Battle Frenzy

Chapter 28 – I’ll Shove My Dick Into a Five-Speed Fan!

Chapter 28 – I’ll Shove My Dick Into a Five-Speed Fan!

When Wang Zhong’s weapon selection was finalized, a chilly wave passed through all those who’d held some hope of All-Mouthy King’s victory. His weapon was a pair of rune pistols.

Rune pistols and bows were considered entry-level weapons for all ranged soldiers. Bows could be used to train soul power and reduce the load of one’s soul power during long-distance engagements. Rune pistols, on the other hand, were used to practice long-distance soul power output.

Simply speaking, both weapons were primarily used for practice. The greatest problem with rune pistols was their low lethality. They had low power output and the soul power storage was smaller than a bow’s.

To use this pair of toys to face a berserker, it was akin to running at a bandit’s nest with a nude girl.

“This bastard got the short end of the stick. Lightning will definitely strike those who are pretentious. If he wins like this, then I’ll run nude tomorrow.”

“Run nude my ass. I’ll immediately eat shit!”

“What’s so great about eating shit? I’ll be crazy tomorrow and shove my dick into a five-speed electric fan. Let’s see then who’s more brutal than I!”

Mocking laughter resounded from all directions and some began to grow increasingly irritated. They had come to watch a formal challenge and get some pointers from it. Some had even spent money to enter the gallery, but now they all felt like their loyalties had been betrayed. Since they were already there, however, they had no choice by to steel their nerves and watch on.

On the opposite side, Wang Zhong felt extremely delighted. He was finally lucky enough to get two guns instead of one. One rune pistol didn’t have enough killing power behind it, and that would be troublesome. With two, the situation would change from troublesome to excellent. Furthermore, he now had a chance to test a theory of his.

A person who loved to be alone tended to have many complicated thoughts. Grace’s words of advice had also broadened his scope of thought and vision. Battle control didn’t necessarily need special abilities to be exhibited, and it shouldn’t also be used for the sake of showing off. They should be used during situations where one was being countered and restricted, situations where their value would greatly increase.

Match commence!

Both parties entered the battle arena. Upon seeing the random weapon of his opponent, a pair of toy guns, Anlor became outraged. However, once he entered the arena, he quickly calmed down. This was the result of the experience he’d gained from a year of training.

Seeing how quickly Anlor calmed down, Laura revealed a hint of a smile. At the beginning, Anlor was just a guy who’d brandished his combat axes without warning. Now, he managed to control his emotions, signalling his growth in maturity.

For a squadron, combat prowess wasn’t the most important criteria. Instead, what was most important was the ability to keep one’s emotions in check. Flaring emotions could easily break a squadron.

“Not bad. At least he didn’t waste a year of my guidance,” said Laura.

After hearing that statement, Arnold rolled his eyes and thought, Anyone would be able to control their emotions after getting slapped by her bear for an entire year.

Let’s not even consider whether All-Mouthy King knew how to use a gun. Death would await even a godly gun user if they didn’t have any cover.

“I hope Anlor doesn’t get too full of himself. The choice of weapon could be a plot used to confuse him,” Laura suddenly added. This instantly sobered Arnold. That’s right, who said that one had to use their weapon after choosing it?

Could it be psychological warfare?

Arnold couldn’t resist taking a deep breath. As expected, captain was still captain. Even her point of view was different.

The calmer Anlor had also thought of this factor. This was one of the benefits of being composed. Although the weapon the opponent had was just a pair of rune pistols, the killing blow would most likely be his Oscillating Fist. This was just a ploy used to lower his guard.

Just as both parties started their fight, the audience also realized this possibility. Yet, even if this was true, it was still extremely risky. If only All-Mouthy King had defensive equipment in his hands, his chances of victory would greatly increase.

Within the arena, the air condensed, and in the next moment, Anlor leapt forward with an explosive boom.

By closing the distance rapidly, he prevented experts from launching any retreating moves. With his dual combat axes shielding his body, Anlor wasn’t in a rush to launch his techniques. He believed that once he reached a close-enough distance, he would have an extremely high chance of destroying his opponent.

All-Mouthy King’s dual pistols began to open fire… he couldn’t really be planning to use them, right?

Bang bang bang bang…

The rune pistols spewed out bullets rapidly. In an instant, eight bullets shot forward. Seeing them, Anlor revealed a hint of a cynical smile. With just around 50 grassos of soul power, don’t even speak about the bullets, even the soul power wasn’t at a level capable of penetrating his soul defense. This was simple comical!

Five of the bullets were blocked by his combat axes while the remaining three struck him. They did nothing to him, however, and only slightly reduced the speed of his charge.

These results were well within Wang Zhong’s calculations. The soul defense of his opponent was extremely tough. As one of the outstanding people within the hero division, his soul defense could probably shrug off attacks below 100 grassos. The only possible move was to use high frequency attacks to break his defense, but that required great mastery over ranged combat, soul power, and use of rapid attacks to pull off. This wasn’t just about unleashing fast attacks. Even if ten 50 grasso attacks were added up, they would still equal just 50 grassos.

Within this short span of time, Anlor had managed to reach Wang Zhong. His combat axes were aimed to chop at him. This kind of instantaneous strike showcased how solid Anlor’s fundamentals were as his combat axes struck toward Wang Zhong with an overbearing might behind them.

Wang Zhong didn’t get flustered. Although Anlor’s strikes were quick, it was still just a ferocious strike that wasn’t backed by speed. Anlor’s attack speed was quite a bit slower than Emily’s. Such an overbearing blow didn’t mean much if it missed.

A continuous combo of six axe slashes were dodged by Wang Zhong in rapid succession. Although Anlor tried his best to hide the path of his attacks beforehand, they were clearly seen through by Wang Zhong. This was an unavoidable problem for soldiers that focused on strength.

Just as Wang Zhong was focused on the combat axes, Anlor suddenly kicked at him. He played on the idea that Wang Zhong wouldn’t be able to guard an attack coming from below. After experiencing such embarrassment from Wang Zhong’s agility against his all-out attack, Anlor didn’t want it to happen again. Although this wasn’t known to everyone, he couldn’t lie to himself. If this happened again during a challenge he issued, then he would be too embarrassed to see anyone.


Wang Zhong lifted a leg to block the oncoming kick and used the resulting force to increase the distance between them. His rune pistols began to fire once more.

If one were to point out the benefit of rune pistols, it would be their lightness and maneuverability. So long as one had enough soul power, one could send out an endless stream of attacks. The counter was that they couldn’t launch any kind of attack with great power or destructive capabilities.

Bang bang bang bang bang…

One bullet after another flew toward Anlor, who immediately dashed toward his opponent. As he blocked the attacks, he didn’t allow the distance between them to increase. A strong blast of soul power exploded outward; with his tyrannical soul power, he destroyed 10 shots!

Everyone watched, stunned. While they knew All-Mouthy King was incredibly agile, his attacks had no effect at all. Even if the arena was quite spacious, there wasn’t any cover and Anlor was gradually forcing All-Mouthy King into a corner. If not for his fear of All-Mouthy King’s Oscillating Fist, he would have already entered his berserker mode and chopped him up.

Wang Zhong had no intention of utilizing any other method of combat. He’d calculated that ranged attacks were unable to replicate the high-frequency attacks used in close combat. They did, however, have an additive effect, so this move could be considered converting quantity into quality.

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