Battle Frenzy

Chapter 29 – Whirling Flying Tomahawks

Chapter 29 – Whirling Flying Tomahawks

Stronger soul power would ease the execution of techniques, as well as give better results. If Anlor were to know that Wang Zhong was treating him as a guinea pig, he would’ve gone crazy with anger.

Wang Zhong’s rune pistols steadily increased its firing rate and accuracy. He finally managed to maintain a steady distance of five to six meters from Anlor now. Whenever Anlor tried to exhibit any action to close the gap, Wang Zhong’s dual pistols would blast out seven to eight bullets at him.

The bullets rained down where Anlor’s soul defense was weakest, including the eyes, knees, and ankles. These areas were considered the human body’s weakest points, and they would instinctively move to defend them. This, in turn, completely disrupted Anlor’s offensive rhythm.

Anlor suppressed a belly of fire. An ideal berserker was said to possess a calm and serene heart whilst acting with ferocity. What a berserker needed was endless drive, and at times the courage to rush into the heart of danger, and to have an overbearing spirit of bravery.

Wang Zhong definitely would not give Anlor such an opportunity.The attacks of the rune gun was like a lazy toad that does not bite anyone. When it on the floor, you would not care. Even on your back it would not bite, however you would not feel right. Although the bullets from the rune gun were incapable of damaging him, it was able to disrupt his combat rhythm. Simply speaking, the attacks made him extremely uncomfortable.

Although berserkers weren’t afraid of dying, engaging in such a fight where they were completely restricted and had countless attacks pounding their weak points would undoubtedly cause them to stay on guard and defend themselves. This meant they had to expend large amounts of soul power.

For Anlor, what was most important right now was to close the gap!

Anlor was desperately trying to figure out a way to use his combat axes to chop his opponent into meat chunks, but Wang Zhong didn’t give him a chance.

Since the bullets of the rune pistol were too weak, nothing was achieved, even while attacking the weak points. The only move left was to prevent Anlor from closing the distance. The two of them entered a battle of constant retreat and advance, a distance of five to six meters maintained between them.

Strictly speaking, All-Mouthy King’s gun proficiency during combat was excellent and extremely accurate. If not, then he would have been unable to curb Anlor’s advance. Yet, fighting such a battle would only cause grief for both parties and the audience. Would the battle only end when All-Mouthy King expended the last of his soul power?

When speaking of endurance, a berserker like Anlor definitely had greater stamina. Also, the anger boiling within him had reached a critical level!

Anlor had been willing to let this battle end in a heroic fashion, but the other party continued to drag it on. Now he wanted to completely destroy him.

Anlor halted his pursuit, before unleashing a great shout that shook the air. An enormous amount of soul power exploded out, reaching approximately 150 grassos of soul power. His eyes turned bloodshot…

Berserk Mode!

Anlor was famous for not only his prowess in close combat techniques, but also for his other ability—Berserk Mode!

Instantly, the soul power surrounding Anlor began to show a layer of red and his muscles swelled explosively in size. When Wang Zhong’s bullets landed on him, they were completely negated by that red soul power layer.

Laura gave a slight laugh and said, “It’s time for the fight to come to an end. That All-Mouthy King has the guts to use Anlor as a practicing tool. He’s really out of his mind.”

Arnold didn’t reply and curled his lips. Although the captain was strong, she wasn’t a range soldier. He himself knew how difficult it was to just use a pair of rune pistols to halt a rampaging Anlor.

Just seven to eight minutes into the fight and All-Mouthy King had already fired a few hundred rounds, all of them hitting home. This level of proficiency was absolutely stunning. If only he had slightly stronger soul power, then he would have completely ripped through Anlor’s iron-like defense.

It couldn’t be that he was actually a smurf, right?

Just a while longer and this would be answered. When facing a berserk Anlor, those initial bursts of soul power would do zero damage now. They wouldn’t even have that restrictive effect.

The current Anlor was akin to a wild beast. With a ferocious shout, he swung his combat axe at the other party. There was no finesse to his attack, just pure vigour. There would be no rest until the other guy was dead!

A subtle hint of a smile appeared on Wang Zhong’s mouth. His opponent’s patience had finally worn out. Without dodging, Wang Zhong moved his hands behind his back and threw two shots.


This was the first time since the start of the battle that All-Mouthy King had made an attack that wasn’t done in a straight trajectory. It was still, however, impossible to block the berserk Anlor by this point.

“Chop him to death, turn him into meat sauce!”

“So stifling that it’s killing me. Anlor, please settle him and make him die, I want to use his meat to make dumplings!”

Most of the students in the cannon fodder division loved quick and decisive battles. They detested the ‘timid’ and ‘un-strategized’, ‘cowardly’ fighting style that All-Mouthy King had shown.

This was obviously the style of a coward. If one were a real man, they would have welcomed a fight head on.

After seeing Anlor unleash his bloodthirst and activate his berserk mode, everyone knew that he truly was overflowing with anger and rage.

At Flame Academy, Sharmie clenched her fist tightly. As an expert in explosive techniques, she was very similar to Anlor. She had, however, already decided to stand firmly on the side of All-Mouthy King. Since he was a smurf, then of course he couldn’t use soul power to bully Anlor. Only through techniques would he be capable of winning.

Yet, when facing a berserk Anlor, that pair of rune pistols would no longer be effective. One just had to face the facts.

In the next second, however, the rampaging Anlor let out a pained shout and lowered his head suddenly.

Those final bullets that Wang Zhong had fired had curved in a beautiful arc and struck squarely at Anlor’s temples. Unless one had already ignited their heroic soul, this would always be a blind spot in any defense.

This sudden attack caused cold sweat to bead Anlor’s head. The damage had been too sudden, so all he could do was lower his head in response. This caused him to lose his balance and topple, rolling over.

The entire gallery turned deathly silent and Arnold stared with wide eyes. Was this fellow a ranged soldier or close-combat soldier!?

Bang bang bang bang….

After launching that brilliant arced shot, he continued his straight-forward shooting at Anlor.

Anlor instantly raised his defenses.

Boom boom boom boom…

To be pressured right on the verge of assured victory, Anlor felt the impulse to vomit blood. With a loud roar, he flung his dual combat axes at All-Mouthy King.

Don’t just assume that Anlor had lost all forms of thought. He’d trained in this flying axe technique for a very long time. This was done for the sole purpose of countering a problem like his current situation.

Carrying an explosive amount of soul power behind them, the two combat axes spun swiftly as they flew at Wang Zhong. This was the reason why Anlor had spend his summer vacation learning long-ranged skills. Although one didn’t need to use ranged weapons all the time, it was still important to understand the habits of ranged soldiers while at the same time learning their skills. Only by doing so could one say that he understands his enemy!

Being a berserker paints a false perception of Anlor’s intelligence. One must note that he was the first to use the highlighting option for his challenge letter, not Arnold. This was a true case of finesse within roughness.

After launching that arcing shot, one would assume that this would be the least stressful period for All-Mouthy King. Yet, at this distance, those flying axes were basically the same being placed on a guillotine!

Meanwhile, with an aura as overbearing as a wild beast’s, Anlor made a sign with his hands that looked like he was ripping the air, signalling his intent to rip his opponent to shreds.

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