Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 21: Second Tier Alchemist Gu Ni

Chapter 21:Second Tier Alchemist Gu Ni

Premier Auctions: Wu Tan City’s largest auction house and a branch of Jia Ma empire’s richest family, the Premier Family.

The Premier family was extremely ancient and had been a quite powerful force in Jia Ma Empire for a couple of centuries already. Their networks were definitely impressive and some rumors even claimed that the Premier family had close ties with Jia Ma Empire’s royalty.

In the Empire, the Premier Family, Nalan Family, and Ritter Family are the three largest families and have various connections in the commercial and military world.

Therefore, with the Premier family supporting it, no matter how enticing the profits of the auction were, no one would dare to try anything against them.


Looking at the auction house at the end of the street, Xiao Yan turned into a side alley and quickly put on a black robe.

TL: Imagine a harry potter school robe

The black robe did not only cover up Xiao Yan’s face, it also altered his skinny frame to seem a lot wider. Even if Xue Er was looking at the robed figure, she would not be able to realize it was Xiao Yan…

After being covered by a black robe, Xiao Yan let out a relieved breath. It wasn’t that Xiao Yan was being too careful, but rather that the Foundation Elixir was too precious. For clans, the attraction of Foundation Elixirs was huge. If someone could mass produce it, then it would mean that the younger generation of the clan would grow at an accelerated rate, which would help the clan further their power and in turn lead to a positive cycle.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Xiao Yan could only choose to hide himself….

Carefully touching the slightly cold White Jade bottle, Xiao Yan slowly walked out of the alley and went towards the auction house at the end of the street.

Under the vigilant glances by the fully armored guards, Xiao Yan walked into the auction house without stopping.

As soon as Xiao Yan entered the house, the scorching feeling from the sun was replaced with a cool feeling. It made people feel as if they had stepped into a new world.

Sweeping through the fancy hall, Xiao Yan quickly found a side room. On the door which led to the room were the shiny words “Inspection Room”.

Walking inside, the room was quite empty and only a middle aged man who was obviously bored sat there. Hearing the door open, the man raised his head and, upon seeing the black robed Xiao Yan, his brow slightly furrowed. But immediately, the expression on his face changed to a professional smile: “Sir, do you plan on having something inspected?”

“Yes.” Under the black robe, a dry and old voice lightly floated out. It was Yao Lao’s voice!

Xiao Yan walked up and placed the White Jade bottle on the desk in front of the middle aged man.

“This is?” Looking confused, the middle aged man carefully picked up the White Jade bottle and sniffed it. The expression on his face immediately changed and when he looked back at the black robed figure, his gaze had a hint of respect: “Mister, you’re an Alchemist?”

“Yes.” The aged voice came out again.

“Could I ask, what… pill is within this bottle? What does it do?” Hearing that he was dealing with an alchemist, the middle aged man asked with even more respect.

“Foundation Elixir: It can increase Dou Qi training speed but only useful for people under the Dou Zhe level.”

“Oh? It can increase the Dou Qi training speed?” Hearing Yao Lao’s words, the expression on the middle aged man changed. Everyone knew that Dou Qi could only be trained following a set formula and since the Qi Paths for individuals are especially weak at this point, if the effects of the medicine were too fierce, then the Qi Paths would burst and the person would die…

“My elixir doesn’t have any side effects and the medicinal power is extremely peaceful so it won’t cause something like that to happen. You don’t need to worry about that happening.” As if he could understand what the middle aged man was thinking, the wizened voice calmly explained.

His expression changing once more, the middle aged man carefully placed the White Jade bottle on the table in front of him and respectfully asked: “Mister, could you wait for a second? I need to ask our auction’s Gu Ni master to inspect this Elixir!”

“Sure, hurry up.” Waving his hand, Xiao Yan did not pretend to be polite and sat in a chair to the side.

The middle aged man quickly nodded and hurriedly left the room.

Sitting on the chair, Xiao Yao remained silent and didn’t attempt to speak with Yao Lao. This was someone else’s place and being cautious was better than not. Who knew if there were things that could listen in on their conversation.

After waiting in the room for a little while, the middle aged man returned with a green robed elder with slightly whitened hair.

On the chest of the elder were not gold stars but rather something like an alchemy furnace and on the alchemy furnace were two silver lines sparkling with elegance.

“Mister, this is our auction’s Gu Ni Master. He’s a three small Da Do Shi! At the same time, he’s also a second tier Alchemist!” The middle aged man respectfully introduced the newcomer.

Hearing the identity of the elder, Xiao Yan’s brow instinctively jumped. This was the first time that he met an alchemist beside Yao Lao. He carefully re-examined the elder.

The elder had a red face and even though the green robe seemed ordinary, there were slivers of light surging across it. Obviously, this robe had some kind of a Monster Core implanted into it. On the elder’s commonplace face was an ever present arrogance, something that all Alchemists had.

While Xiao Yan was examining Gu Ni, Gu Ni was also studying the person in front of him. Alchemists weren’t like Dou Zhes and Alchemists were highly sought after by various forces. Therefore, when Gu Ni was studying Xiao Yan, he was also trying to guess who the Alchemist was.

The middle aged man carefully picked up the Jade bottle on the table and passed it to Gu Ni…

Taking the White Jade bottle, Gu Ni first sniffed the sweet fragrance while his old eyes closed slightly. Lightly tipping the bottle, a drop of green liquid slowly rolled from the opening of the bottle to land in the middle of Gu Ni’s palm.

Staring at the green liquid, Gu Ni whipped out a silver needle and on the tip of the needle showed a slight Dou Qi fluctuation. It quietly slipped into the green liquid and slowly stirred…

With the stirring of the needle, Gu Ni’s calm face changed into a serious expression. Moments later, he placed the green liquid back into the jade bottle. When he looked at Xiao Yan again, his arrogant face had a hint of respect. Turning towards the middle aged man, he said: “The elixir is at second tier. Everything that was said before is true!”

Hearing that, the middle aged man let out a relieved breath and excitedly smiled at Xiao Yan: “Mister, do you plan on auctioning this Elixir?”

“Yup, can you auction it as soon as possible?”

“Hehe, that’s no problem. Mister, take this and go to the first auction room. Luckily, we’re having an auction there right now and your Elixir will be auctioned immediately!” The middle aged man smiled while handing over a pitch black metal card.

“Okay.” Taking the metal card, Xiao Yan didn’t wait and left the room immediately.

“Gu Ni Master, is he really an Alchemist?” Only after Xiao Yan had left their sight did the middle aged man whispered quietly to Gu Ni.

“Yes, he’s an Alchemist. His agile Soul Perception, can’t be wrong…” Gu Ni nodded but his brow was furrowed and he muttered: “But where did he come from? I haven’t heard of any Alchemist that can refine a second tier pill in Wu Tan City.”

“Shall I do some research?”

Gu Ni paused before shaking his head: “Not now. All alchemists have weird tempers and if he notices you trying to dig up his history, he’ll have a bad impression of the auction. To be on the bad side of a mysterious Alchemist is never a smart move.”

Turning around, Gu Ni lightly said: “For him to have a good impression of our auction, you should know how to do that right?”

“Hehe, I understand.”

“Remember, even if we can’t become friends with him, we can’t offend him either. Or else…” Leaving behind a couple of cold words, Gu Ni also left the room.

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