Battle Frenzy

Chapter 12 – The Little Dreg’s Counterattack!

Chapter 12 – The Little Dreg’s Counterattack!

Whoosh… Tatatata…

Emily attacked Wang Zhong as she speedily ran circles around him. If he had been an ordinary soldier, he would have already been struck silly as Emily’s movements held a type of illusion to them. It made it difficult for one to completely sense when she would stop or the direction she was moving towards. A sly smile crept into being at the the corner of Wang Zhong’s lips. She had complete control of her attack frequency and center of gravity and could change both at any time. Any brainless fool who attacked her would immediately fall for her trap. This little girl’s growth was truly astonishing.

In his split second of absent-mindedness, however, Emily struck. At that moment she soared into the air, then quickly and viciously bent down and attacked. To the spectators, it seemed as if her movements completely violated the laws of inertia. In the blink of an eye, her attack struck.

The rune sword pierced over. Whoosh!

Yet, there was only air!?

Even Emily couldn’t believe it. Her certain sword strike had actually been completely evaded by her opponent. Almost subconsciously, she exploded backward in retreat.

Ever since she had awakened, her family had trained her to the point where she was absolutely confident in her strength and skill. In order to train her, her family had even invited students from St. Mongul Heroic Soul Academy to act as her sparring partner. This was also one of the reasons why she wasn’t willing to go to that academy. None of the upperclassmen there could even hope to match up to her strength.

The unhurried look in her eyes magnified…

She had been seen through?

Impossible, absolutely impossible!

Emily took out her second sword and crossed them. She couldn’t lose face in front of Master Moor.


Her two rune swords suddenly ignited as Emily’s pretty eyes took on a fiery red color. The blazing flame immediately made the temperature rise up a notch.

Those who possessed ability were those who were favored by the gods. Emily’s flame wasn’t natural, rather, it was soul fire. This soul fire was extremely lethal against soul power and could even interfere with it. The situation reversed in a flash as the two swords combined with her flame ability. With an imposing aura, Emily’s weapons were already in a league of their own, above that of All-Mouthy King’s dagger.


Emily began her assault. This time, she didn’t use any special techniques, but instead opted for a head-on attack. When she used this kind of strength, there were few among her peers who could be considered a worthy opponent.


The dagger parried the sword, but in response, Emily’s eyes grew resolute, completely embodying the Assassin’s creed!

Her two flaming rune swords flared up for a moment, filling the entire sky with flame. It was almost as if the Grim Reaper’s sickle was curling its way around Wang Zhong. This was Emily’s strongest attack that no one had ever been able to withstand before.

Dancing Fire Lotus!

In a flash, the flaming rune swords exploded like a fiery blooming lotus flower!

The spectators were all petrified at the sight of this. Damn, this was something even a pig head would know about! This was the Assassin clan’s sure kill technique! In a brief moment, eighteen swords of flame exploded out, forming an infernal sword light. Apart from its harming ability, the flame also added a visual impact to the swords. Even if an expert could evade this rune sword attack, they would still be set aflame by the eighteen spinning sword lights that were condensed from flame. This was the power of an ability!

This was a certain death situation!

Nobody had ever dreamed that they would be able to see such a powerful attack in the cannon fodder division. Without a doubt, Emily, this cute little loli, was from the Assassin clan.

Right as everyone was sighing in lament of All-Mouthy King, the entire audience turned to deathly silent in a flash. Everyone had colorful expressions painted all over their faces at that moment. It was as if they had been riding an elevator when all of sudden, it went out of control and began free falling!

This was because, in the middle of the battlefield, All-Mouthy King had his dagger up against Emily’s neck!

Emily couldn’t stop her hands from shaking. There had never been anyone who could break through Dancing Fire Lotus like this before. Never!

All-Mouthy King wins!

Emily grit her teeth and held back her tears. Ever since she had awakened her flame ability, no one had thought she was suited for close combat and they had all told her so. But she wanted to fight like this, and so, she convinced herself that she could become a great Assassin. She had done her best to let others know this through her accomplishments, yet with the current result, could it be that she had been wrong?

The unbeatable Dancing Fire Lotus had been broken through so easily…

Wang Zhong suddenly cracked a smile and withdrew his dagger. “You chose the wrong weapon. Try out dual daggers next time and maybe the outcome will be different.”

Emily was still dumbstruck, yet her opponent had already left.

Unwittingly, the number of spectators had already grown to over 200 people at some time. Everyone was speechless as they replayed the match in slow motion. The Dancing Fire Lotus was a top tier assassin burst technique and, moreover, Emily’s execution of the technique had been superb and exceptionally quick. Yet, All-Mouthy King had been able to grasp the only flaw; her rune swords had been a bit too long for her. With just a small flaw, he had been able to exploit it completely. During the moment the lotus bloomed, the same moment when it was at its most beautiful, a flaw had appeared as well. Wang Zhong only had to throw his dagger at Emily and disrupt her in order to cause everything to come to a stop. In fact, the formidable power of the Dancing Fire Lotus hadn’t even been able to display itself.

The spectators were all silent as they watched the replay in disbelief. As they watched the slow motion replay, they began to realize that it hadn’t been simple at all, but damn! How could this be? A thin soul power shield had formed over All-Mouthy King’s body and resisted the flaming assault. This kind of control and soul power output, damn, how many people could actually accomplish that!?

More unbelievable was his judgment and coordination. Throughout the entire Freedom Federation, who would dare to instruct an Assassin like so?

A few minutes later, all of the spectators exploded into heated discussion. Was this King’s counterattack!?

The OP forums exploded into discussions about All-Mouthy King. If the first time was a small scale debate, then this time it couldn’t be considered a rebuttal, but a counterattack!

“The little dreg’s counterattack?”

“Do you believe that the world has such a miracle?”

“Discussing All-Mouthy King’s kingly character!”

There were those who ridiculed him, those with expectations of him and those who were excited by him…

Naturally, the level of the battle had given rise to even more debate. Some felt that Emily was highly talented but had no fighting experience, so her style was too rigid. After all, a little loli wasn’t suited to be an assassin. Yet with so much ability, she insisted on walking the most dangerous path of an assassin.

It wasn’t until an analysis of the battle came out that the discussion reached a climax.

A famous special recruit in second year and the captain of the Mad Beast Battle Squadron from Copperfield Heroic Soul Academy, Explosive Bear Laura, had appeared. She lead the Mad Beast Battle Squadron to attain outstanding military achievements during her first year and possessed the Grassi Explosive Bear flaming beast ability. She was a bug-like existence that stood as a representative of the next generation. But above all else, she was a super sexy beauty!

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