Battle Frenzy

Chapter 15 – The Question of “Size”

Chapter 15 – The Question of “Size”

“President Scarlet, you don’t need to waste anymore effort; big brother Wang Zhong is never leaving the Prodigy Society!” Emily exclaimed without hesitation.

Scarlet smiled, and gave Wang Zhong a glance. “I definitely won’t give up easily, cute little junior sister!”

Emily wrinkled her nose and said, “Hmph, who’s little!”

Ma Dong Dong narrowed his eyes and covertly scanned the two women’s chests. Tsk tsk, it is a little small.


Emily stomped on Ma Dong Dong’s instep, causing his face to instantly turn black. Like a bomb going off, just before an animalistic howl was about the fill the entirety of the library, Scarlet’s right hand pointed at Ma Dong Dong, throwing a silencing technique that directly swallowed Ma Dong Dong in one gulp.

The silencing technique was a high-end soul power ability specifically designed to counter ability users as it could interfere with their abilities; yet, it was now being used just to shut someone up. Ma Dong Dong could only feel his head buzzing, as though his body was about to fly away.

Emily and Scarlet glanced at one another; they seemed to have found something in common.

At that moment, he glanced at Wang Zhong with tears in his eyes. Just who had he provoked?.

“Wang Zhong, it was a pleasure talking with you today. I presume that we both benefited mutually. I hope that in the future we will have more opportunities to talk,” Scarlet said with a beautiful, soul-stirring smile.

Wang Zhong nodded his head and said, “I also benefited a lot.”

The second Scarlet walked away, Ma Dong Dong immediately lunged over and exclaimed, “Brother, you won big! Tell me, when did you get so close to Scarlet? Have you two done it already!?”

Wang Zhong quickly covered Ma Dong’s dirty mouth. This guy simply didn’t fear the world turning into chaos. If word of this spreads, then regardless of whether it was true or not, everyday would bring hundreds of students out, searching for his blood.

“You’re overthinking it. She is only interested in my academic work. Say, as someone who treats the library like a graveyard, what are you doing here?” Wang Zhong asked. That was right. Ma Dong Dong considered this place a burial ground, so he wasn’t willing to waste any of his precious time here.

“Have you forgotten? You have a make-up class today!” Ma Dong replied.

Wang Zhong was surprised for a moment before cursing. Dammit, to think I actually forgot about it!

The three of them frantically rushed to the examination room. Having chosen the role of a long ranged combatant for the examination, Wang Zhong barely scraped a pass. He definitely had to pass this make-up examination, else his days as a second year will definitely be hard to live through.

Ever since the awakening of his soul powers, Wang Zhong had been immersed in understanding his newfound abilities, causing him to even forget about this important event.

The examination was still in progress when they arrived. To be honest, this was quite a shameful scene as all of the students present were those retained from the previous semester.

Ma Dong patted Wang Zhong’s shoulder encouragingly and said, “Brother, have faith in yourself, you’ve practiced the entire holiday so there will definitely be some results!”

“Big brother Wang Zhong is the best. Don’t be nervous!” Emily shouted out.

Wang Zhong smiled slightly. He and nervousness had nothing to do with each other. Taking out his skylink, he scanned through the details of his make-up exam.

The system had chosen a bow as his long ranged weapon for the examination. In the examination hall, the exam teacher was impatiently watching the clock. If it wasn’t because he knew there was still one more student, he would have long left.

“Hurry up, Wang Zhong, you’re the last one. There are five groups, and each group has ten arrows. As long as your average is 60 points, you pass,” the examination teacher explained. “Proceed over there to choose your weapon.”

The two important criteria for long-ranged battle ability was accuracy and damage. As a long-ranged combatant, accuracy was first, while having adequate soul power damage was second. Every shot had to be accurate, but also filled with adequate soul power, otherwise, there was no lethality.

Wang Zhong chose the rune bow; unlike other bows that were handcrafted by Department Head Moore, this one was mass-produced, thus there was bound to be some loss in soul power conversion.

On the second floor of the exam venue stood two people, one old and one young engaging in merry banter.

The vigorous old man was the President of Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy and the representative of the Freedom Federation, Greene Steve. At his side stood a female in the Freedom Federation army uniform. With a crown of short hair and eyes sparkling with intelligence, she exuded an aura reminiscent of a hero, standing tall and valiant. On her forehead was an eye-catching scar. Normally, it would ruin a lady’s beautiful appearance, but on her it exemplified her imposing aura.

“This is such a coincidental timing. Grace, please show some support for your junior brothers and sisters,” Greene said. Grace was one of the most exemplary students that had graduated from Tianjing Academy in recent years.

“Teacher Greene , I’ve heard that Tianjing Academy’s ranking has dropped quite a bit. This is so unlike you,” Grace slyly laughed.

“You brat, the first thing you do after coming back is antagonize your teacher, is that the right behaviour?” Greene started to feel a slight headache; after all these years, this troublemaker still hadn’t changed a single bit.

“This is my alma mater and I have strong feelings for it. I returned in the hopes of uncovering a few potential geniuses this time. The standard for the current exam is not low, however, and I feel that choosing from the first and second years would be better, with first years being best,” Grace said.

Greene nodded his head and said, “This is a god-sent opportunity for Tianjing Academy. I’ll leave the selection entirely up to you. What are your plans?”

“I believe that within the school, there is bound to be students with potential. Teacher, what do you think about holding a competition using my name?” Grace asked. Being a heroic soul academy, rune technology could only serve to as a decoration in comparison to combat ability.

“I was waiting for you to say that. Your influence on the younger generation surpasses mine by far, Haha.” Suddenly, both Greene and Grace glanced over towards the outside of the observation deck.

”At the shooting range below, having chosen his bow, Wang Zhong gathered up his soul power as the teacher irritatingly said, “Are you done preparing yet—hurry up!”

He had little patience for those second and third years who still needed to take a make-up class.

Ignoring the complaints of the teacher, Wang Zhong wholeheartedly focused on the weapon in his hands. The target in front of him grew larger and larger… Whoosh.


Bullseye. The make-up teacher nodded his head slightly, but then saw that the damage meter that only displayed 40. Is he trying to tickle it? Although the distance is a bit far, the damag is too low.

Generally, with long distance attacks, the further the distance the greater the rate damage dissipated, with 20 metres enough to dissipate half of the power. Although Wang Zhong had miraculously caused only a bit of power to dissipate, the base power was still too little.

“Come on, use some strength! Have you not eaten yet? What can this tiny soul power do!” the make-up teacher cursed. Being accurate had no use.

Upstairs, Grace wryly smiled and said, “What an interesting kid. He exudes the aura of a veteran with bow techniques, but that soul power is too pathetic.”

Dean Greene sighed and hopelessly said, “That one is a mistake we made last year. He was the one who wrote the theory on tactics of control and was specially invited to join the commander department. Now, however, he has become a problem.”

Grace gawked and stared at him. Indeed, having a student from the commander department take make-up lessons was quite a disgrace.

“If he is unable to pass today’s make-up exam, I will transfer him to the rune department. Leaving him in the commander department would not be fruitful for his studies,” Greene said.

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