Battle Frenzy

Chapter 24 – How Wang Zhong Chases Girls

Chapter 24 – How Wang Zhong Chases Girls

The reason Wang Zhong was so dazed was because the person he gazed at was actually a woman; furthermore, he had never seen her before. The sweat-drenched, white training uniform molded to her body, revealing an extremely alluring figure. Her mass of black hair was casually tied back into a ponytail. She had jade-like skin and a rosy complexion. Feathery eyelashes framed a set of nimble and resourceful-looking eyes which sparkled with a hint of innocence yet cunning.

In the past, Wang Zhong would always dismiss Ma Dong’s claims about women, especially claims that mentioned that in this world, there would definitely be a woman that could make him drunk with love, equipped with a beauty that could bewitch his soul. He claimed that one’s heart would beat extremely loud and fast, as if it were going to jump out of their chest.

In this very instant, however, Wang Zhong was definitely stunned beyond belief. His heart did beat wildly as a strange sensation coursed through him. If the emotion he felt upon meeting Simba within the endless void gave him the will to survive, then emotion he felt when first seeing this woman made him feel the beauty of being alive.

This was the feeling of love at first sight.

The girl stared curiously at the guy in front of her. How interesting, there was actually a student in such a low-tier academy that placed importance on physical training. He was also able to stand in 5 times gravity without much difficulty. Although he didn’t look to have much muscle definition, she could see the underlying resilience and toughness. Furthermore, he was brimming with vitality, and with such a low output of soul power when facing such high gravity, it showed that he had an innate control and understanding of his soul power.

Who was this? She hadn’t ever heard of this kind of person in Tianjing City.

The two of them continued to stare at each other until the girl suddenly laughed. Wang Zhong also felt delighted. It was exactly the same as what Ma Dong had claimed; other than this girl, everything else wasn’t important.

“How long are you going to keep staring at me?” the girl said while smiling gracefully.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Wang Zhong. Would you please be my girlfriend?” came Wang Zhong’s blunt reply.

If Ma Dong was in the vicinity he would, without a doubt, buckle over and faint. You dumb pig, you accompanied this brother for so long yet you still haven’t picked up any finesse on how to flirt with a girl? You are the greatest rookie amongst all rookies!

The girl was slightly surprised by that response. Although she didn’t lack the experience of being confessed to, such a blunt and upfront confession was definitely a first. When she met such a situation in the past, she wouldn’t have minded educating the opposite party. Yet, the person in front of her wasn’t so annoying.

“My boyfriend must be stronger than me; I’m afraid you don’t qualify,” said Carolyn. This was her minimum criteria.

“How do you know without trying!” replied Wang Zhong, his voice brimming with self-confidence. He exuded a strong aura.

If Ma Dong or Emily saw this, their mouths would be wide open in shock; was this still the mild-mannered and patient Wang Zhong they knew?

Carolyn felt a bit helpless. Such an exemplary aura showed that the man facing her had an extremely strong character, but… it’s a pity that his soul power was inadequate, making it sound like a bluff.

Carolyn lightly shook her head and said, “The present you isn’t capable of being my opponent. Perhaps after a few years, you can try to find me then.”

People who were familiar with Carolyn would have gone into shock following that statement of hers; she was not known for possessing such patience.

Wang Zhong chuckled and said, “I would like to try!”

During all these years, especially his dark and desolate childhood, the heavens had granted him his best friend, the little Fate Trickster. Now seeing Carolyn, Wang Zhong knew in that instant that she was the girl of his dreams. It was as simple as that. His clear understanding came from all the repressing feelings throughout the years that was now bursting out.

Deep down inside his bones, Wang Zhong’s stubbornness and will was inhuman—there wouldn’t be a single child that could still comfort an adult whist suffering such torturing pain from an illness.

Carolyn could feel the fiery passion within Wang Zhong’s eyes that exuded the strength of his strong feelings and desire. This left an unexplainable taste in her mouth; he wasn’t her opponent anyway, so why retreat?

“If you are able to block three of my blows, I might consider your earlier proposal,” Carolyn said. It was rare for her to visit such a low-ranked city so she might well treat this as doing a good deed.

Wang Zhong shook his head and replied, “Earlier, you said that only by defeating you could I become your boyfriend. You don’t need to lower your standards for me!”

Hearing this, Carolyn started laughing. She had finally realised why she was acting so weirdly; it was because the passion and hotheadedness of the opposite party had also affected her. Just like when a little kid spots a candy cane, they would start to display their innermost feelings of desire. What a cute and stubborn guy…

“As you wish!” Carolyn shouted. She placed her right hand on her left, assuming a sword-drawing stance.

In the instant the stance was completed, the 5 times gravity room was suddenly filled with an extremely powerful aura. This was the first time Wang Zhong was faced with such an aura. This was different from all the other opponents he had fought before. It was the real deal, an aura from a powerhouse who possesses power that totally outstripped that of any girl her age.

The thing Wang Zhong was least afraid of was a fight, and in addition, he was extremely interested to find out how strong he currently was!

“You first!” said Wang Zhong.

Carolyn gave a slight smile and thought, He’s quite stubborn. With that, she suddenly disappeared. Quick charge!

Carolyn appeared like lightning before Wang Zhong, a knife hand striking out. This was a sword-drawing technique. Although there was no sword, an accompanying soul power was emitted and slashed out.


Wang Zhong head was knocked sideways, a depression appearing on his cheeks. At the same time, he sent a fierce kick toward Carolyn’s lower half. Instead of dodging, Carolyn raised her left leg and met the kick head-on.


After their simultaneous strikes, the two of them pulled apart. One strike was all they needed to gain an understanding of each other’s combat prowess. She was most likely a super prodigy that was extremely close to igniting her heroic soul. From her outer appearance, she was around Wang Zhong’s age, most likely a little younger. As the saying goes, there will always be a mountain beyond a mountain, a person beyond a person.

Strong! Yet, this only served to further ignite Wang Zhong’s desire for combat; this was what he was looking for!


With an explosive dash, Wang Zhong commenced his attack. When facing an opponent like this with his low soul power, gaining the momentum and flow of battle was essential.

A resilient body, agile response, yet that soul power… it was around 55; this level of attack was incapable of breaking her defenses.

“Watch out!” Wang Zhong threw a punch at the relaxed Carolyn. She immediately took action and protected herself.


Carolyn was thrown seven to eight meters back and slid across the floor, her expression showing complete disbelief. The strength of that blow… high-frequency strike?

Wang Zhong revealed a slight smile and said, “ Don’t belittle your boyfriend!”

Carolyn gave a sweet smile. “You aren’t my boyfriend just yet!”

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