Battle Frenzy

Chapter 18 – Unbelieveable

Chapter 18 – Unbelieveable

Juan spread out his arms and hunched forward slightly. He resembled a ferocious bear that was waiting to charge at his prey.

Facing an opponent with such agility, one mustn’t focus on landing a killing blow. Instead, one must concentrate on containment and capture. Once captured, their agility becomes moot.

Now was the time to showcase the Oleg clan’s famous prey capturing techniques.

Only by using such techniques would one become the champion. Using mere brute force would lead to failure.

Wang Zhong didn’t fear Juan’s stance and charged forward rapidly. Against this kind of heavy soldier which had a strength equivalent to ten men, overly complicated moves wouldn’t make the cut. The only way is to break his defensive posture.

Juan allowed Wang Zhong’s attacks to hit, so long as none were aimed at his vital points. On the other hand, every one of Juan’s attacks had an aura of death behind it. If he were caught by Juan, Wang Zhong would immediately be crushed.

In a short span of two minutes, the two unleashed dozens of moves against one another. Wang Zhong landed at least seven or eight strikes on Juan, but didn’t do much due to his weak attack power. Juan made sure to tightly guard his vital spots. He didn’t believe that a fighter like Wang Zhong would lack a hidden move. Wang Zhong’s soul power wasn’t high, and he wouldn’t give him the chance to strike his vitals. With this, nothing could penetrate his defence!

Yet, this opponent was very slippery and agile. There was no chance for him to capture the other, nevermind landing a hit. This All-mouthy King was definitely a combat veteran. He constantly harassed the other without taking any unnecessary risks, it was as if he was waiting for an easy way to strike.

Seeing those eyes brimming with self-confidence, Juan didn’t dare to underestimate his foe. Such confidence indicated that there was a hidden killing move that could strike when the opportunity presented itself.

Yet, the man seemed to have forgotten that he wasn’t the only one with a killing move.

Another strike landed on Juan’s chest, but it was no different from striking a metal sheet. The collision caused Wang Zhong to rebound into the air. Facing such a monster while in mid-air was suicide and he had to quickly return to the ground.

At this moment, Juan struck!

As he blocked Wang Zhong’s strike, Juan’s fist had already been thrust forward. It rumbled towards Wang Zhong like an exploding cannon shell. Such a strike would definitely cause Wang Zhong’s head to explode like a watermelon.

But… this distance…

Wasn’t enough!

A few millimeters away, Juan’s palms suddenly slapped together. Soul power instantly exploded outward from the clap.


Oleg Shockwave Slap!

Juan felt extremely confident. That shockwave clap was capable of knocking out an unprepared opponent for at least a second. This was more than enough time to end his opponent’s life.

Juan’s right hand was like Thor’s hammer as it rumbled towards Wang Zhong’s head.

Silence filled the audience seats as everyone was wholly absorbed by the match. The combat prowess of Juan from the Oleg clan was on a level Brother King couldn’t match. He was about to get beat up as usual.



Juan’s fist stopped abruptly, a few millimeters away from the top of All-mouthy King’s head.

Why did he stop!? Just a bit further and the match would have ended!

Juan stood there motionlessly, his expression petrified while his eyes wide open as though they were about to pop open.

Victory For All-mouthy King!

The previously silent crowd burst into a cacophony of voices in a matter of seconds. This was an unexpected win within the cannon fodder division.

“Oh god, are you kidding me? Is the OP system having problems!?”

“Brother King, dammit, how did you manage to make the OP system your fairy godmother!?”

“It’s just not possible! Juan is able to defend against at least 150 grassos. There wasn’t any soul power detected that was high enough to break his defense!”

“There must have been a problem!”

Most of the average fighters within the cannon fodder division didn’t possess high intelligence. When faced with such a mind-blowing event, even if they knew a problem in the OP system was highly unlikely as the OP provided entrance and use of the Fifth Dimension which made it impossible to disturb, they couldn’t find any other explanation for this.


Juan Oleg’s body fell back to the alarmed shout of the crowd. The cacophony turned into harsh silence that filled the air.

What could be seen on Juan’s left chest was a massive, soul chilling depression. Such an attack on the heart would cause it to easily rupture.

Instant death!

Wang Zhong slowly stood up. Taking a deep breath, he left the OP system.

“I’ll be damned, I must be dreaming, right? That looks exactly like a blow a sledgehammer would cause.”

“It should have been some kind of ability with explosive aspects!”

“An ability like that would have at least caused some soul power fluctuations. Did you see any of that?”

“Hmmm… where’d he go?”

“You pig, hurry up and move to the forums and wait for a great god’s enlightenment!”

Originally, since these fights were of the cannon fodder division, they weren’t given much attention. Compared to famous and popular matches, All-mouthy King’s match could barely be considered entertainment. Now, however, the chatter within the forums reached an unprecedented level.

Some people had already uploaded slow motion clips of the killing moment. Everyone was extremely curious as to what had actually happened during that critical moment. What ability did All-mouthy King use to break through the defense of someone as strong as Juan within a split second, such that he wasn’t able to even shout?

It couldn’t have been an explosion caused by a shockwave upon contact, right?

The trademark of abilities lay in their uniqueness which was incredibly hard to predict and defend against. Yet, all abilities were traceable and, once unearthed, would have its effectiveness reduced due to it being more predictable.

However, when the slow motion played through, everyone noticed that during the point of Juan’s shockwave attack, Wang Zhong’s left hand was blocking Juan’s view and was followed by his right fist when Juan unleashed the attack on Wang Zhong’s head.

… What the hell, wasn’t this just an ordinary punch?

Every single student combatant would learn the fundamentals of how to throw a punch, swing a sword, and utilize soul power. If a punch that normal could take down a member of the Oleg clan, then they really should change their name to the thin-skinned clan.

“Captain, why did you summon the two of us? The current batch of new members are an unruly bunch and we’re in the process of disciplining them!” Arnold Teuton exclaimed. New members tended to be a bit arrogant and disciplining them was an interest of Arnold Teuton’s. He had been treated the same by the squad captain when he was a newbie.

Laura beamed a devilish smile and said, “All-mouthy King just fought another match. I felt you two should really take a look at it, especially you, Anlor.”

“Oh, is that so? I thought that coward wouldn’t dare to show his face again. Who is his opponent this time,” Arnold Teuton said, laughing. Disciplining newbies made him feel extremely satisfied.

“Oleg’s Juan.”

The Anlor clan and Oleg clan were widely known as the Federation’s north and south iron gates. The Oleg clan were distinctly known for their ferocious body strength while the Anlor clan was more all-rounded and comprehensive. Both possessed their own specialized traits, but there was no doubt which clan was the best heavy soldier clan.

“Oh, so what’s the result? Facing an Oleg whose body is extremely strong and resilient and is akin to a bear, only a sharp shooter such as myself can make the cut,” said Arnold Teuton with a smile.

“One strike, instant death!” Laura laughed, her eyes revealing a faint glimmer as her heart felt interest. The strong always lusted for a worthy fight.

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