Battle Frenzy

Chapter 11 – Random Weapon

Chapter 11 – Random Weapon

The student union had originally been looking for trouble, yet things had gone unexpectedly smooth for them. They only needed to find some place to use as a base, pay some society deposits, and sign a contract. Like this, the became an official society.

Money was no issue for them, but finding a space for the society was a migraine inducing matter that stressed out President Ma Dong.

After a busy day, Wang Zhong entered the OP training grounds. Last year he had been met with death after death as he was unable to match up against any of his opponents. He truly didn’t want to experience that again. Things were different now, however. The taste of victory was simple incomparable.

After accessing OP, Wang Zhong waited as he was matched up with an opponent. The match he had yesterday couldn’t be considered bad, but he had been a bit too nervous. He now accepted the outcome without thinking at all and hoped that he would be matched with a top-notch soldier today too.

Wang Zhong hadn’t noticed that those spectating his match had already exceeded one hundred people. This was a fairly large number of spectators for OP, especially considering the fact that they were still within the cannon fodder division. Naturally, most of the spectators had come here to be entertained.

“Looking forward to see who brother expert’s opponent is today. We brothers support you!”

“Why are there so many people today?”

“Yesterday our Brother King had unexpectedly won a match, causing the forums to explode with debate. Some fool had actually said his opponent yesterday was actually quite skilled and that defeating him had meant our All-mouthy King is actually an expert.”

“Expert? Fuck me, I need to go see. Who has such great eyesight? He definitely isn’t blind.”

Clearly, the battle with Future Gun King had sparked a heated debate among the rookies. A comment about this so-called expert would appear from time to time, but would immediately afterwards be flooded with comments that cursed him to death.

Map: Arena. Weapon mode: Random.

The entire space flared up for a moment, igniting all of the youngsters’ passion.

“Do you see that? That’s the air of a tyrant, an expert who can disregard the whole world!”

“They’re blinding my gold dog eyes! There is actually someone who dares to use a random weapon! Comrades, we must kneel and worship him at once!”

Immediately, everyone grew gleeful. For many people, it was the first time they watched All-mighty King’s battle. They understood the importance of a soldier’s weapon. If a long range soldier was given an axe, then all they could do was cut themselves. If an ability soldier was given a tower shield, then they could use it as a coffin board.

Wang Zhong’s opponent appeared.

Emily*Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy. Matches: 0. Cannon fodder division. Without a doubt, this was truly Emily. Moreover, she had an asterisk attached to her name, signifying that she was an elite with ultra high self-confidence!

All of the elites or well known experts from any of the academies would have their names presented in such a way: their real name along with their affiliated academy. This was something the academies required in order to boost their ego and spread the reputation of the academy. This kind of talented person definitely wouldn’t become a simple solder in the future. Their accomplishments in the OP system would be one of the things considered after they graduated and entered the military. Thus, everyone took OP extremely seriously.

Although she appeared to be just another newbie, the strength of anyone who was a special recruit definitely couldn’t be looked down upon. Information on Emily quickly made its way around. She was from St. Mongul City, 14 years old, and her combat ability was proven to be extraordinary even when she was just in middle school. Although she wasn’t tall, she was still an expert at close quarters combat while also… God! She also had a flame ability!

Some of Brother King’s fans were already praying for him, all of them imagining the scene of his miserable defeat. Today they would have a taste of some wonderful barbeque.

Emily picked a pair of rune swords. Watching this match was Master Moor, the department head of Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy’s rune department. He was a master rune weapon forger and had brought much glory to Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy with his skill. Moreover, he was a member of the Freedom Federation’s Rune Association Council. He wanted to observe Emily’s battle and gather information on her in order to create a suitable weapon for her.

Emily was excited as well. Naturally, this wasn’t just because she was a special recruit; her family’s connections had also helped. Master Moor owed her father a favor, which presented itself as a rare opportunity to her. Regardless of who her opponent was, Emily would display her full strength today.

Wang Zhong’s weapon ended up being a dagger. His luck wasn’t too bad. If it had been a bow and arrow, he would have had a headache. When he noticed who his opponent was, Wang Zhong was startled. It was unexpectedly Emily.

The little girl who loved to eat ice cream back then had already changed into a valiant soldier now. At this moment, Emily was completely devoid of her usual naughty behaviour. It was instead replaced by a completely tranquil expression. She had a sharp gaze as she crossed her two rune swords behind her with an air of aggressiveness.

Battle start!

Thud thud thud thud…

Emily nimbly advanced on Wang Zhong, swooping down upon him. With her short stature, she transformed into a cheetah with the circulation of her soul power. That’s right. As soon as the battle commenced, Emily began her assault. Whoosh… As she headed directly for Wang Zhong and suddenly leapt into the air, spinning wildly in an arc with a rune sword slicing towards Wang Zhong’s neck.

All of the spectators forget to breathe at that moment. When they first saw that she was a cute little loli, they were a bit dismissive of her. Yet now that they saw her frightening movements and fierce attack, everyone’s neck felt cold. They sent a silent prayer out towards Brother King once more. Such a savage loli was far from good.

Despite Emily’s sword being so accurate, when it passed by Wang Zhong’s neck, her eyes narrowed. She hadn’t felt any resistance at all!

Whoosh. Emily once again shot forwards with astonishing leaping strength and arrived at Wang Zhong’s rear. She slashed at him again with speed of a civet, but Wang Zhong took a step forward and evaded her attack! At the same time, Emily thrust her other rune sword out, stepping up to pursue him. Her arms and legs were in complete unison, allowing her to rapidly close the distance between them. Yet, her opponent’s evasions were extremely precise, unexpectedly causing her to miss by a hair’s width each time!


Wang Zhong shot out a hand, colliding with Emily, forcing her to leap backwards in retreat. She stood there with her rune sword, watching All-mouthy King slowly turn around… She hadn’t heard that this guy was so hard to deal with!

Although she hadn’t used all of her strength yet, her opponent had been able to see through her attacks so effortlessly. This sparked a feeling of excitement within her that she’d rarely felt. This was the kind of opponent that would allow Master Moor to gain all the information he needed to create the most suitable weapon for her.

A petite person would usually avoid a head on battle, but Emily was the opposite. She preferred to clash with her opponent face to face. The dance of blades made her youthful body incomparably excited.

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