Battle Frenzy

Chapter 13 – Emily Wants to Stay the Night

Chapter 13 – Emily Wants to Stay the Night

Laura watched the whole battle and honestly speaking, she hadn’t understood All-mouthy King’s situation until the very end. She’d never seen someone as monstrous as him before. In fact, she felt that it was simply too random. Had the universe exploded?

After this battle, however, she was certain. She was certain that All-mouthy King was terrifying.

Countless people had been baffled by the Dancing Fire Lotus before, and even though Emily’s weapon had been incompatible with her, her Dancing Fire Lotus had still been exceptionally formidable. This type of battle skill had extreme killing power even if its fire blades had been imperfectly created. Yet, from start to finish, he had used the minimum amount of soul power to defend himself—as if he was certain his opponent couldn’t strike him at all.

After analyzing a slow motion replay of the battle, she marked out the trajectory of his evasive movements and frequent changes.

In the face of her analysis, the whole forum went silent! It was as though the shadow followed the pace of the body.

He’d been bursting with confidence and had dared to move the battle completely to his pace. In other words, Emily was unable to land a single attack on her opponent. All of her moves had been seen through.

This was the gap between those at the top and those they looked down upon!

Laura turned off her skylink, showing disinterest in the chatter behind her. She swept a glance behind her at Anlor and Arnold Teuton. “If you two still think you can easily beat him, then the dignity of our Mad Beast Battle Squadron is in danger.”

This guy is really interesting. No matter how I look at it, his techniques are good but his heart is too soft. He didn’t want to lay a hand on his opponent because she was a little girl. This is a huge flaw. After some time, I fear this will cost him his life.

Naturally, Laura didn’t give voice to these thoughts.

At this time, in one of the teachers’ buildings for Tianjing Academy’s rune department.

Department Head Moor brewed a hot cup of tea for the dispirited Emily. “Little girl, why are you so depressed with just a single loss? Don’t be sad. You should be happy instead.”

“Uncle Moor, could it be that I’m not suited for the path of an assassin?”

Moor gave a gentle chuckle. “This is something you should ask for yourself. No one but you can decide your life for you. In any case, I agree with what your opponent said. For a personal set of weapons, rune swords are too long for you.”

Emily was stunned. “So it’s fine that I lost?”

“You foolish child. Uncle had just barely grasped your situation. A single battle is nowhere near enough to find out what I need. If you learned something from that battle, then that is something worth being happy about.”

“Thank you, uncle. I understand now!” After bowing, Emily quickly ran off and disappeared like a wisp of smoke.

Moor couldn’t help but shake his head. Youngsters these days are truly too energetic. One moment a gust of wind, the next a shower of rain. He had originally planned on taking Emily’s measurements and making her a pair of rune swords, but now it seemed to him that daggers would suit her more.

After his battle with Emily concluded, Wang Zhong proceeded with his usual routine and began his physical training. The more he fought, the more he felt the importance of his body’s strength. Everyone valued soul power, but without a sufficiently strong body to bear its power, it was still a major flaw.

Emily has already grown up and unexpectedly grasped such a powerful battle skill. After tempering herself some more, she will surely become a heavenly expert.

Ever since he’d awakened, Wang Zhong’s appetite had grown quite large. After he finished buying his groceries, he returned to his dorm and discovered someone standing by his door.

“Emily, why are you here?” Wang Zhong curiously asked.

Emily was embracing a large bottle of alcohol as she said, “Big Brother Wang Zhong, come! Today, Emily is very happy. Let’s drink some alcohol to celebrate!”

Wang Zhong stared at Emily for a moment before taking the alcohol from her. “I’ll hold onto this for now. Children shouldn’t drink alcohol!”

This girl is truly rebellious! Naturally, Wang Zhong knew within his heart where the problem lay. With such exceptional talent, experiencing a defeat would surely leave her heart in a knot.

“Tch. You’re so old-fashioned. If you won’t drink with me, then I’ll go into the streets and find someone else to drink with me!”Emily wrinkled her little nose as she spoke.

She had cut to the chase as she’d grown hungry as well. Heroic soul soldiers used up a lot of energy and the stronger they were, the more energy they used. Thus, they were basically all big eaters.

Wang Zhong didn’t eat much. Contrary to what one might expect, Emily had eaten the greater amount between the two. She ate and drank while chatting up a storm, explaining to Wang Zhong everything that had happened to her today.

“Big Brother Wang Zhong, do you still remember the first time we met two years ago? That was when I was the most depressed. It was your words that helped me find confidence in myself until today!” said Emily.

“Ah, is that so?” Wang Zhong said as he rubbed his nose. He didn’t remember what he had said at all.

Fortunately, Emily didn’t mind this. Rather, she began to reminisce. At that time, everyone in her family had been planning her future for her but she had secretly run off to Tianjing. The day she met Wang Zhong was the happiest day of her life. It truly was. Only Wang Zhong had supported her decisions and he had even been the one to suggest the path of an assassin to her. Her innate talent made her good at this, and her stature made her far more nimble than others. Everyone had their own talents after all.

“I will definitely succeed!” Emily suddenly stood up and shouted into the air.

Wang Zhong jumped in fright. “You little devil, hurry up and sit down. This is a dormitory; you can’t make such a racket.”

“Heehee. Are you afraid others will find out you have a girl in your room?” Emily astutely said. “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Wang Zhong said in embarrassment, “Children shouldn’t be concerned with adult matters!”

“Tch. You’re only a bit older than me, what kind of adult are you? You can be relieved though, I will help you look for a girlfriend. In any case, I can’t let you date just anybody.” Emily laughed.

“Emily, I agree with what Department Head Moor said. With your build, you’ll definitely be able to display your full strength if you switch to dual daggers. You might lose some dominance in your appearance and you might be at a disadvantage in close quarters combat, but an inch is still an inch of danger. With the addition of your nimbleness and close combat instincts, who knows what kind of surprising result there may be.” Wang Zhong promptly diverted the topic.

Emily went silent for a moment before her expression turned into one of astonishment. “Why does everyone think that I’m not suited to close quarters combat with my body?”

“Whether you are suitable or not is a feeling of the soul. You have a tendency towards being fierce and with this tendency of yours, you’re fearless and resolute in close quarters combat. In fact, you’re like a fish in water. It’s in this way that you are suitable for it. But your only problem is finding a suitable battle method. For example, I think your dagger should have a curve to it, this way it’ll cut through the air even better and let your strikes become even faster, just like a phantom,” said Wang Zhong. Right after his battle with Emily had concluded, he’d clearly noted the confidence this girl had when she engaged in close quarters combat. If she switched to using a pair of daggers instead and tried her Dancing Fire Lotus once more… The thought gave him goosebumps.

Emily sunk into deep thought and involuntarily brandished her hands. “It seems… the feeling isn’t too bad. I’ll go tell Uncle Moor tomorrow. I know you’re my caring big brother and you’re much more reliable than Ma Dong Dong. Let me hug you as a reward.”

Wang Zhong broke into a cold sweat. “Alright then. We’ve finished eating and have solved your problem. You should go back to your dorm now.”

“I don’t want to. I want to stay here. Ma Dong Dong doesn’t live here anyways,” said Emily.

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