Mo reached out and asked Da Diao to give him the rope. He asked Da Shan for two pieces of bacon, he buckled them on the buckle on the rope, tucked it, and handed it to Yuan Diao. "This weight can't be little"

When Yuan Diao held it in his hand, he grinned. "You are so smart! This is a good way!"

Yuan Zhan smacked the little slave's head, and Yan Mo looked annoyed at him.

At the beginning of the rescue operation, Yan Mo did not know whether it could succeed or not. He could only die as a living horse doctor(try his best).

Yan Mo called Da Bing: "Da Bing, you will be saved one by one, your situation is the most critical, we will save you first, Yang Wei will wait. Da Bing, listen, grab two straw ropes and if you are afraid of the rope slipping out of your hand, take out the meat in the front and put the rope on your wrist. Then you combine the two ropes and hold them together with both hands."

Da Bing and Yang Wei were listening carefully.

"We will grab the rope here, but we can't forcefully pull you out, because the quicksand will compete with us for you. Not only will you not be able to pull yourself out, but the quicksand will even swallow you alive, so you can only rely on yourself. You need to grab the two combined straw ropes and use the ropes to climb outside. Don't worry, after you come out, you can try your best to crawl on the sand and then pull the rope to the ground. Before stepping on land you can use the wooden spear to insert the ground to give yourself a propping help. After your body is completely out, try to grab the wooden spear and get up and stand on the narrow road, then walk over here you can you do it?"

Da Bing rolled his eyes. "Don't look at me as a useless person, throw the rope over. With the rope, I can climb up on the road!"

Da Bing was still spirited and everyone was very happy.

Two bundles of straw ropes were thrown to him, and Da Bing speared the wooden spears into the narrow ground. One hand grasped to fix himself, and the other hand loosened a little. This hand grabbed the dirt for a long time and the fingers became hard. It took a little hard work, and it was hard to hold on the two bundles of straw rope on the wrists. The two pieces of meat were not wasted. They all gave him a supplement, and then, according to the instructions, he put the ropes bundles of straw rope together and held on

"Now-!" Yan Mo repeatedly warned the warriors, so that they should not use too much force, as long as the wooden spear is there, they just need to grab the rope, let Da Bing climb out on his own.

"Da Bing, now!"

Da Bing grabbed the double-strand rope and climbed a little by little. When most of his body was on the safe narrow road, he forced the wooden spear into the narrow road. Then, by fixing it in place first he could pull out one foot which he used to slowly step on the narrow road, then slowly supported himself with the wooden spear, and finally finally he got out of the quicksand and slowly began to move.

Everyone looked at Da Bing nervously, and Yang Wei lifted his head and envied his master.

Soon, Da Bing grabbed the wooden spear and the straw rope, and steadily walked out of the quicksand, and stepped on the firm sandy ground.

"Hey -! Great! Success!" Meng was exhilarated!

Steady Da Lie also smiled, although it took a lot of time, but this is the first time that most people have fallen into the quicksand, and still came out alive.

"The next turn is Yang Wei." Yan Mo found himself saying this, everyone was strangely silent.

Slamming dismissively, "that guy!" Although he looked disdainful at Yang Wei, but it does not prevent the boy from saving him.

Probably everyone has seen or heard of Yang Wei trying to kill his master to save himself.

Yan Mo didn't want to save Yang Wei. He thought that this guy would drag his legs. This time if he saved him he didn't know how the other slave is going to drag them down.


"Yang Wei situation is different from Da Bing situation. He is now on the narrow road, and he is basically not affected by quicksand, but his courage is too small, if the rope was thrown at him, he would be too afraid that he can't hold it but his legs are injured he can't walk by himself. The group didn't have much time to wait for him to climb slowly, so they can take the initiative to drag him over this time. Yan Mo took the straw rope thrown by Da Bing and enlarged the front circle.

"Throw the rope to him and let him put these two loops on himself. This will not only prevent him from getting out of the way, but it will be easier for us to pull him. But there is a problem, he only has a leather skirt, Oh its short, in this case, if we drag him all the way, his private parts will be seriously injured by friction."

"What should I do?" Da Bing was staring at the boy with his eyes sparkling, he now felt that Da Zhan little slave is so smart, they always used to carry straw ropes, but they never thought that they could use them like this. The most important thing that can save people is this rope.

If the rope circle is a little bigger, if they picks up the rope that's thicker and uses the circle to hold the beast, can they drag the prey back to the tribe?

Wow! It felt like this is not difficult, he must try it later!

"There are two ways. One is to throw this kind of animal skin that can be wrapped around him from the head to the foot, let him put it on, then throw the rope to him and drag him over. There is another one, first we have to divide the rope on both sides of the animal skin, then throw the animal skin to Yang Wei, let Yang Wei slowly climb to the animal skin, used his hands to grasp the sides of the animal skin and we pull him pr we can let him lay on the animal skin, and then we pull the rope here Then, we can bring the animal skin and the person on top of it together."

In the end, everyone and Yang Wei chose the first method.

Yang Wei grabbed the rope and points it according to Yan Mo. A loop was placed under his hips and a loop is placed under the armpit. Then the two straw ropes were brought together and held by his hand.

Yan Mo commanded, everyone worked together and quickly dragged Yan Wei the front.

It is a bit unfortunate that when Yang Wei animal skin was dragged and dropped, a straw rope was pulled too fast had broken, but fortunately another straw rope sticks till the last meter, and finally everyone took the hold and pull him slowly. In addition to Da Lie with a hand fracture that has not healed, he pulled with the one arm not injured, Da Shan with the big muscle power stood at the forefront, and his body was stretched out, and finally Yang Wei was pulled over.

Yang Wei is safe, but it does not mean that he has passed danger.

Da Bing went over, took off the animal skin on Yang Wei and threw it to Yan Mo. He lifted Yang Wei and took him to the side. He punched and kicked him on the spot.

Yang Wei clenched his head and tightened his body and cried for his master to stop kicking him.

No one is going to discourage Da Bing. It seems that everyone thinks that Yang Wei deserves it

It's pitiful, but... well. Yan Mo's sympathy died long before his body died. He simply didn't want to worry about whether Yan Wei would be killed, even if he had just rescued him twice. He thought that Da Bing that was almost killed by his own slave .... The man would directly kill Yang Wei and eat his flesh. As a result, the other party seemed to be only trying to kill the murderer.

He doesn't know if his scum points will be increased by this? Yan Mo saw that the hail was almost the same. He was preparing to pretend to make two sentences, and he saw his Da Ren came to him.

What do you want to do you bastard? Yan Mo's intuition is not good, and he is always vigilant when this master comes.

Yuan Zhan told him with his eyes: Fess up! Then he reached out and grabbed the boy's neck and lifted him up.

"Hey! Hey! A... Da Zhan? Da... Ren?" Yan Mo was pulled up and his feet were off the ground, and his breathing became difficult. Both of his hands tried to grab the hand and he wanted Zhan to loosen his grip.

"Da Zhan!" Da Lie looked at the struggling slave and yelled at Yuan Zhan, "He was just being kind, and he still a child, forget it."

Yuan Zhan threw Yan Mo to the ground and kicked his stomach and shouted: "Good intentions! He almost killed everyone!"

F*ck! I have just saved you people. You are not only grateful, but also beat me? What is it? Would you dare to save me? Yan Mo can't wait to give each one of these primitives their personalized hand-made Guide!

Dare to beat your savior? Penalty! You have to be punished! Add scum value, add 10,000 points! For that bastard Yuan Zhan adds one million scum points!

Cao Ting looked anxiously at his master, and Da Diao understood her gaze. He also said: "Da Zhan, at the end result is that all of us are fine. After all, I have to thank you for your little slave, if not for him, my slave will be dead too."

Cao Ting went to Yuan Zhan and knelt down, but did not dare to plead for Yan Mo because her identity is not worthy.

"But my backpack is gone, and the food and salt in it are all gone." He didn't want to beat the small slave, just for the backpack that will not get back for a long time. The meat was gone and he could hunt again, but the backpack even if he wanted to do another one. It is basically impossible.

Yuan Zhan picked up Yan Mo's backpack with a wooden spear and threw it to him. "Take it"

He took the backpack and was overjoyed.

Yuan Lie slapped Yuan Zhan head he grabbed the backpack and threw it to Yuan Zhan, "No, I have one here, this you keep yourself."


Da Lie turned to look at his brother Da Meng who ran to the side violently jumping and simply ran over to poke the small slave's head to vent his own anger.

Is Yan Mo so easy to poke? When Meng wasn't pay attention, he took a golden needle and quickly slammed it on Da Meng wrist. He didn't dare to acupuncture Yuan Zhan. First, everyone looked at them at the time. It was not easy to paralyze the bastard under the public eyes. In addition, he had already stabbed Yuan Zhan with it if he did once again, and he was afraid of being noticed by Yuan Zhan.

Yuan Meng fingers just started pulling the little slave face and he suddenly stopped, and then he shouted in horror: "Ah! My hand! My hand I can not feel, I can't move! Brother! Something took my hand off!"

No one paid attention about him.

Yuan Meng slammed his hand and put it in his mouth and bit it, but no matter how he bit his hand, he didn't feel pain. Others didn't believe it. He just went on crying awkwardly, kneeling on the ground holding a right wrist and mourning.

Yuan Zhan's eyes swept past the little slave, and there was deep doubt in his eyes.

He remembered very clearly that before that the small slave slipped because he felt his arm suddenly go weak, but it recovered after a few seconds and before that, he clearly felt his shoulder and neck go stiff on both sides. Everything was paralyzing as if he had been stabbed by the thorns of the thorn tree in the desert.

That little slave is weird and has to be carefully watched!

Da Bing also finished beating Yang Wei, and it he was breathing bit of a bad breath.

Everyone gathered together again to assemble and check the luggage.

Yan Mo got up from the ground and was about to put on the animal skin that was worn by Yang Wei when Cao Ting suddenly stopped him. In front of him, she took off her animal skin and gave it to him so Yan Mo can wear it on his body.

"Little Mo, thank you for being willing to save me, you are a good person." Cao Ting voice was is low and without waiting for Yan Mo to answer, she went limping back to her master.

Yan Mo's heart felt sour. He didn't mean to save Cao Ting, but he was forced to help. However, it is better to be thanked than to be hated. Yan Mo swears and unknowingly puts the animal skin from Cao Ting on.

After all, it's a woman's clothes, it felt like it's more comfortable than the one he used to wear

Finally, everyone counted the rest of the things.

Except for the clothes worn on the body and the wooden spears caught in the hands, there is basically no loss. Other things are lost more or less. The most lost things are from Yuan Zhan and Da Bing.

Currently, there are four backpacks in the entire team, but only three packs have cured meat.

Fortunately, the loss of salt is not big, except for the backpack that was thrown out by Yuan Zhan and the package that Da Bing had thrown into the quicksand, the salt from others backpacks is still there.

The wooden scoop was the only thing not lost as it was tied to Da Bing waist.

Da Lie backpack was still there, indicating that the flintstones had not been lost.

At this point, the overall loss is not too big. In the case that that bag has saved their lives, everyone felt that this loss is not a loss at all, but it is a pity for the backpack that were lost.

Because after this madness, the firmness and practicability of several backpacks have withstood the test, which greatly proves their existence value.

Several warriors looked at the four backpacks with the same look as new born baby.

Yuan Shan and Yuan Diao divided their meat and gave the meat to Yuan Zhan, which was rejected by Yuan Zhan.

"We are now a certain distance from the tribe, we are almost entering the hunting range frequented by the Third Tier warriors. It is not safe here. We have to decide the direction quickly, and then find a safe place to spend the night." Da Lie eyes open heavily.

"Which direction should we go? If we go on, we will enter the desert." Yuan Meng found that his hand has recovered consciousness, and he was no longer arrogant, but he still will look at his right hand from time to time.

Da Lie did not make a decision immediately, but looked at Missing Teeth.

Missing Teeth started to talk to him about what he had heard about the end of the mainland.

According to the description from Missing Teeth, he once saw a warrior claiming to be from Gaoshan at a exchange place. The person seems to have traveled for a long time, and occasionally the opportunity to encounter this rocky beach transaction.

"I think that person is at least a Fourth Tier warrior, otherwise he can't go through the grasslands and the black forest to the rocky beach." Missing the tooth.

"He crossed the Black Forest?" Da Lie was surprised.

Missing Teeth nodded, "He said so."

Yan Mo found that once Missing Teeth spoke affirmed, all the warriors present showed an awe-inspiring expression, which is a natural respect and fear for the strong, just like they were facing The Chief of their own tribes.

To what extent is the Fourth Tier warrior strength?

At this point, Yan Mo couldn't understand it until he stepped deep into the grasslands and passed through the black forest, only to feel how powerful the Fourth Tierwarriors who could live through the grasslands and the black forests.

"Then why did he mention the end of the mainland with you?" Da Bing.

Missing Teeth recalled: "He was sitting next to me and resting not from far away. I felt that he was very strong. I asked him where he came from, and which tribe he was from."

"He told me that he is from Gaoshan Tribe far away from here, and he left the tribe because he was looking for something that was very important to their people." Missing Teeth said and suddenly sighed. "He also said that when he left there are five tribe members, but there was only one left ...him"

"What was he looking for?" Da Bing asked

Da Bing's curiosity is much heavier than other people, and he can't help but always want to show his sense of existence. This character makes Yan Mo feel a little familiar with himself.

Someone touched his nose it was during his period in high school, it seems that this virtue is? Everywhere Yan Mo want to show his talents everywhere, he felt that the middle school must not be able to hold him down. Any school activities Yan Mo will want to get involved. Any evaluation he did must be rewarded, if a mark was missed it must be convincingly taken back, the mouth is still hard, and the wrong thing is not done. Yan Mo would like to admit that he also liked to be praised. He doesn't know what to do with the enemy. He had been hit by a series of attacks until he really lost a lot of money, so Yan Mo learned how important it is to hide his presence

However, for awhile it is easy to change behavior and the human nature is difficult to change. Even if it can be suppressed for a period of time, it can occasionally emerge from the nature, which led him to being hated by many people during his studies or during his tenure at the hospital.

This kind of personality may not be a problem. At most, it is a little harder to live amongst people than others. When in the future he was more mature, he will naturally precipitate and eventually find his own rhythm.

It may be that he is a person who is unacceptable and has the spirit of retaliating behavior that is if you are not good to me and I will be worse for you, he has done some ridiculous things for those who were disgusted with him and who are not good for him.

He didn't know if Da Bing was a similar person, but it was enough for him not to like and stay away from this person. The bad guys don't like people who are similar like themselves, and they don't believe it because they know exactly what they are. Even if he saved Da Bing, there are many stories about the farmer and the snake in this world.

The dark mood Yan Mo thought of it with no expression.

"I don't know." Missing Teeth patted his head and shook his face. "He didn't say it in detail, but he occasionally said that he might have to go to the end of the mainland to find what he was looking for."

"Where is the end of the continent?" Da Bing asked.

Missing Teeth kept scratching his head, "I don't know, maybe the Gaoshan people know?"

I thought you really know some valuable news, the result is you know nothing?

Yan Mo felt that the news was not important. Da Lie paid great attention. He asked in detail: "Where did the Gaoshan people go? Have you asked him the direction of the rocky beach?"

"I saw him later going towards The Sun Worshipers tribe, there seems that he had something to ask them, then the man went with the Sun Woshipper people... Wait a minute!" Missing Teeth wooden spear slammed the ground and he suddenly shouted: "I remember, he went to ride a horse! He followed Those Sun Woshipper riding horses! Those Sun Woshipper then gave him a horse. When he turned over, he rid up and the horse did not drop him!"

"Does the Sun Woshippers Tribe have a relationship with the Gaoshan?" The thick voice which belongs to Da Shan rolled out

"It's very possible." Da Lie contemplated, "The Priest of the previous generation once said that men in the tribe can't just be with the women in the tribe, and they have to exchange with other tribes, otherwise the tribe will gradually decline. The Priest didn't say why, but after the merger of our three tribes, our tribe is indeed much stronger than before. Maybe the Sun Woshipper and the Gaoshan did it like us to integrate into a new tribe?"

Yan Mo thought, it seems that The Priest here have noticed the dangers of inbreeding but may they didn't not understand why it happened but it is sufficient to know its harmfulness.

Is the primitive society developing like this? Because of the various threats to survival, some tribes, under the impetus of some more wise priests, gradually contacted the outside crowds, and then through mergers and integrations, and then formed new tribes, so that the new tribes appeared. The town appeared, and finally the country also appeared.

"The Sun Woshipper live on the prairie in the east." Yuan Zhan suddenly said.

Da Lie obviously also thought of this problem. He turned to look at Yan Mo and asked: "Little Mo, do you know where the end of the mainland is? How far is it from the tribe? How long do we have to go? Is it true that we can find the sea of salt?"

Who knows? If you keep going on, as long as you are not dead, you may come to the beach someday. Of course, Yan Mo wouldn't say that. He was thinking about the wording. He was hit by a cunnondrum in front of him. He had to think about how to really stand up in the hearts of these primitive people.

Da Lie did not give him time to think, suddenly his face changed: "I command you, now, immediately, clearly tell me the direction and the number of days to go, otherwise ...!"

Yuan Zhan's hand quickly choked his neck.

Come on this f*cking thing again? ! Yan Mo heart went cold.

He thought he had develop a little feeling with his stupid Da Ren. Just now the other person chocked his neck. Although he was very angry, he could feel a little bit that Yuan Zhan would attack him, but not to hurt him to block other form doing it first. The guy simply did not use him to trample him and step on him.

But now Da Lie is not a bit calmed, this guy is already ready to kill him, Yuan Zhan action was quick that even he hesitated!

But why do these people suddenly change their faces, its just not right? Did he say something wrong? No, he hasn't had time to say anything yet!

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