Battle Frenzy

Chapter 17 – Tyrannical Heavy

Chapter 17 – Tyrannical Heavy

“Damn, I’m talking about his attitude problem!”

Some of the watchers had come for fun while others had already jumped on the bandwagon and started ridiculing.

When the random weapon selection finished, the entire crowd was blown away. The spectators that numbered over three hundred felt like they’d been cheated.

“This simply makes it hard to watch. He actually managed to get no weapons!”

“Even God can’t bear to keep watching. He’s in way over his head. I feel like Brother King’s ass will explode.”

“I can already imagine the scene where Brother King gets pummeled and crushed.”

When the results of random weapon selection was revealed, Juan wrinkled his brows, puzzled. Weapons were akin to a lifeline. They represented the path of combat one strove toward. In the Oleg clan’s mindset, there were only two kinds of people who were omnipotent in all weaponry; either a god or a dead man.

It was also possible that the opponent had some sort of trump card. Juan also never chose a weapon. Before a member of the Oleg clan ignites their Heroic Soul, none were allowed to use any weapon; this was a form of combat training as only with strong self-confidence can he cast the strongest Heroic Soul.

Yet, no one would dare to underestimate the combat strength of the Oleg clan as the clan was most notable for their strong and resilient bodies. Even the nimblest of assassins would face a horrible death if they tried to engage the Oleg clan in close combat.

Both sides entered the arena. It seemed that neither side could take advantage of the terrain as the chosen arena was just a flat plain.

Some people, who were exceptionally obsessive, had a moment where they felt pumped; instead of choosing an arena map with varying terrain like a forest, where one could flank if a frontal assault failed, this guy chose to fight head on. This was tantamount to suicide!

The combatants on both sides prepared to battle.

Juan stared at his opponent’s eyes, seeing a lack of fear within. Instead, he received an eager stare filled with confidence and anticipation.


Juan crossed his hands at his chest, performing the northern warrior salute. He was showing respect to his opponent.

Whispers could be heard throughout the crowd; was he worth it? Although it was etiquette, usually this salute was reserved for the worthiest of opponents.

As an absolute bookworm who loved to read up on the customs and traditions of various cities, Wang Zhong understood the meaning behind the salute.

Wang Zhong crossed his hands and returned the salute with a slight twist; his thumbs were pointed toward one another, signaling his desire for an all-out, honorable fight.

Upon seeing the salute, Juan was shocked; a fearsome glint emanated from his eyes. This was interesting. Although he felt Wang Zhong wasn’t strong, he appreciated that fearlessness. After that salute, proper respect had to be given.


Right when the fight began, Juan rushed forward. Although it was stereotypical for a person of such stature to use brute force, this rush emitted a crushing pressure; very different from a mindless brute.

Facing this charge, Wang Zhong stood his ground. An attack was only lethal if it struck its target.

Wang Zhong dodged Juan’s explosive punch. Although a heavy soldier had powerful explosive strength, their agility was lacking in comparison to other classes.

As he dodged the oncoming punch, Wang Zhong countered with a blow at a person’s weak spot—the liver. The physical defense of the liver was lower.

Upon impact, Wang Zhong felt an incredible resistance on his fist. Immediately, another fist was thrown at his head. If this attack hit, then his neck would definitely snap.

He immediately pulled back, exploding backwards.

Instead of chasing after him, Juan stopped. He stared suspiciously at Wang Zhong and thought that this opponent of his was… too weak!

With a soul power of around 50, his attack would barely count as an itch. Even if he didn’t try to defend, he could effortlessly block hundreds of those attacks.

Did I make a mistake?

Whoosh whoosh.

Two depressions appeared on Wang Zhong’s head and body. Although he’d dodged the two attacks, the pressure from each fist was sufficient enough to cause bodily harm.

The crowd went into an uproar. Although the Oleg clan was known for their first class heavy techniques, this guy was so ferocious and overbearing!

Defence was the core of a heavy soldier. If they could exert control over their attacks as well, then they’d become the most reliable fighter in the arena.

Juan solemnly said, “If this is your standard, then you do not deserve my respect.” Northerners tended to be direct, especially those from Stoleg. They couldn’t tolerate show-offs.

Wang Zhong chuckled slightly and stretched his body. Such an abnormal defense was akin to fighting a beast. This would be interesting.


Wang Zhong moved forward with a frontal assault. Juan wrinkled his brow. Is this guy digging his own grave?

Against his assault, Juan didn’t take any action. No matter how fast or agile the opponent was, an opportunity would present itself when the attack reached him. Countering before that would give the opponent a window to attack.

The goal of striking first was to force the opponent take action. Ordinarily, one would subconsciously try to defend when faced with an assault. Only a skilled warrior who received training would be able to patiently wait for an opportune moment.

Everyone in the crowd felt a sense of helplessness. The opponents were in entirely different realms. Right now, Juan was undoubtedly one of the most influential people. This fight meant little to him.

Wang Zhong, as the challenger, did not have the option of retreating, and thus could only initiate the fight. Upon seeing Wang Zhong move, Juan exploded with a roar, sending a fist forward. With his level of defence, he could completely ignore Wang Zhong’s attacks and end his life.

Wang Zhong’s attack was actually a feint used to draw out Juan’s attack. Twisting his body sideways, he prepared to unleash another strike at his weak spot. Facing an opponent with a strong body and high soul power, the only way to hurt him was to strike at a weak point like the liver, or the back of his head.

At this moment, Wang Zhong felt impending danger.

Roar~ Bang!

A wild collision!


Wang Zhong flew back like a crushed ragdoll.

Everyone stared in horror. Damn, was this a heavy? There was basically no room given to survive! It was unexpected that Juan would also use a feint tactic like Wang Zhong did earlier. While his opponent was still reacting, Juan suddenly charged forward with a sudden burst of power and collided with Wang Zhong.

The strength of the collision was estimated to be around 150 grassos of power.

There was no doubt that all the bones in All-mouthy King had been shattered from that move.

Juan stood still, pondering over the fight. Had it been a minute yet?

Just when everyone felt the fight was over, Wang Zhong crawled up. He was a bit shocked. The Oleg clan’s battle abilities truly aren’t just empty boasts.


Discussions about what had just happened began to circulate the crowd. No one could have survived such a violent collision, but from the looks of it, All-mouthy King looked just fine and was undamaged.

Juan also noticed this. When the collision occurred, it seemed fatal, but Wang Zhong managed to use an opposing force mitigate the damage. The reaction speed and skill required to escape such a situation was remarkable. This was akin to the combat sense of a first-rate assassin.

Juan realised that he couldn’t be complacent any longer. It was fortunate that his opponent wasn’t using any weapon. If he faced an assassin of such caliber, along with that agility and fearlessness, then the entire close combat fight would’ve become his worst nightmare.

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