Battle Frenzy

Chapter 16 – The Heavy Solder from the North

Chapter 16 – The Heavy Solder from the North

Ignoring the exam teacher’s ridicule, Wang Zhong’s gaze sharpened as he stared quietly at the target.


In an instant, the remaining nine arrows explosively shot out together and toward the target 20 meters away


With an explosive boom, the unprepared teacher was lifted off the ground and fell back. His face was full of shock. Only after some time did he slowly turn his head, mouth gaping open widely.

All that was left of the target board was a pile of scrap on the floor.

Sucking back his saliva, the teacher cursed. Dammit, wasn’t the target board capable of handling Grasso powered attacks?

That’s fucking 20 meters away!!!

Is this person here for make-up classes? Or is he here to tease me?

Suspicious. The teacher started examining Wang Zhong from head to toe. According to the skylink and student ID, it didn’t look like a replacement.

“Ahem. I think this target board has been overused and is in due need for a replacement; however, your performance today was not bad. All right, you’ve passed today’s make-up test,” the teacher said.

Grace’s eyes sparkled intensely. “Nine consecutive arrows in a span of 1.5 seconds with nearly identical flight pathways. What’s more, it was extremely accurate; what strong fundamentals!”

Greene was quite surprised as he nodded his head. “How interesting. That isn’t an easy feat to accomplish. The main issue of low soul power, however, is still present. Are you planning on wasting your time on him?”

What Dean Greene said was indeed true; with so many students, there was bound to be talents present. The commander department, however, existed for a specific purpose; to train the people who could cast their heroic souls. If one could not cast their heroic soul, then it would forever amount to nothing.

Grace cast a pair of confident eyes on the grounds below. A radiant smile blossomed as she said, “Teacher, every single person should have a dream. What if the dream comes true?”

With the end of the make-up class, Wang Zhong didn’t linger around and instead went to join Ma Dong and Emily for dinner before heading off alone for some personal training. Ever since he came to the heroic soul Academy, Wang Zhong had never once skipped training his fundamentals.

In the training room, one arrow after the other continuously shot out from Wang Zhong’s bow. The feeling of this continuous flow made every inch of Wang Zhong’s body feel rejuvenated. Only this could be called a fight. This was the life he wanted.

After training, Wang Zhong re-entered the OP System to search for his opponent for today. Since the lesson curriculum wasn’t packed at the moment, he may as well fight a match.

After his ID started flashing, the formerly quiet cannon fodder division grew noisy as people began discussing the double victory. Furthermore, one had been against a successor of the Assassin clan. The people who came from clans possessed bloodlines of ignited heroic souls and were leagues above the average combatant. Behind them stood the mighty power of their ancestors.

In the end, was All-Mouthy King just a cactus blooming in the night once, or had he gained some sort of enlightenment?

The moment Wang Zhong’s opponent appeared, the audience numbers quickly grew to over 300, showing just how many had set reminders on their skylinks. Although there were a few strong combatants that had awe-inspiring fights, they were too far in-between for the common man. Moreover, All-Mouthy King had managed to stir something deep within their hearts.

A multitude of voices were heard as the audience discussed the fight, but there was a subtle change in the old tone.

“It looks like Brother King managed to break through. With his recent improvement in combat prowess, I feel that he can walk the path of an assassin.”

“If you can walk the path of an assassin with only two wins, then you’re thinking too much!”

“This fellow just had an accidental win. He’s a rookie; while the other is a clan member of the Assassin clan, it’s known that even her clan members were against her going down the path of an assassin. With such a small and petite body that’s unsuitable for assassination and the unfortunate luck that her trademark Dancing Fire Lotus was broken by him, this means that she isn’t suited for the way of the assassin. I bet that today, All-Mouthy King will end up back at square one!”

“Yeah, that’s right, just two measly wins and he thinks he could forget the past, what kind of bullshit is Brother King thinking. Today, this Boss came to watch him get trashed!”

The crowd gradually formed two factions and the majority still didn’t believe that All-Mouthy King, a joke in their eyes, would be able to emerge like a butterfly from a cocoon. Those who were voting for him only did so due to the recent two wins.

At this moment, Laura was silently observing the broadcast through her skylink instead of entering the OP System. Her fame as the Explosive Bear Goddess brought her unnecessary trouble.

Anlor and Arnold Teuton were currently training the newest batch of squad members. Although All-Mouthy King’s recent performance was quite impressive in both tactics and perception, as veterans with over one hundred battles under their belt, it didn’t interest them much. Their battle squadron, Mad Beast Battle Squadron, recently had two of their seniors with strong combat ability graduate. As such, they had to start screening the new members and choose promising talents to be their replacement.

Screening wasn’t Laura’s job. She poured herself a cup of coffee as she watched the broadcast projection. After all the contradictions that All-Mouthy King displayed during his previous fights, she felt that she had to watch this fight.

After a short while, Wang Zhong’s opponent appeared: Juan Oleg*Stogel Heroic Soul Academy. One battle, one victory.

Stogel was the number one city in the north of the new continent, where the climate was cold. Stogel Heroic Soul Academy possesses fierce and tenacious heavy-armored soldiers with strong wills in plentiful numbers. The key point, however, was this person’s surname. Oleg was the surname of a formidable clan of the human race that could be traced back to the hundred years stand the humans had gone through. They had the ability to transmit the power of the heroic soul through their bloodline, just like the Assassin clan in St. Mongul. When anyone spoke of heavy-armor soldiers, the Oleg clan would definitely be mentioned.

This two-meter-tall, fierce-looking warrior was indeed a new generation member of the Oleg clan.

“Oh my god, this bastard is built like a wild beast! Look at his chest; it’s as thick as the girth of my body!”

“Stogel City is surrounded by the bitter cold. No doubt, Brother King is gonna suffer this time! “

The first two wins by All-Mouthy King involved some luck, coupled with a few strategies and the element of surprise. With a heavy soldier as his opponent, however, a single mistake could result in being physically crushed with his bones shattering.

Laura wryly smiled. As potential opponents, every single bit of information about the various academies and their new students were known to her. With regards to this Oleg, although he didn’t have much of a combat record in the OP System, he still would have received all kinds of combat training from a young age. This was the same with almost every single successor of a martial clan. The moment he ignited his soul fire, everything he achieved would only require half the effort. This was why martial clans were able to take over the world.

Although the perception and strategies employed by All-Mouthy King wasn’t bad, facing such a monster that had extra strong defence with his attacks would be almost useless!

Facing such odds, even the stanchest supporters of All-Mouthy King had given up hope. Unfortunately, the bets had already been placed, so there was no other option but to watch and pray.

As usual, Wang Zhong chose a random weapon; the stronger the opponent, the better the gains in soul power.

“This guy is too arrogant. Instead of choosing a long-ranged weapon that would give a sliver of victory, he chose a random weapon.”

“Stop joking, that’s only if he knows how to use a long-ranged weapon. There is no easy way to counter someone from the Oleg clan. They have confidence in facing any occupation. “

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