Battle Frenzy

Chapter 25 – First Success

Chapter 25 – First Success


Her footsteps resembling those of a dance, Carolyn easily moved toward Wang Zhong, her right hand chopping downward like a sharp sword.

Wang Zhong didn’t dare to be careless. Like the drifting clouds and flowing water, Wang Zhong smoothly twisted with the attack, allowing it to barely scrape past his body. This wasn’t a simple attack, but a part of Carolyn’s technique. Her slender hands glowed with soul power, raising the offensive might of each attack to 150 grassos.

After Wang Zhong successfully dodged three of her hand blades, Carolyn began to treat this fight seriously. While she had only used a small portion of her strength at the beginning since she didn’t want to hurt Wang Zhong, it seemed that he was much weirder than she’d initially thought.

The speed of her hand blades increased, turning the entire gravity room into a dance stage for their waltz. Multiple hand blades rushed toward Wang Zhong at breakneck speed, intersecting and crisscrossing as they drove forward. The movements of their feets quickened, turning them into two blurred shadows. The 5 times gravity didn’t seem to hinder their movements in the least.

During this full-blown melee, Wang Zhong had closed his eyes. When facing such a strong aura, using his vision to make decisions would cause him to have a slow reaction. Instead, his soul sea began to pulse as he increased his output of soul power. With his soul power at full capacity, it enabled him to weave through and dodge the attacks.

When she saw Wang Zhong dodging with eyes closed, Carolyn felt extremely shocked. Not mentioning this small Tianjing city, even within the entire Federation, she wouldn’t be able to find anyone that dared to use such a method. Although she didn’t hold a blade, every single slash of her hands contained the essence of her sword technique. Yet, this guy managed to dodge them all. Carolyn’s excitement grew stronger.

Fatal Waltz!

A continuous stream of forty-eight slashes burst forth. Carolyn had completely entered her ‘zone’. She had never met anyone within her age group that could qualify to be her opponent. At first glance, this guy’s soul power seemed pitifully weak, but he possessed unimaginable skills and precise control over his soul power. With those, he had managed to dodge her sword technique.

Her set of sword techniques were an inheritance from a previous era of civilization. After its use during the dark vestiges of history, it was now in the spotlight as the proclaimed Number One sword technique of the Federation.

Seeing forty-seven of her slashes dodged by her opponent, eyes still closed, left Carolyn stunned beyond belief.

But, could he dodge the final strike?

Wang Zhong’s seemingly divine movements not only allowed him to cleanly dodge the final strike, but also put some distance between the two of them. Carolyn stood erect, her hand placed in front of her chest as she emitted an aura filled with inborn pride and arrogance.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh…

One after another, a series of arcing slashes were thrown out, creating a sword net that rushed toward Wang Zhong. This was a life-ending, fatal move.

A hint of frustration appeared at the corners of Carolyn’s mouth. As a person who had ignited her heroic soul, she was an existence that could crush everyone in her generation…

Faced with the oncoming sword energy, Wang Zhong’s eyes burst open. Like a tilting doll, he began to spin, dodging a part of the slashes. Unfortunately, he wasn’t capable of completely dodging this particular sword net. Seeing this, Carolyn watched while revealing an expression of pity. At this moment, his soul power still didn’t show any sign of exploding out. He was either looking down on her, or he had nothing that could stand up to absolute power. It now seemed that the correct answer was the latter—

At this time, Wang Zhong’s spin was still picking up speed. He suddenly unleashed an array of palm strikes that covered the sky.

Pa pa pa—

In an instant, the sword energies exploded outward in all directions. At the same time, a human shadow dashed out and leapt ferociously at Carolyn.

If one were to be honest, Carolyn wasn’t giving it her all. She also couldn’t give her all, because she had never imagined that Wang Zhong would break this particular sword technique. Every single strike held 200 grassos of soul power. It was impossible to block for a person who had yet to ignite their heroic soul. She suddenly felt the sensation of an oncoming threat and instinctively launched a counter.

Soul Tyrant Technique—Sword Soul Slash!

In an instant, Carolyn’s soul sea rumbled as she unleashed this technique. An invisible, frightening soul sword slashed out. It was only after the strike was released that Carolyn felt regret. She hastily tried to recall the technique as it was capable of turning Wang Zhong’s brains to mush. Only half of its power was withdrawn, but the other half still rushed toward Wang Zhong.

The only possible move left for Wang Zhong was to expend all of his efforts into dodging the strike. Yet, Wang Zhong didn’t change directions. Instead, he continued to move at top speed toward Carolyn.

Carolyn’s fearsome soul sword ripped through Wang Zhong’s defenses like paper and rushed at his soul sea.

Wang Zhong’s expression didn’t change, but Carolyn’s face turned extremely pale as her body began to tremble.

Her fearsome soul power was completely drawn out. While Carolyn’s soul power could be considered overbearing when compared to her fellow peers, Wang Zhong’s soul sea could be considered the Sixth Great Forbidden Region of the world.

Between two vast powers that kept each other in check, Wang Zhong, the owner, was left as a small weed that was barely capable of surviving. Any other foreign power would immediately be drowned and extinguished.

Carolyn felt an impossible amount of pressure, which then unraveled at the snap of a finger. If Carolyn hadn’t withdrawn half her soul power in that attack, then she would have suffered serious injuries. Such a thing wouldn’t have just resulted in Carolyn leaving with a pale face and trembling body.

Astonished, Carolyn stared at the man pressed on top of her. It was almost as if she had imagined that the man before her held an earth-shaking destructive force.


Wang Zhong pressed his lips against hers. Such softness, such sweetness, it was akin to an electric shock. He wanted to completely smother this girl with his body.

Eyes opened wide, Carolyn’s virgin kiss was stolen away just like that. No matter how she tried to resist, that gentle yet powerful and masculine aura battered at her, giving her an experience like nothing she’d ever felt before. A strong sense of shyness rose, and she bit fiercely at Wang Zhong’s lip, tearing it and snapping him awake.

Wang Zhong stared at Carolyn with an honest expression. “You lost, so you’re mine now.”

He then proceeded to continue his kiss, leaving Carolyn in a daze as she thought, What kind of reasoning is this!? How can he be so overbearing… Ah…

Wang Zhong was like a greedy little kid that was hoarding his war spoils. He kept kissing her until Carolyn gave up resisting.

They stopped only after a long period of time had passed. They could feel and hear each other’s breath. When the two locked gazes, the fire within Wang Zhong’s eyes caused her to melt. As a girl that was easily embarrassed, she said, “Can we… get up first?”

“I feel that this is better,” replied Wang Zhong, acting like a rascal. At this moment, he no longer had the right to scold Ma Dong anymore.

“Please,” Carolyn said, biting her lip. “Can we get up and talk first?” Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine she would experience such a day.

Unfortunately, she didn’t realize that her movements were a seductive attack with 10,000 points of destructiveness to Wang Zhong. He shuddered and became speechless. Only after his heart was completely filled did he pull Carolyn up. His hands, however, still held her tightly.

“Wang… Zhong. Can you let go of my hand first…?” Carolyn said. She thought about arranging her clothes, yet her legs had unknowingly turned soft and she almost fell down.

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